100.006 Emergency Power Allocation Policy


This policy establishes the guidelines for emergency power allocation at the School of Pharmacy


The Executive Committee shall review this policy bi-annually in the spring semester of odd numbered years.

100.006.001 – Priorities for Power Allocation 

During a power outage at the School of Pharmacy, every effort will be made to maintain emergency power sufficient to support safety, essential building functions, and communications efforts as needed.

100.006.002 – Current Emergency Power Allocations

The existing allocation of emergency power in the lower two levels of the building is as follows:

• Lighting sufficient to provide 1 footcandle average in egress paths. This is every third or fourth lighting fixture in corridors, providing sufficient light to lead a person out of the building.

• Lighting sufficient to provide 1 footcandle average in the 2 large learning studios on the lower level. This is a few of the downlights in the space. This is required as these rooms hold more than 50 persons.

• Receptacles within the telecommunications rooms on the lower level and first floor. The telecommunications systems may be used to issue instructions during a power outage or emergency condition and therefore, are required to be on the emergency power system.

• Strategic exhaust fans and heating water pumps are on emergency power.

• The main fire alarm panel/system is on the emergency power system and additionally, has a battery backup system built into the equipment.

• Lighting and designated receptacles within mechanical equipment spaces are also on the emergency power system. This is to aid maintenance staff in restarting equipment and protect them if the equipment is being serviced and the       power is lost.

• The condensate pump set and sump pump set are also on emergency power. This is to prevent flooding and water accumulation.

Please note that the elevators ARE NOT on emergency power. They are designed to lower to the basement level by means of releasing their hydraulic fluid and shut off.

100.006.003 – Instructions for Employees and Students during a Power Outage

During an unplanned power outage, students and employees should remain in their current location (e.g. office, classroom) unless notified by School administration or unless they feel it would be unsafe to do so. The decision of whether to evacuate will be made by the administration and communicated to employees/students in a timely manner. If an evacuation is ordered, refer to the lighted emergency exit signs for the nearest building exit. During an evacuation, students should remain with their class and instructor unless otherwise excused. This is so that an accurate accounting of who exited the building can be made. Employees and students should gather in front of the building to receive additional communications. School administration in consultation with maintenance and safety personnel will make the determination of when the building can be re-entered.

Approved December 2012