Brumbaugh, Tammy, Payroll Administrator

Cantrell-Rectenwald, Jane, Grants Compliance Administrator

Ciccarello, Joe, Director, Grant/Contract Development

Daniels, Lisa, CRA, Grants Officer, School of Medicine

Day, Bruce, CIP, Director, Office of Research Integrity

Dean, Tina, Grant Accountant

Dotson, Marilyn, Grant Accountant

Johnson, Angie, Grants Compliance Administrator

King, Rebecca Hill, Grants Compliance Administrator

Maher, John, Ph.D. [Brief bio]
Vice President for Research, Marshall University
Executive Director, Marshall University Research Corporation

McNeely, Cory, IT Support Specialist 

Melton, Amy, Assistant Director, Technology Transfer Office/Conflict of Interest Coordinator

Morgan, Jan, Contract Officer

Mozingo, Martha Spalding, CRA, Coordinator, Sponsored Programs

Murphy, Karla, CPA, M.B.A., Controller

Oglesby, Gloria, Payroll Accountant

Plumley, Amanda, Executive Office Manager

Rice, Mary Glenn, Grants Compliance Administrator

Ross, Susan, Travel and Payables Accountant

Schlenker, Chris, Grants Officer, College of Science

Schneider, J. T., Grants Officer

Stanley, Trula, CIC, IRB #1 (Medical) Coordinator

Stapleton, Rita, Senior Accountant

Stump, Kelly, M.S., Human Resource Coordinator

Wood, Jennifer, CRA, Senior Finance Officer