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Project Activity 1. Pre-Capstone Course Learning Outcomes Identification and Degree Profile Mapping

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DepartmentDesignatorNumberTitleSubmitted On 
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceEM620Management of Technical Human Resources and Organizations2/1/2013Select
CITE - Applied Science & TechnologySFT599Occupational Safety Program Management1/31/2013Select
CITE - Applied Science & TechnologySFT540Industrial Fire Safety1/31/2013Select
COLA - Criminal Justice & CriminologyCJ492Senior Seminar (Capstone)12/15/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCYT446Research in Cytotechnology-Capstone12/14/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCYT439Elementary Cytology12/13/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCYT445Cytology of the Gastrointestinal Tract12/13/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCYT444Cytology of the Breast12/13/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCLS 473Advanced Clinical Practicum II12/13/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCLS 472Advanced Clinical Practicum I12/13/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCYT443Cytology of the Urinary Tract12/13/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCLS273Clinical Practicum Microbiology12/13/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCLS468Senior Research (Clinical Laboratory Independent Research Capstone)12/13/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCYT442Cytology of Body Cavity Fluids12/13/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCLS 272Clinical Practicum Immunohematology12/13/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCLS271Clinical Practicum Chemistry12/13/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCYT441Cytology of the Respiratory Tract12/13/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS691Problem Report in Dietetics12/5/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS302Foodservice Safety and Systems Management II12/5/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS409Nutrition in the Community12/4/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS215Assessment and Education Strategies in Dietetics12/4/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS476Senior Seminar in Dietetics12/4/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS469Medical Nutrition Therapy I12/4/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS 676Dietetic Internship II12/4/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS679Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy II12/4/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS690Research Applications in Dietetics12/4/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS673Administrative Dietetics12/4/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS 677Dietetic Internship III12/4/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS 470Medical Nutrition Therapy II12/4/2012Select
COHP - Communication DisordersCD101Introduction to Communication Disorders11/28/2012Select
COHP - Communication DisordersCD570Clinical Practicum 111/28/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS301Foodservice Safety and Systems Management I11/27/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS310Lifespan Nutrition11/27/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS320Intermediate Nutrition11/27/2012Select
COHP - DieteticsDTS460Research in Dietetics11/27/2012Select
COHP - Medical ImagingMI402Quality Management 11/15/2012Select
COHP - Medical ImagingMI414Mammography11/15/2012Select
COHP - Medical ImagingMI208Pharmacology and Drug Administration 11/15/2012Select
COHP - Medical ImagingMI209Introduction to Imaging Equipment11/15/2012Select
COLA - Modern LanguagesGER417Survey of German Literature I (Beginnings to 1750)10/26/2012Select
COLA - Modern LanguagesGER204Intermediate German II10/26/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyESS675Marketing Management of the Sports Industry9/25/2012Select
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceCS370Computer Graphics8/30/2012Select
COLA - Modern LanguagesJPN490Japanese Capstone Experience 5/23/2012Select
COLA - Modern LanguagesJPN Readings in Advanced Japanese I & II 5/23/2012Select
COLA - Religious StudiesRST206Introduction to the Religious Traditions of Asia5/16/2012Select
COLA - Religious Studiesrst360Hindu Mysticism5/16/2012Select
COLA - Religious Studiesrst300nature of religion5/16/2012Select
COHP - Public HealthHP400Global Health5/14/2012Select
COHP - Public HealthHP200Introduction to Epidemiology5/14/2012Select
COHP - Public HealthPH302 Global Health 5/14/2012Select
COHP - Public HealthPH201Public Health Communication5/14/2012Select
COHP - Public HealthPH202Introduction to Public Health5/14/2012Select
COLA - Political SciencePSC600Research Design5/14/2012Select
COLA - Modern LanguagesSPN323Advanced Grammar and Oral Communication5/10/2012Select
CITE - Applied Science & TechnologyES640Groundwater Principles and Monitoring5/10/2012Select
CITE - Applied Science & TechnologyES655Environmental Ethics5/10/2012Select
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceES614Environmental Risk Assessment5/10/2012Select
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceENGR318Fluid Mechanics5/9/2012Select
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceCS330Operating Systems5/9/2012Select
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceCS110Computer Science I5/9/2012Select
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceCS215Advanced Algorithm Analysis and Design5/9/2012Select
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceENGR213Statics5/8/2012Select
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceENGR111Engineering Computations5/8/2012Select
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceENGR451Introduction to Project Management5/8/2012Select
COHP - Health InformaticsHP650Health Informatics Practicum5/8/2012Select
COHP - Health InformaticsHP615Quality and performance improvement 5/8/2012Select
COHP - Health InformaticsHP605Medical Vocabularies and Classification Systems 5/8/2012Select
COLA - Religious StudiesRST  Humanities Seminar5/7/2012Select
COLA - Religious StudiesRST  Humanities Seminar5/7/2012Select
COLA - PhilosophyPHL Humanities Seminar5/7/2012Select
COLA - ClassicsCL Humanities Seminar5/7/2012Select
COLA - PhilosophyPHL Humanities Seminar5/7/2012Select
COLA - ClassicsCL Humanities Seminar5/7/2012Select
COLA - PhilosophyPHL301Plato's Republic5/7/2012Select
COLA - PhilosophyPHL201Introduction to Philosophy: Modern Period5/7/2012Select
COLA - HistoryHST400Senior Seminar5/5/2012Select
LCOB - Finance & EconomicsECN423Introduction to Econometrics5/1/2012Select
LCOB - Finance & EconomicsECN 326Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis5/1/2012Select
LCOB - Finance & EconomicsFIN 440International Financial Management--for FIN & IB Majors4/30/2012Select
LCOB - Finance & EconomicsECN420International Trade--for IB Majors4/30/2012Select
LCOB - Finance & EconomicsECN340Global Macroeconomic Issues--for IB Majors4/30/2012Select
COHP - Social WorkSWK340Social Work Research4/29/2012Select
COS - ChemistryCHM212Principles of Chemistry II4/23/2012Select
COS - ChemistryCHM218Principles of Chemistry Laboratory II4/23/2012Select
COS - ChemistryCHM305Research Methods in Chemistry4/23/2012Select
CITE - Applied Science & TechnologySFT498Environmental Safety and Health Legislation4/14/2012Select
LCOB - Finance & EconomicsECN 328Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis4/9/2012Select
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceIS610System Design3/28/2012Select
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceIS605Systems Analysis3/28/2012Select
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceIS623Database Management3/28/2012Select
CITE - Applied Science & TechnologySFT 372Safety & Industrial Technology3/28/2012Select
CITE - Applied Science & TechnologySFT460Safety Training Methods3/28/2012Select
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceEM660Project Management3/28/2012Select
CITE - Engineering & Computer ScienceEM675Economic and Financial Analysis3/27/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyESS4675MARKETING MANAGEMENT OF SPORT INDUSTRY 3/26/2012Select
HC - Honors CollegeHON200Second-Year Seminar in Leadership, Ethics and Civic Engagement3/22/2012Select
COHP - Respiratory CareRSP301Introduction to Respiratory Care Management3/22/2012Select
COHP - Respiratory CareRSP100Introduction to Respiratory Pharmacology3/22/2012Select
COS - Integrated Science & TechnologyIST130Analytical Methods I: Statistics3/19/2012Select
COS - Integrated Science & TechnologyIST120Connections I (CT)3/19/2012Select
COS - Integrated Science & TechnologyIST260Instrumentation I3/19/2012Select
COS - Integrated Science & TechnologyIST111Living Systems3/19/2012Select
COS - Physics & Physical SciencesPS510Physical Principles of Remote Sensing with Applications3/16/2012Select
COS - Physics & Physical SciencesPS670Advanced Practicum3/16/2012Select
COS - Physics & Physical SciencesPS511Digitial Image Processing and Computer Simulation Modeling 3/16/2012Select
COHP - Communication DisordersCD601Introduction to Graduate Studies3/16/2012Select
COE - School of EducationCISP629Special Education Seminar MS Special Education3/16/2012Select
COFA - TheatreTHE240Introduction to Stage Lighting3/16/2012Select
COE - School of EducationCISP673Field Experience: Preschool Special Education MA Special Education3/16/2012Select
COE - School of EducationCISP664Practicum in Autism MA Special Education3/16/2012Select
COLA - Political SciencePSC 604Data Analysis3/16/2012Select
COLA - Political SciencePSC211Scope and Methods in Political Science3/16/2012Select
COLA - PsychologyPSY311Child Development3/16/2012Select
COLA - Political SciencePSC 105Fundamentals of Politics3/16/2012Select
COLA - PsychologyPSY615Advanced Developmental Psychology3/16/2012Select
COLA - Political SciencePSC 616Scope and Practice3/16/2012Select
COLA - Political SciencePSC 104American National Government and Politics3/16/2012Select
COHP - Communication DisordersCD691Motor Disorders of Speech and Swallowing3/16/2012Select
COE - School of EducationCISP666Curriculum and Methods: Preschool Special Education MA Special Education3/16/2012Select
COHP - Communication DisordersCD 460Basic Audiology3/16/2012Select
COHP - Communication DisordersCD624Foundations in Neurogenic Communication and Swallowing Disorders3/16/2012Select
COHP - Communication DisordersCD328Developmental Language Disorders3/16/2012Select
COS - MathematicsMTH 331Linear Algebra3/16/2012Select
COS - GeologyGLY325Stratigraphy & Sedimentation3/16/2012Select
COHP - Communication DisordersCD228Language and Speech Development3/16/2012Select
GESPD - Reading & Literacy EducationCIRG 3Planning and Instruction Assessment 3 3/16/2012Select
GESPD - Reading & Literacy EducationCIRG2Pre-Post Foundation Tests Assessment 2 3/16/2012Select
GESPD - Reading & Literacy EducationN/A Impact on Student Learning Assessment 5 3/16/2012Select
COHP - Communication DisordersCD322Developmental Speech Disorders3/16/2012Select
COFA - Art & DesignART298Portfolio Review3/16/2012Select
COE - School of EducationCI442Instructional and Classroom Management - Elementary Education3/16/2012Select
COHP - Communication DisordersCD241Introduction to Communication Science3/16/2012Select
COLA - Sociology & AnthropologySOC609Professional Development3/16/2012Select
COS - MathematicsMTH300Introduction to Higher Mathematics3/16/2012Select
COLA - Sociology & AnthropologyANT491Theory in Ethnology3/16/2012Select
COS - MathematicsMTH552Modern Algebra II3/16/2012Select
COS - MathematicsMTH491Senior Seminar3/16/2012Select
COS - MathematicsMTH231Calculus with Analytic Geometry III3/16/2012Select
COS - MathematicsMTH230Calculus with Analytic Geometry II3/16/2012Select
COS - MathematicsMTH528Advanced Calculus II3/16/2012Select
COS - MathematicsMTH229Calculus with Analytic Geometry I3/16/2012Select
COS - MathematicsMTH546Probability and Statistics II3/16/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyESS601Advanced Exercise Testing3/16/2012Select
COLA - Sociology & AnthropologySOC600Classical Sociological Theory3/16/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyESS578Exercise Metabolism3/16/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISMGT620Human Resource Management 3/16/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyESS621Advanced Exercise Physiology I3/16/2012Select
COLA - EnglishENG670Observation Practicum TESOL3/16/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyESS447Advanced Exercise Physiology3/16/2012Select
COLA - EnglishENG626Systemic Functional Grammar3/16/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISMKT341Promotion Management3/16/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyESS478Energy Sources and Body Composition3/16/2012Select
COLA - EnglishENG615Teaching English and Applied Linguistics3/16/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISMGT672Organizational Behavior3/16/2012Select
COLA - EnglishENG 632Topics in American Literature3/16/2012Select
COLA - EnglishENG640Composition Pedagogy3/16/2012Select
COLA - EnglishENG630Materials and Methods of Research3/16/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyESS375Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription3/16/2012Select
COE - School of EducationCI449Instructinoal and Classroom Management - Secondary Education3/16/2012Select
COS - Physics & Physical SciencesPHY608Statistical Mechanics3/16/2012Select
COE - School of EducationCI301Teaching Elementary School Mathematics3/16/2012Select
COE - School of EducationCI Secondary Methods3/16/2012Select
COE - School of EducationCI447Elementary Reading and language Arts Methods3/16/2012Select
COE - School of EducationEDF319Applications of Learning Theory/Educational Psychology3/16/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISMGT424Human Resource Management3/16/2012Select
CITE - Applied Science & TechnologyTM620Technology Planning3/16/2012Select
CITE - Applied Science & TechnologyTM612Economic and Financial Analysis3/16/2012Select
CITE - Applied Science & TechnologyTM610Management of Innovation and Technology3/16/2012Select
COLA - Sociology & AnthropologyANT 361Ethnographic Methods3/16/2012Select
COLA - HistoryHST 677Thesis Writing Seminar3/15/2012Select
COLA - HistoryHST 540West Virginia History3/15/2012Select
COLA - HistoryHST600Methodology3/15/2012Select
COLA - HistoryHST231American History from 18773/15/2012Select
COS - Physics & Physical SciencesPHY545Mathematical Methods of Physics3/15/2012Select
COLA - Sociology & AnthropologySOC391Junior Seminar3/15/2012Select
COLA - HistoryHST 200Sophomore Methods Workshop3/15/2012Select
COS - Physics & Physical SciencesPHY542Quantum Mechanics3/15/2012Select
COLA - HistoryHST103The World Since 18503/15/2012Select
COLA - Sociology & AnthropologyANT 391Junior Seminar3/15/2012Select
COLA - Sociology & AnthropologySOC 605Qualitative Research Methods3/15/2012Select
COLA - Sociology & AnthropologySOC 344Social Research I3/15/2012Select
COE - School of EducationCISP422Differentiated Instruction - BA Elementary Education3/15/2012Select
COLA - Sociology & AnthropologySOC 360Sociological Theory3/15/2012Select
COLA - Criminal Justice & CriminologyCJ302Research Methods in Criminal Justice3/15/2012Select
LCOB - Accountancy & Legal EnvironmentACC318Cost Accounting3/15/2012Select
COFA - Art & DesignART390Professional Practice3/15/2012Select
COFA - Art & DesignART670Seminar3/15/2012Select
COFA - Art & DesignART38920th Century Art3/15/2012Select
COS - GeologyGLY314Mineralology3/15/2012Select
COLA - EnglishENG350Introduction to Textual Analysis3/15/2012Select
COFA - TheatreTHE261Stage Decor3/15/2012Select
COLA - EnglishENG 355Introduction to Literary Theory3/15/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISMGT422Organizational Behavior3/15/2012Select
COE - School of EducationECE430Preschool Curriculum and Methods : BA in Early Childhood Education3/15/2012Select
COE - School of EducationCISP454Working With Families of Exceptional Children: BA in Early Childhood Education3/15/2012Select
COE - School of EducationECE102Early Childhood Programs: BA in Early Childhood Education3/15/2012Select
COLA - Communication StudiesCMM509Theories of Persuasion and Change3/15/2012Select
COE - School of EducationECE420Infant/Toddler Relationships and Environments: BA in Early Childhood Education3/15/2012Select
COE - School of EducationECE303Child Development: B.A. in Early Childhood3/15/2012Select
COLA - Modern LanguagesJPN Advanced Japanese I & II3/15/2012Select
COLA - Communication StudiesCMM606Study of Communication Theory3/15/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISMIS 333Business Telecommunication Systems3/15/2012Select
COLA - Modern LanguagesJPN204Intermediate Japanese IV3/15/2012Select
COLA - Criminal Justice & CriminologyCJ656Applied Statistics in Criminal Justice3/15/2012Select
COS - Biological SciencesBSC 681Thesis (Master's degree)3/15/2012Select
COS - Biological SciencesBSC662Seminar II (Master's degree)3/15/2012Select
COS - Biological SciencesBSC661Seminar I (Master's degree)3/15/2012Select
COS - Biological SciencesBSC 660Introductory Graduate Seminar (Master's degree)3/15/2012Select
COLA - Criminal Justice & CriminologyCJ200Introduction to Criminal Justice3/15/2012Select
COS - Biological SciencesBSC450Molecular Biology (Cellular, Molecular & Medical Biology degree)3/15/2012Select
COS - Biological SciencesBSC422Animal Physiology (Cellular, Molecular & Medical Biology degree)3/15/2012Select
COS - Biological SciencesBSC301Vertebrate Embryology (Cellular, Molecular & Medical Biology degree)3/15/2012Select
COS - Biological SciencesBSC425Biosystematics (Ecology/Environmental Bio degree)3/15/2012Select
COS - Biological SciencesBSC417Biostatistics (Ecology/Environmental Bio degree)3/15/2012Select
COS - Biological SciencesBSC413Organic Evolution (Ecology/Environmental Bio degree)3/15/2012Select
COS - Biological SciencesBSC443Microbial Genetics (Microbiology degree)3/15/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyHS646Athletic Training I3/15/2012Select
COS - Biological SciencesBSC 324Principles of Genetics (Microbiology degree)3/15/2012Select
COS - Biological SciencesBSC302Principles of Microbiology (Microbiology degree)3/15/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyHS647Athletic Training II3/15/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyHS625Evidence Based Practice in Therapeutic Electrophysical Agents3/15/2012Select
COS - GeologyGLY451Geomorphology3/15/2012Select
COLA - Criminal Justice & CriminologyCJ655Research Methods in Criminal Justice3/15/2012Select
COLA - Criminal Justice & CriminologyCJ602Law and Social Control3/15/2012Select
COFA - TheatreTHE201Critical Analysis of Theatre Literature3/15/2012Select
COFA - TheatreTHE490Theatre Internship3/15/2012Select
COLA - Criminal Justice & CriminologyCJ 604Advanced Theory in Criminal Justice3/15/2012Select
COLA - Modern LanguagesSPN305Grammar and Composition3/15/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISMIS470Business Systems Development Project3/14/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISHRM660Compensation and Benefits3/14/2012Select
COS - ChemistryCHM682Research3/14/2012Select
COS - ChemistryCHM631Seminar3/14/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISMGT428Negotiations3/14/2012Select
COLA - Modern LanguagesFRN204Intermediate French3/14/2012Select
COLA - PhilosophyPHL330Philosophy of Sex3/14/2012Select
COFA - TheatreTHE 230Auditioning Techniques3/14/2012Select
COLA - Communication StudiesCMM521Gender and Communication3/14/2012Select
COLA - Communication StudiesCMM411Communication Study and Research3/14/2012Select
COLA - Communication StudiesCMM421Gender and Communication3/14/2012Select
COLA - Communication StudiesCMM302Professional Presentations3/14/2012Select
LCOB - Accountancy & Legal EnvironmentACC617Advanced Controllership3/14/2012Select
LCOB - Accountancy & Legal EnvironmentACC615Advanced Auditing3/14/2012Select
COLA - Criminal Justice & CriminologyCJ404Theoretical Criminology3/14/2012Select
COLA - Modern LanguagesFrn417Contemporary French Film3/14/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyHS449Therapeutic Exercise in Athletic Training3/14/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyHS 361Athletic Training Clinical Experience: Level III3/14/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyHS360Athletic Training Clinical Experience: Level II3/14/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyHS255Athletic Training Clinical Experience: Level I3/14/2012Select
LCOB - Accountancy & Legal EnvironmentACC311Intermediate Accounting I3/13/2012Select
COLA - PsychologyPSY223Elementary Behavioral Statistics3/13/2012Select
LCOB - Accountancy & Legal EnvironmentACC429Auditing I3/13/2012Select
COLA - PsychologyPSY323Experimental Psychology3/13/2012Select
COLA - PsychologyPSY506Psychometrics3/13/2012Select
LCOB - Accountancy & Legal EnvironmentACC341Accounting Information Systems3/13/2012Select
COFA - MusicMUS 196Applied Voice3/12/2012Select
COFA - MusicMUS 401Research in Music3/12/2012Select
COFA - MusicMUS 621Music Research Methods3/12/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISMIS340Database Management Systems3/12/2012Select
COLA - Modern LanguagesFRN315Advanced French III3/12/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISMIS310Systems Analysis and Design3/12/2012Select
COLA - PsychologyPSY517Intermediate Behavioral Statistics3/12/2012Select
GSEPD - CounselingCOUN600Professional Orientation3/12/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCLS310Molecular Diagnostics and Advanced Clinical Immunology3/12/2012Select
GSEPD - CounselingCOUN672Organization and Administration of School Counseling Programs3/12/2012Select
LCOB - Accountancy & Legal EnvironmentACC348Federal Income Taxation3/12/2012Select
COLA - GeographyGEO426Principles of GIS3/11/2012Select
COLA - GeographyGEO317World Regional Geography3/11/2012Select
COLA - GeographyGEO101Physical Geography3/11/2012Select
COLA - GeographyGEO100Human Geography3/11/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCLS210Clinical Immunohematology3/11/2012Select
COLA - GeographyGEO616Geographical Research3/11/2012Select
COLA - GeographyGEO615Geographic Thought and Methods3/11/2012Select
COLA - GeographyGEO526Principles of GIS3/11/2012Select
COFA - MusicMUS 301Analysis3/10/2012Select
COFA - MusicMUS622Styles and Analysis3/10/2012Select
LCOB - Accountancy & Legal EnvironmentACC414Advanced Accounting Problems3/9/2012Select
GESPD - Elementary & Secondary EducationCIEC534Applications Software in the Classroom Curriculum Area3/9/2012Select
GESPD - Elementary & Secondary EducationEDF616Advanced Studies in Human Development3/9/2012Select
GESPD - Elementary & Secondary EducationEDF621Educational Research3/9/2012Select
LCOB - Accountancy & Legal EnvironmentACC312Intermediate Accounting II3/9/2012Select
GSEPD - CounselingCOUN698School Counseling Internship3/9/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCLS420Advanced Microbiology3/8/2012Select
SOJMC - JournalismJMC612History of Mass Communications3/8/2012Select
GESPD - Leadership StudiesLS675Legal and Policy issues3/8/2012Select
GESPD - Leadership StudiesLS612Educational Technology for Administrators3/8/2012Select
GESPD - Leadership StudiesLS510Principalship3/8/2012Select
SOJMC - Mass CommunicationsJMC303Sports Reporting3/8/2012Select
SOJMC - JournalismJMC301News Reporting II3/8/2012Select
SOJMC - JournalismJMC462Web Design for JMC3/8/2012Select
SOJMC - Mass CommunicationsJMC 390Media Sales and Underwriting3/8/2012Select
COS - Physics & Physical SciencesPHY300Electricity & Magnetism3/7/2012Select
COS - Physics & Physical SciencesPHY421Modern Physics Lab3/7/2012Select
COS - Physics & Physical SciencesPHY320Intro to Modern Physics3/7/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISMKT682Advanced Marketing Management3/7/2012Select
COS - ChemistryCHM 356Organic Chemistry II3/7/2012Select
COS - ChemistryCHM361Introductory Organic Chemistry Lab3/7/2012Select
SOJMC - Mass CommunicationsJMC490Internship I3/7/2012Select
SOJMC - Mass CommunicationsJMC415Advertising Strategy and Execution3/7/2012Select
COLA - Political SciencePSC406International Politics3/7/2012Select
COLA - Political SciencePSC405International Organization3/7/2012Select
COLA - Political SciencePSC209Fundamentals of International Relations3/7/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISHCA610Health Care Financial Management3/7/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISHCA653Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems3/6/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISHCA656Management of Medical Technology and Information Systems3/6/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISHCA695Field Research in Healthcare Management3/6/2012Select
COS - Physics & Physical SciencesPHY330Mechanics3/6/2012Select
COLA - Graduate HumanitiesHUMN601Literary Theory and Criticism3/5/2012Select
COLA - Graduate HumanitiesHUMN604Expository Writing for Research3/5/2012Select
LCOB - Accountancy & Legal EnvironmentACC618Accounting Research3/5/2012Select
COLA - Graduate HumanitiesHUMN600Introduction to Study in the Humanities3/5/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyESS516Planning and Developing HPER and Athletic Facilities3/5/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyESS 430Sport Law3/5/2012Select
GESPD - Special EducationCISP520Introduction to Exceptional Children3/5/2012Select
COHP - Communication DisordersCD415Professional LIteracies for SLP's3/2/2012Select
COHP - Respiratory CareRSP207Introduction to Critical Care Management3/2/2012Select
COHP - NursingNur235Maternal Child Nursing3/2/2012Select
COHP - NursingNU220Health Alterations I3/2/2012Select
LCOB - Finance & EconomicsFIN370Principles of Investments--for FIN Majors3/2/2012Select
COHP - Respiratory CareRSP 102Introduction to Respiratory Care Procedures3/2/2012Select
LCOB - Finance & EconomicsFIN343Intermediate Financial Management--for FIN Majors3/2/2012Select
COHP - Respiratory CareRSP206Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care3/2/2012Select
COHP - NursingNursi241Health Alterations III3/2/2012Select
GESPD - Special EducationCISP655Field Experience: Multicategorical3/2/2012Select
GESPD - Special EducationCISP626Diagnostic/Clinical Practice3/2/2012Select
COHP - NursingNUR230Health Alterations II3/2/2012Select
COHP - NursingNUR120Introduction to Nursing Role and Processes3/2/2012Select
COHP - Medical ImagingMI307Radiation Protection and Radiobiology3/2/2012Select
COHP - Medical ImagingMI205Imaging Procedures I3/2/2012Select
COHP - Medical ImagingMI308Radiographic Image Analysis3/2/2012Select
COHP - Medical ImagingMI310Clinical Practice V3/2/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISMIS678Management Information Systems3/2/2012Select
COHP - NursingNUR324Nursing Human Responses IV3/1/2012Select
COHP - NursingNUR419Professional Nursing Practice3/1/2012Select
COHP - NursingNUR606Advanced Nursing Research2/28/2012Select
COHP - NursingNUR618Teaching in Nursing2/28/2012Select
COHP - NursingNUR642Org Dynamics in Nursing2/28/2012Select
COHP - NursingNUR622Advanced Physical Assessment2/28/2012Select
COHP - NursingNUR416Introduction to Research for Evidence Based Practice2/28/2012Select
COLA - Modern LanguagesSPN 315Advnced Grammar and Composition2/27/2012Select
COLA - Modern LanguagesSPN411Pre-modern Latin American Literature2/27/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCLS 499Seminar: Readings in Laboratory Medicine2/27/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCLS 270Clinical Practicum Immunohematology2/27/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCLS255Clinical Laboratory Problems2/27/2012Select
COLA - ClassicsCL230Classical Epic2/27/2012Select
SOJMC - Mass CommunicationsJMC 601Mass Communications Theory2/24/2012Select
COLA - Modern LanguagesGER405German Civilization & Culture (I)2/22/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyESS401Ethics in Sport2/21/2012Select
COHP - School of KinesiologyESS301Philosophy of Sport & Physical Activity2/20/2012Select
COHP - NursingNUR222Foundations of Professional Nursing II2/18/2012Select
LCOB - Finance & EconomicsFIN620Financial Management2/17/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISMKT 465Marketing Management2/17/2012Select
COLA - ClassicsLAT480Apuleius2/17/2012Select
COLA - ClassicsLAT203Intermediate Latin2/17/2012Select
LCOB - Management/Marketing/MISMKT340Principles of Marketing2/17/2012Select
LCOB - Finance & EconomicsECN630Managerial Economics2/17/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCYT447Advanced Cytology Methods2/16/2012Select
COHP - Clinical Laboratory SciencesCYT438Cytology Methodology2/16/2012Select
SOJMC - Mass CommunicationsJMC604Media Law and Ethics2/10/2012Select
SOJMC - JournalismJMC 451Television news reporting2/10/2012Select
SOJMC - JournalismJMC440Mass Media ethics2/10/2012Select
SOJMC - Mass CommunicationsJMC 402Law of Mass Communications2/9/2012Select
SOJMC - JournalismJMC 402Law of Mass Communications2/9/2012Select