700.002 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) Courses

Approved by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, June 2017


This SOP operating procedure outlines the methods used in the selection of APPE rotations for the Marshall University School of Pharmacy and associated procedures.

Review Policy/Procedure

This OP will be reviewed on odd-numbered years by the Office of Experiential Learning and changes will be approved by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

700.002.001 – Introduction

MUSOP endeavors to create a fair and equitable method of students requesting and MUSOP assigning Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiential (APPE) rotations for Marshall University students.  The Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) employs a matching process within an online experiential management system, currently PharmAcademic.  The process is designed to be fair, allow students to request priority for a particular rotation, and to ensure balanced and randomized assignment of the various rotations.  The process requires the consideration of multiple sources of information as described below. Students may request rotations to the office of OEL.  These requests should be completed by January 1st of the P3 year.

700.002.002 – Scheduling

APPE students will be assigned to eight five-week rotations at various practice sites with different preceptors. Each rotation is scheduled to end on Friday of the 5th week.

Each APPE student is required to do each of the following rotations (total of 8):

APPE 1 – General Medicine
APPE 2 – Ambulatory Care/Primary Care
APPE 3 – Advanced Community
APPE 4 – Advanced Institutional
APPE 5 – Geriatrics
APPE 6 – Diverse Populations
APPE 7 and APPE 8 – Electives

Students are given an opportunity to state their preferences for APPE rotation sites and preceptors to the Office of Experiential Learning. These requests will be taken into account in the rotation matching process.  Based on preceptor availability, scheduling requirements, and Marshall University resources, students are matched to their preferences as much as possible.  Although students may request a location or preceptor, there is no guarantee that a student will be assigned any particular rotation or preceptor as requested. The Office of Experiential Learning has to fill ALL available rotations with shared faculty and our preferred partners who at this time include the Huntington VAMC, Cabell Huntington Hospital, Marshall Health, HIMG, Coal Grove Pharmacy and Medi-Cap Pharmacy, and others. If you are placed at any of these locations, they will NOT be changed.

Once scheduling is completed, students and preceptors will be notified. Students will have 3 business days to appeal their match schedule. If the student wishes to change a rotation then the student will complete a Rotation Change Request Form. The Office of Experiential Learning will take all reasons of rotation change requests into consideration and work with the student. NO changes will be made after 3 business days after the match is released unless the change is to be in the southern rural WV areas, medical conditions, or exceptional circumstances if approved by the Office of Experiential Learning.  The OEL will not make changes due to transportation issues as all students are expected to have adequate transportation to and from rotation sites.

Students are expected to contact their assigned preceptors at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the rotation to make arrangements such as the initial meeting time/place, parking, and to ensure required paperwork and testing has been completed.  NOTE:  Students should start paperwork, training, drug screen procedures for the specific site 6 weeks in advance in order to be ready to start.  Currently all CVS sites require about a six week process.  Students who are not prepared to start their rotation will have their grade adversely affected and may result in failure of course.

700.002.003 – Elective Rotations

Students may pursue general interests in the electives including education, research, industry, advocacy, administration or other specialty rotations.    All rotations must be approved through the MUSOP Office of Experiential Learning and meet ACPE requirements for an APPE rotation.

700.002.004 –Rotations Outside of the Huntington/Tri-State Area

Students are encouraged to apply for competitive rotations with sites such as CDC, FDA, Indian Health Services, APhA, ASHP, Kaiser Permanente, and other high quality educational experiences.  Typically, students will be scheduled in the Huntington/Tri-State area where possible. If a student wants to take a rotation outside of the Huntington/Tri-State area, and the preceptor or site are not affiliated with the School, the student has the responsibility to obtain permission for the rotation from the appropriate preceptor or supervisor at the site, and provide the contact information to the Office of Experiential Learning.  A preceptor must submit their CV to the Office of Experiential Learning and the Office of Experiential Learning must assess the site and preceptor to ensure quality of the rotation and that School learning objectives can and will be met. Please note that this process can take from 6-12 months to complete and this must be completed or be near completion prior to the matching process.  Students may request up to 5 rotations outside the Huntington/Tri-State area.  If they wish to take more than this amount, they must get the approval from the Office of Experiential Learning and provide an explanation for why the exception should be granted.  No out of area rotations are guaranteed, but the Office of Experiential Learning will work with the student to meet their preferences.

If a student requests an offsite location, they are responsible for all screening, fees and requirements that must be met (licensing, travel, orientation).  Failure to meet the requirements, such as licensure, will result in the student failing the rotation.

700.002.005 – Requesting a Specific Preceptor

Each year, preceptors are surveyed regarding their availability for student rotations during the next rotation year. Preceptors may specify available rotation dates and numbers of students that may be accommodated at their sites.  Students are not guaranteed a particular site or preceptor when submitting their preference.  Sites and preceptors are allocated using the matching process through PharmAcademic.

700.002.006 –APPE Attendance

Refer to the overall Experiential Policy as outlined in your APPE manual.

700.002.007 –APPE Dress Code

Professional dress is expected at all times.  Students are expected to also follow any site specific requirements and the laws of that state.

700.002.008 –APPE Evaluations

Evaluation of preceptor and site are located in PharmAcademic and the evaluation must be completed by the student by the end of the rotation block.

700.002.009 –Academic Credit

Five academic credit units are awarded for each completed APPE rotation.