Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Pharmaceutical Science and Research (DPSR) is to provide up-to-date, forward looking, and innovative education in the basic pharmaceutical sciences; provide patient-centered services that bridge between the basic sciences and the practice of pharmacy; provide services that bridge between discovery and clinical development of new drug products; and conduct basic and applied research that attracts extramural funding and has relevance to the health care of West Virginians, veterans, and residents of the tri-state area.

Faculty and Staff

Office of Pharmaceutical Science & Research

Faruk Khan, M. B. A., Ph. D. (Bio)
Professor and Chair of Pharmaceutical Science & Research
Phone: 304.696.3094
Office: CEB 211A
Email: khanmo@marshall.edu


Eric R. Blough, Ph. D. (Bio)
Associate Professor and Director of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Phone:  304.696.7394
Office: CEB 208A
Email: blough@marshall.edu




Hao,J_headshotJinsong Hao, Ph. D. (Bio)
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Science and Research
Phone: 304.696.3519
Office: CEB 201A
Email: haoj@marshall.edu




Cynthia Jones, Ph. D. (Bio)
Assistant Professor
Phone: 304.696.7363
Office: CEB 228A
Email: jonescy@marshall.edu


Hasan Koc, Ph. D. (Bio)
Assistant Professor and Director of Pharmacometrics and Pharmacoanalysis
Phone: 304.696.7368
Office:  CEB 217A
Email: kocha@marshall.edu




Long, T_headshotTim Long, Ph. D. (Bio)
Assistant Professor
Phone: 304.696.7393
Office:  CEB 218A
Email: longt@marshall.edu




McAleer, J_headshotJeremy McAleer, Ph.D. (Bio)
Assistant Professor
Phone: 304.696.7336
Office:  CEB 212
Email: mcaleer@marshall.edu



Mohan, S_headshotShekher Mohan, Ph.D. (Bio)
Assistant Professor
Phone:  304.696.7371
Office:  CEB 234A
Email: mohans@marshall.edu



Sehgal, I_headshotInder Sehgal, D.V.M., Ph. D. (Bio)
Professor of Pharmaceutical Science and Research
Phone: 304.696.7925
Office: CEB 226
Email: sehgali@marshall.edu




Train, B_headshotBrian Train, Ph.D. (Bio)
Phone:  304.696.5807
Office: CEB 235
Email: trainb@marshall.edu



Tracie Wheeler (Bio)
Administrative Secretary, Sr.
Phone: 304.696.7343
Office: CEB 211
Email: wheelertr@marshall.edu


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