100.003 Allocation of Space at the School of Pharmacy


This policy outlines the responsibilities for space allocation at the Marshall University School of Pharmacy.


This OP will be reviewed by September of every even-numbered year (start 2014) by the Executive Council and approved by the Dean.

100.003.001 Introduction

The School shall make the most efficient use of limited existing space to further its mission of education, research, practice, and innovation. The School uses a proactive, collaborative process for space planning and allocation. This process will strive to anticipate and accommodate future needs, reduce instances of functional mismatches between space characteristics and occupant needs, and provide clear guidelines for the request of space. The School places high value on clustering activities to promote desirable interaction and user convenience.

100.003.002 Oversight

The Dean of the School of Pharmacy is responsible for allocation of all school space. The Dean of School will consult and collaborate with the Executive Council regarding permanent allocation of School space. Scheduling of educational and meeting space will be at the discretion of the Dean.

100.003.003 Space Allocation Decision Criteria

Functions or programs that address stated School priorities and initiatives will be given priority over competing requests for space. To ensure the School provides the best teaching and learning opportunities, and because of limited classroom and seminar space, no space may be converted to uses other than intended within the 2011 architectural plans without receiving prior approval of the School of Pharmacy Dean. Space allocation decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis based on:

1. centrality to the School’s mission, vision, and values;

2. centrality to the University’s mission, vision, and values;

3. user productivity;

4. cost;

5. availability of funding;

6. appropriateness of the size of the space for the need; and

7. adequacy, location, and functionality of existing and proposed space allocations.

 When there are multiple requests for new or existing unallocated space, allocation of space will be generally guided by the following utilization priority order:

1. Instruction;

2. Student group use (government, organizations, etc);

3. Research;

4. Public service functions;

5. Library services;

6. Individual student, staff, or faculty member use; and

7. Other

 100.003.004 Educational Space

Educational space includes all areas used for instruction, including lecture classrooms, studio classrooms, practice labs, and conference rooms (Dean’s Conference Room and Pharmacy Practice Conference Room). Instruction includes, but is not limited to, regularly scheduled learning events (studio classroom meetings), labs, seminars, and community and professional outreach training programs. The Office of Academic and Curricular Affairs is responsible for assigning general classroom space at the School of Pharmacy building. Departments with classrooms within their assigned space will have primary scheduling rights. Specialized class laboratories will be scheduled at the departmental level.

100.003.005 Class Assignment

Classes will be assigned to rooms with seating capacities that match the anticipated enrollment limit as nearly as possible.

100.003.006 Departmental Space

The Dean is responsible for the management of space allocated to the various departments and units. Chairs, Associate Deans, and directors will request approval from the Dean prior to:

1. Changing the internal allocation of space from one (1) department to another department.

2. Changing the use of any space.

a. Examples

i. Changing laboratory space to educational space

ii. Changing a personal laboratory space to a core facility space

iii. Changing individual faculty office space to a departmental suite

iv. Changing educational space to a student lounge or other student use space

v. Changing student commons space to educational space

When the delineation or configuration of a space is to be changed by the installation or removal of partitions or walls or the relocation of doorways, the Dean will consult with the appropriate Marshall University planning and development offices. This is required to assure that the space database of record and associated record drawings reflect the most accurate room numbers, space categories, allocations, and functional categories.

100.003.007 Requests for Additions or Changes in Allocated Space

The Dean will accept and review written proposals for changes in space allocation and utilization throughout the year. As many of the requested actions will have financial implications, the Dean will coordinate decisions with the capital budget planning process.

100.003.008 Periodic Analysis of Existing Space Allocation

The Executive Council will periodically review the utilization, quantity, and quality of existing space allocations. These reviews should be done with reference to published University space guidelines, and give due consideration to inefficiencies associated with the design, location, and condition of space. The Executive Council will review and render recommendations concerning the allocation of space to the Dean in the following circumstances:

1. When space is provided by new construction, the subsequent vacation of existing facilities, or major renovation of existing facilities.

2. When a general classroom, lecture hall, or seminar room is proposed for conversion to any other use.

3. When departments or units need for additional space is beyond their current space allocation.

4. When the allocation of space is proposed to be changed from one organizational unit to another unit.

 Approved August 2012