How much does it cost?

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission sets the bursar fee for students taking Marshall University courses in their high schools. As contract courses, the fee can vary from one academic year to the next. At present, the fee is $76.00 per credit hour. For example, English 101 is a 3-hour course so the bursar fee would be $228.00 in total.

How do I pay for classes?

Students will pay the fees by check or money order to their high school or county school system. The fees are not paid directly to Marshall University. Instructors will collect the fees from the students.

How do I get admitted?

  1. Students must meet the CCHS Program requirements (see main CCHS page)
  2. High school students must complete the admission and registration forms at their high schools under the supervision of the College Courses in the High Schools Program Coordinator
  3. The CCHS Coordinator will secure transcripts and a letter of recommendation from the high school counselor
  4. Students must submit the appropriate admission fee at the time of application. The CCHS coordinator will collect the fee and submit to the University.

How do I register for classes?
The CCHS Coordinator will handle the registration process. Students do not register directly with Marshall University.

Please direct inquiries to:
Pat Campbell, Coordinator
CCHS Program