200.009 Grade Grievance Policy

Approved by the faculty – August 7, 2012


This SOP documents the timeline, standards and methods used for grade grievances at Marshall University School of Pharmacy.

Review Policy/Procedure

This OP will be reviewed by September of every odd-numbered year (2011) by the Student Affairs Committee and approved by the Dean and the Executive Council.

200.009.001 Introduction

It is the policy of the MUSOP to affirm the rights of its students and faculty should a question or complaint arise on the assignment of a grade. The University recognizes that it is the instructor’s/teaching team’s prerogative to determine a grade. Responsibility for resolving grade disputes is shared among the instructor/teaching team, the student, and the School of Pharmacy.

200.009.002 Grade Error

If a student believes that a grade on a particular assignment (not a final course grade) received is incorrect, the student shall discuss the grade with the faculty or team leader who assigned it within 5 business days of receipt of the grade. If the grade is deemed to be correct (no miscalculation of grade occurred), then the grade stands as
issued. If the grade issued was in error (miscalculation of grade occurred), then the faculty will correct the 
grade. The faculty or the team leader will contact the student in writing within five (5) business days with the decision. 
The grade decision of the instructor/instructional team is final.

200.009.003 Final Course Grade

If the student believes their final course grade is incorrect, the student must contact the course team leader in writing within five (5) days of the posting of the final grade. The student must state why the course grade is incorrect and what the outcome should have been. The course team leader will meet with the team and evaluate the grievance. If the team leader decides course grade is correct, no changes will be made. If the course team leader decides that the grade should be corrected, the student’s final semester grade will be changed. The course team leader will contact the student, in writing, of the decision made regarding the grievance within ten (10) business days.

If the student feels the outcome of the grievance is still unsatisfactory and that the results have been due to prejudice, capriciousness, or arbitrariness, then he/she may choose to submit a written grievance to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Curriculum within five (5) working days of the course leader’s decision. The written grievance must contain the following: a summary of the steps previously taken towards resolution; the outcomes of those efforts; evidence of the prejudicial, capriciousness, or arbitrariness of the decision; and any additional supporting evidence.

The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Curriculum will evaluate and recommend a resolution of the grade grievance to the Dean within ten (10) working days. The Dean will consider the evidence presented within the Associate Dean’s report and any supporting evidence he/she deems necessary during the process of arriving at a decision regarding the grade grievance. The Dean will deliver a final resolution to the student in writing within 5 days of receipt of the Associate Dean’s report. The Dean’s decision is final.