Dr. Nicole Rockich Winston

Nicole Rockich Winston, M. S., Pharm. D.
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Phone: 304.696.7369

Dr. Winston received her B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Toledo in 2006, followed by her Master’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences and PharmD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010 and 2012, respectively. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education (EdD) in Curriculum & Instruction from Marshall University. She joined the faculty of Marshall University School of Pharmacy in 2012 and has taught a variety of courses including Biopharmaceutics I & II, Integrated Laboratory (sterile/non-sterile compounding) and an advanced compounding elective. In three out of the last four years, she has received “Instructor of Year” and “Course of the Year” from first year student pharmacists.

In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Dr. Winston has been appointed as the Director of the Center for Pharmacy Education. The Center enhances faculty and student development and mentoring to cultivate an innovative educational environment at MUSOP. Her current research interests include integration of foundational science principles into clinical practice experiences, evaluating learner-centered principles into didactic and laboratory courses and assessing faculty perceptions of active learning. Dr. Winston is also the advisor for the student chapter of the American Pharmacists Association and co-advisor for Rho Chi.

Selected Publications

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