MUOnLine Orientation

MUOnline is web-based program for offering via the Internet course materials files, communication, and activities. The information below will guide you to accessing your MUOnline courses and specific tools in each course. A computer and Internet access are required. For … Continued

How do I manage online communication with my students?

MUOnLine gives you a number of different options such as e-mail, discussion boards, journals or blogs, virtual classrooms, rubrics, outcomes assessment tools, audio and video capabilities with Wimba, and real time Chat within or among courses using MUOnLine’s chat tool … Continued

What support for online teaching is available at Marshall?

The Faculty Development Committee for Online and Multimedia Instruction coordinates a variety of professional development services for online instructors. Services include MUOnLine workshops and opportunities for one-on-one technical help. Visit Faculty Support for more information.

Can I put material owned by someone else in my course?

Copyright law applies not just to print but also to audio, video, images, as well as text found on the Internet and the Web. You can avoid copyright violations and legally use copyrighted materials by reading our information on Copyright Basics.

What specific benefits are there for faculty who teach online?

The flexibility, the convenience, (particularly during the summer), and the potential for additional earnings are among the many benefits experienced by faculty who choose to teach online. Faculty also enjoy the new and different ways of interacting with their students, … Continued

How much time will I spend on my course?

MUOnLine courses are equivalent to those taught on campus so you can expect to spend at least as much time as you would if you took the class in a traditional classroom setting. You can also expect to do a … Continued

How will I communicate with my instructor?

Communication methods vary from course to course, but most instructors use email or electronic bulletin boards as their primary methods. These are “tools” that are part of every online course.

What times do MUOnLine classes meet?

If a MUOnLine course is listed in the course schedule as offering no live meetings, there will be no live class meeting times. When you login is up to you, but we advise that you keep in mind your course due … Continued

How long do I have to take a MUOnLine course?

Most Marshall University Online courses parallel the semester schedule for traditional courses. Some courses may differ from traditional semester courses in the start and end dates. The course syllabus for each individual class and the Marshall University Official Schedule of Courses will indicate the … Continued