200.003 Documenting the Pre-pharmacy Requirements Adopted by the Faculty for Admissions

Approved by the faculty, April 2012


The purpose of this Marshall University School of Pharmacy Operating Policy and Procedure (MUSOP OP) is to outline the process required to document the pre-pharmacy requirements adopted by the faculty for admissions. This documentation process for prerequisites, transfer credit, advanced placement, College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and foreign or international institutional evaluation meets ACPE and institutional accreditation standards.

Review Policy/Procedure

The Associate Dean for Academic and Curricular Affairs will review and revise as needed to remain compliant with ACPE and institutional accreditation standards.


200.003.001 – Transfer Credits and Pre-Pharmacy Equivalencies

Admission of transfer students is based on receipt of required documentation of credits earned and selective admission factors. Students are required to submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended. Evaluation of transfer credit for each student is completed upon receipt of all documents required for admission. The MUSOP maintains a separate matrix of accepted prerequisite courses and corresponding course numbers for all colleges and universities with whom MUSOP have affiliation agreements. Courses on the matrixes are equivalent to the pre-pharmacy courses required by MUSOP. The matrixes may be accessed from a page on our website linking each school to its specific information. Information is evaluated on a yearly basis for accuracy.

Transfer of course credits from non-affiliated institutions will be handled on a case-by-case basis pursuant to the MUSOP OP 200.002 Course Transfer Credit and Course Waiver.

200.003.002 – Advanced Placement

Students who have been granted credit through successful completion of the subject examination in the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or the Advanced Placement Examination Program and who have evidence of these credits on their college or university transcripts, may meet prerequisite requirements.

200.003.003 – Experiential Learning

The Dean may grant credit for life experiences gained through employment or other activities. A portfolio documenting learning and life experiences as they relate to specific courses is required. The learning experiences must be equivalent to what would otherwise be achieved at the college or university level.

200.003.004 – Foreign or International Institution Evaluation

Official records are original signed documents issued by the institution or duplicate copies of the original, which bear an original seal of the issuing institution and registrar’s signature or some person who is an official of the issuing school. Conferral of degrees, diplomas, certificates, or professional titles must be verified by official copies of same, dated entries of the academic record, or official statements from the institution or governmental agency granting the degree, certificate, or title. Date of formal conferral must be shown. The certificate of conferral must refer to the degree, diploma, certificate, or title in its exact original designation. Unless academic records and diplomas, degrees, or certificates are issued in English by the institute itself, authorized English translations must accompany the official documents in their original language. All translations must be literal and complete renditions of the original documents.

200.003.005 – Regular Admission Review

The deadline for regular admission review is a published date each year (see MUSOP web page). Applications will not be considered unless all documents have been received in the School of Pharmacy, Office of Student Services by the required deadline. All prerequisite course work must be completed by July 31.

200.003.006 – Assurance of Comparability

To ensure that credit awarded through these methods is comparable to the university’s own degree programs, each petitioner must submit a request to the Dean who will evaluate the request and grant or deny credit or course equivalencies.