200.011 Student Transfer Policy


The purpose of this Operating Policy and Procedure is to address the circumstances surrounding students from other pharmacy schools seeking to transfer in to MUSOP.  This policy is intended to inform student and faculty of actions in these situations.

Review Policy/Procedure

This OP will be reviewed and revised by the Associate Dean of Academic and Curricular Affairs and the Student Affairs Committee during each odd year (starting 2013) and approved by the Dean and Executive Council.


A pharmacy student currently matriculating at another pharmacy school may apply for transfer to MUSOP.  He or she should contact the Office of Student Affairs stating why a transfer is necessary and in the student’s best interests.  The transferring student must meet the minimum admission requirements and complete a full admission assessment similar to the traditional application process.

See entire 200.004 Policy for Admissions Process

See Policy 200.004.001 for admission requirements.

200.011.001 Review of Transfer Requests

Students applying for transfer for the P2 and P3 years will be evaluated bi-annually. Students wishing to transfer for the P4 year will be reviewed prior to the start of APPE rotations in May.  Transferring students will meet with representatives from the Office of Student Affairs to review possible degree plans prior to their comprehensive interviews.

If a student has interviewed for admission to MUSOP in a previous year, all portions of the interview process must be repeated (situational behavioral interview, critical thinking test, group dilemma, writing comprehension)

200.011.002 Matriculation of Transferring Students

If the student has fulfilled all admission requirements, is agreeable to the individualized degree plan presented by the Office of Student Affairs, and the school has determined that a student seat will be vacant within one or more of the current student classes, the student may matriculate at the beginning of the next semester. Academic standing of transfer students matriculating to the Marshall University School of Pharmacy will be communicated during the degree plan review.

200.011.003 Limitations on Transfers

The number of incoming transfer students will be limited by the number of open seats in a particular class. The Office of Student Affairs will determine the expected number of open seats available within each class in September of each year.