Dr. Inder Sehgal

Sehgal, I_headshotInder Sehgal, DVM, Ph. D.
Professor and Interim Chair of Pharmaceutical Science and Research
Phone: 304.696.3520
Email: sehgali@marshall.edu


Dr. Sehgal has been a faculty at two professional schools teaching a variety of aspects of human and veterinary pharmacology for over 15 years.  Pharmacology is a classic discipline with an inherently translational nature and Dr. Sehgal believes it should be taught not as “physiology plus drugs” nor as clinical disease management but as the administration of biochemicals to molecular targets in patients.  He has won student-directed teaching awards at his two previous institutions and looks forward to helping launch pharmacology instruction at MU SOP.

Dr. Sehgal’s research focuses on the evaluation of cancer therapeutics.  During his graduate training at the Mayo Clinic and postdoctoral fellowship at the Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Sehgal learned prostate cancer pathobiology by studying growth factor mediated cancer cell selection and metastasis.  During his first faculty position, he established an independent research program studying growth factor-induced proteases and their potential role during cancer invasion. He advanced his research into animal models as an Associate Professor of Pharmacology at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine.  At LSU, Dr. Sehgal worked to develop mouse tumor models of prostate, breast and colon cancers and used these models further his own work and also to collaboratively work with chemists, molecular biologists, virologists and pathologists.  He currently also studies potential benefits and toxicities of natural supplements and has a working familiarity with the limitations and benefits of in vitro and in vivo safety models.