Eleven undergraduate researchers awarded stipends for summer studies

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – Eleven undergraduate students at Marshall University have been selected to receive the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Fellowship which provides each student with a $4,000 stipend and supplies for their research.

Marshall University has participated in the SURE program since 2005. The program is funded through the West Virginia Research Challenge Fund, and is administered by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, Division of Science and Research. SURE participants conduct their research during a 10-week time period which this year will begin May 14 and conclude July 27.

“We want students to know how strongly Marshall supports undergraduate research,” said Dr. Mike Norton, chemistry professor and director of the SURE program. “This is the time when these young minds start utilizing their research skills in preparation for graduate school.”

The following students have been awarded SURE Fellowships for summer 2012. They are listed with their hometown, class ranking, field of study, project title and research faculty mentor.

Samantha Adkins of Huntington; senior; psychology; Physiological Characteristics of Academic Success in College Students; Dr. Massimo Bardi

Caleb Calvary of Columbus, Ohio; junior; chemistry; Synthesis and Characterization of an Ionic Charge-Transfer Salt; Dr. Michael Castellani

Arrin Carter of Rocky Gap, Va.; sophomore; chemistry; Development of a Biological Matrix for Neural Stem Cell Guidance and Differentiation; Dr. Elmer Price

James Collins of Fort Gay; senior; chemistry; Evaluation of the Effect of Carnosine on Cytochrome C Glycation and Analysis of Cytochrome C Glycation Sites by Mass Spectrometry; Dr. Leslie Frost

Courtney Hatten of Wayne; senior; chemistry; Thermal Decomposition of Aldehydes to Yield Pyrolysis Products; Dr. Laura McCunn

Abigail Hayes of Wheeling; senior; biomedical science; Functional Neuroanatomy and Behavior in the Central Nervous System of Crayfish; Dr. Brian Antonsen

Catherine Higgins of Montgomery; senior; chemistry; Development of a Method to Manipulate Movement of Actin Bundles Within a Hybrid Microfluidic Device; Dr. Scott Day

Deborah Moore of Huntington; senior; microbiology; Analysis of Isolated Stains in Varying Environments with Electrophoretic Karyotyping and Transcription Survey; Dr. Wendy Trzyna

Robert Mwangi of Nakuru, Kenya; senior; integrated science and technology; Detection of e-DNA of Asian Carp; Dr. Elizabeth Murray

Anthony Stephenson of Ironton, Ohio; senior; biochemistry; Effect of Glycerol Availability on the Production of Triacylglycerols in Chlorella vulgaris; Dr. Derrick Kolling

Chunji Yin of Yanji, China; senior; molecular and cellular biology; Kiss1 mRNA levels in mPOA and ARC of the Female Rat Brain; Drs. Simon Collier and David Mallory

For more information visit www.marshall.edu/SURE, or contact Norton at 304-696-6627 or norton@marshall.edu.

Contact:  Ginny Painter, Communications Director, Marshall University Research Corporation, 304.746.1964

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