Student Teacher Mini Grant

Teacher candidates may write and submit Mini-Grant applications during their Senior Capstone experience. If approved by the Advisory Council, teacher candidates may receive up to $200 to support their teaching unit. The benefits of the Mini-Grant experience exemplify the foundation of PDS: Beginning with the teacher candidate, he/she is provided with an opportunity to write and revise a grant, hopefully encouraging future grant writing throughout his/her profession; If the award has been for materials, the PK-12 teacher is then left with additional materials for his/her classroom once the unit is complete; and finally, the PK-12 student has been exposed to a quality learning experience.

Grant applications must be submitted to by 4:00pm on September 11, 2019 for the first 8 weeks and by October 30, 2019 for the second 8 weeks.

Click here for Student Teacher Mini Grant application (PDF).
Click here for Student Teacher Mini Grant application (Word)


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