100.004 Shipping and Receiving Policy


This policy establishes the protocol for ordering/receiving items at the School of Pharmacy


The Executive Committee shall review this policy bi-annually in the spring semester of odd numbered years.


The receiving protocol agreed upon by SOP, SOM and central receiving for the Coon Education Building is as follows:

All items ordered should be received and processed through MU Central Receiving. No orders should be placed with a shipping address other than listed below:

Marshall University
School of Pharmacy
Person’s Name/CEB room number
201 21st Street
Huntington, WV 25755

Although our physical address (to be used when giving directions to the building) is 1542 Spring Valley Drive, this IS NOT to be used for general shipping as it prevents the items from being processed by Central Receiving according to university guidelines.

MU receiving is to deliver daily (as needed) between 11 and 1. There will be a staff member designated to receive and handle items from MU receiving on behalf of each department. That individual will coordinate with central receiving to ensure the proper handling and delivery of all shipments in a timely fashion. Should the designated staff member be unavailable to coordinate with receiving, there will be another staff or faculty member assigned to cover this responsibility.

Items coming from MU receiving are delivered to the MUSOP room number indicated on the shipping label. If no room number is indicated, then receiving delivers to the Dean’s office and the dean’s office staff either assist receiving in finding the recipient, accept the package and notify the appropriate individual immediately by email that they have a package, or deliver it to them directly if possible. However, it is the responsibility of the orderer to be present for receipt when at all possible.

It would be helpful if individuals ordering time sensitive items let their department’s designated receiver know that such a shipment is expected so that they can be aware of urgent items. Additionally, it is recommended that central receiving be notified as well so that arrangements can be made for the orderer to be present for the delivery. Mr. David Arigan is the receiving supervisor and his contact information is (304) 696-6669 (arigan@marshall.edu).

If you have a large piece of equipment that needs to be delivered directly to the CEB, please work with your departmental administrative support person to make these arrangements. The delivery should be scheduled with the orderer and CEB maintenance notified of the time so that someone is available to meet the delivery company at the receiving dock and assist in getting the equipment to the proper location in the building. Additionally, if the item is ordered via Marshall purchase order or encumbrance, receiving must be notified and a “receiver” requested for the shipment before payment will be issued (email to Mr. Arigan is sufficient).

Approved November 2012