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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the class located?

A: The class is located in room 2003, c level of the Henderson center.

Q: How can I sign up for the class?

A: The class is offered each semester at Marshall, and as long as you are enrolled as a student, you can register for the classes at the registrar's office or online at Marshall's website.

Q: How many can enroll in a class?

A: The class is limited to 25 students per class.

Q: What if I'm not an enrolled student?

A: You can contact one of the instructors to see if and when they will offer a community class to the public.

Q: I'm not in the best of shape. will I be able to participate?

A: Yes. The instructors work to meet the needs of all the students who attend this class. the only requirement is that you show up and are willing to learn.

Q: Is it only offered here at Marshall?

A: No! you can visit to find a program near you!

Q: If I've taken this course before, can I take it again?

A: Absolutely! R.A.D. has a lifetime return and practice policy for free to anyone who has completed a R.A.D. basic course anywhere in the country.

Q: Will it teach me to fight? or fight better?

A: No. This class is designed to teach you how to escape an attack and get to safety. This class is a defensive class, and is oriented to teach you how to survive.

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