Stay organized and accomplish more with an enhanced MUOnLine. New features, such as My Blackboard, streamline collaborative tools and notifications. Driven by features and enhancement requests from educators like you, you can access more information in fewer clicks.

The Blackboard OnDemand Learning Center provides a great “tour” of global navigation and features (best viewed in Firefox or Chrome):
For educators
For students

See it in action:
For educators
For students

Additional resources:
Directions for copying your course
Customize your course
Item analysis for Assessing Learners (best in Firefox or Chrome)
Respondus Patch needed for SP 10

Tips for readying your course for the start of the semester:

  • If you copy your course content, you will need to re-arrange the course menu, delete all old discussion posts from your previous section (listed as posted by Anonymous), delete old Announcements
  • Edit due dates on all Assessments and Assignments
  • Scan your syllabus for old dates and update the info as needed
  • Edit the Notifications page in the course to add: the Student Resources module and the Messages module (if using messages/internal mail)
  • Remove Alerts and Needs Attention from the Notifications page. Also remove My Tasks if you are not using it.
  • If you previously used the My Calendar module, please note that it no longer available because it has been replaced by a new Calendar in global navigations.
  • Create an area of “how to get started” in your course that students will see first. This sets the tone of expectations in your course. Explain what to do first, how they should contact you, and within what time frame you will respond to questions.
  • Review the list of Basic Development Standards. Maybe there’s something you’d love to add to your course?

Would you like to attend a session that focuses on MUOnLine?

During the semester, we cover several topics that pertain to classroom technology. Click the link to view our complete schedule: IT Training & Development. Please sign up via this registration page if you would like to attend any of these sessions.

Creating an E-course Entry Point

Where do I start? If you’ve ever heard this question from  your e-course students, then this course is for you. Even if you have been teaching online for several years and want to revamp the “Start Here” section of your course, you can gain some valuable insight into the mind of your e-course students. During this session, we will cover how to create an inviting welcome page for your e-course students so they can easily get started navigating your online course. Eliminate confusion and introduce expectations for your course as soon as students log in.

E-course Development: Basic Elements of Design

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by taking all of your course content and converting it into a web-based learning e-course? This session will cover basic instructions for creating online learning experiences for you and your students that are manageable, effective, and high quality.  We’ll discuss developing your learning outcomes into well-designed courses that are easily updateable, address assessment issues and challenges, focus on course navigation and easy design & organization, as well as avoiding common pitfalls.