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What Will I Need for Computing at Marshall University?

Marshall University is a computing- and networking-intensive environment. Many components of coursework are handled electronically and e-mail is the preferred medium for communication on campus. To take advantage of all that is available electronically, it is critical to own or have access to a computer capable of communicating via MUNet, the campus-wide network that links members of the Marshall community to one another and to the Internet.

The University Information Technology (IT) model provides for guidelines to assist faculty, staff, and students in choosing current computing and communications products and services to meet their needs and the strategic goals of the university.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Computing On Campus:

Do I need to have my own personal computer?

Will my current computer meet my needs?

If I purchase a new computer, what guidelines should I follow?

What about software?

How about connecting to campus networks and the Internet?

Can I connect from non-residential campus locations as well?


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