100.002 Salary Supplement for Research Faculty Policy


The purpose of this School of Pharmacy policy is to provide a framework for determining salary for research faculty


This protocol will be reviewed each odd numbered year beginning in 2013

100.002.001 – Base Salary

a. The base salary for faculty will follow the most recent edition of the Profile of Pharmacy Faculty published annually by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) to guide selection of the appropriate 12-month base salary for research-active faculty. In general, the goal will be to achieve parity at the 50th percentile for research faculty in the School of Pharmacy with the current values compiled in the most recent edition of the AACP Profile of Pharmacy Faculty.

b. At the discretion of the Dean, a higher base salary should be considered, when hiring faculty who have already secured, before hire, substantial and sustainable peer-reviewed extramural grants. Substantial extramural grants would be those that can be renewed and provide research funds in the amount of $200,000 per annum or greater (e.g., an R01 award from the National Institutes of Health). Evidence of sustainability would be one or more renewals of the same multi-year award.

100.002.002 – Overload and Compensation

A full-time teaching load equivalent to 100% effort shall be defined as 12 semester credit or contact hours per academic year. In accordance with the Marshall University Board of Governors Proposed Policies, faculty can earn up to an additional 20% of their base salary for work in excess of normal for the individual (i.e., overload), subject to the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (AA-40 2.4.1). To qualify for an overload salary supplement, a faculty member must exceed 100% effort with the prior approval of Dean, Chair, Provost, and Vice President for Research. With prior approval, a three semester credit or contact hour teaching overload will be compensated by a salary supplement equivalent to 20% of base pay. For less than three semester credit or contact hours of overload, the additional compensation will be prorated (e.g., 1 semester credit hour will be compensated by a salary supplement equivalent to 6.67% of base pay). No faculty member shall exceed 3-semester credit or contact hours of overload nor be compensated more than 20% of base pay for overload in any academic year.

100.002.003 – Merit Pay

a. For any full-time faculty member charging part of their salary to an extramural grant, they can receive 20% of the salary offset recovered by the School of Pharmacy as merit pay. This use of recovered salary is consistent with the Marshall University Board of Governors Proposed Policies to establish research merit awards (AA-40 2.5.1; FA-7 2.1). Excluded from merit pay would be any research faculty who have no teaching responsibilities and are paid entirely from extramural grant funds (e.g., postdoctoral fellows, visiting scientists, adjunct faculty, consultants, or other non-tenure track positions). Use of salary offset for merit pay must be preceded by customary documentation of percent effort involved and approval by the employee’s immediate supervisor (FA-7 2.2.1), Dean, Provost, and Vice President for Research. If the School of Pharmacy obtains no salary recovery for a particular grant, then there will be no merit pay associated with that grant. All faculty members receiving salary from an extramural grant shall be eligible for merit pay, independent of their role on the award that provides salary recovery (e.g., PI, co-PI, or key personnel).

b. All faculty members, who contribute effort to and are named in the funded-grant application, independent of whether they receive salary offset, will share up to twenty percent of the overhead or indirect cost recovered by the School of Pharmacy equally. In no case shall these funds be used to supplement the salaries of the faculty sharing in recovered indirect funds. Expenditure of these funds is subject to oversight and approval by the Chair and Dean.

100.002.004 – Salary Supplement for Administrative Duties

Administrative duties in the School of Pharmacy, including the positions of Chair and Director in the School of Pharmacy, will not carry a stipend or salary supplement. At the discretion of the Dean, the teaching load of faculty with substantial administrative duties can be reduced. However, for purposes of calculating overload, administrative duties will not be considered. Service by faculty to the Department, School, University and community are an expected part of each faculty member’s position. The maximum salary supplement for any faculty member is 35%. This maximum supplement can only be achieved by 75% salary offset for that faculty member funded by extramural grants, where the complete salary offset is recovered by the School (15% merit salary supplement), and concurrent teaching of 6 semester credit or contact hours (20% overload salary supplement).

100.002.005 – Extramural Salary Funding Expectations

For newly hired faculty, the teaching load will be 6 credit or contact hours per year for up to 3 years. During this period, the faculty member is expected to secure extramural research funding for 50% of their salary. Should the faculty member be unsuccessful in obtaining extramural funding for their research program with concomitant funds for release from teaching obligations, they will assume an additional teaching load up to 12 credit or contact hours per year, at the discretion and direction of the Chair.

Approved June 2012