Course Designations and Definitions: “Online course” refers to any distance education course in
which 100% of the course content is delivered asynchronously. There are no synchronous, face
to face, or on site attendance requirements. Online courses are designated as such in the schedule
of courses. Designation: Online Course (OC). “Hybrid course” refers to any distance education
course in which a portion of the course is delivered synchronously with scheduled and required
online, face to face, or on-site attendance requirements; the remainder of the course is delivered

Types of “Hybrid courses” include the following delivery modes and are designated in the
Marshall University schedule of courses:

  • “T-course” is a hybrid course in which 25% or more of the course is delivered synchronously
    requiring scheduled face-to-face or online attendance. Designation: Technology Enhanced (TE).
  • “V-course” is a synchronous course in which the faculty member holds live class meetings in
    person, by technological means, or by both delivery formats simultaneously. Designation: Virtual
    Class (VC).
  • “IV-course” is a synchronous course in which the faculty member holds live class meetings
    using the interactive video system. Designation: Interactive Video (IV).

Online Programs and Degrees: The following programs are completely online in which students may
obtain all required courses via distance-delivery:

Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate Minors

Graduate Degrees

Undergraduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates

The programs below satisfy the Higher Learning Commission’s definition of distance education. Specifically, students may complete at least 50% of each degree or certificate through methods of distance delivery. To be considered offered through distance delivery, a course must offer 75% or more of its instruction by distance education.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

  • Accounting (BBA)
  • Economics (BBA)
  • International Business (BBA)
  • Management (BBA)
  • Management Information Systems (BBA)
  • Marketing (BBA)
  • Medical Laboratory Science (BS)
  • Nursing (BSN)
  • English Literature (BA)
  • History (BA)
  • International Affairs (BA)
  • Psychology (BA)
  • Applied Science (BAS)
  • Regent’s Degree (RBA)
  • Applied Mathematics (BS)
  • Criminal Justice (BA)
  • Physics (BS)

Graduate Degree Programs

  • Adult & Technical Education (MS)
  • Counseling (MA)
  • Early Childhood Education (MA)
  • Elementary Education (MA)
  • Leadership Studies (MA)
  • Secondary Education (MA)
  • Special Education (MA)
  • Environmental Science (MS)
  • Information Systems (MS)
  • Technology Management (MS)

Graduate Certificate Programs

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Computing
  • Mathematics through Algebra I
  • Middle Childhood Education
  • School Library Media Specialist
  • Social Services and Attendance
  • Teaching English as a Second Language

Undergraduate Certificate Programs