Preceptors fulfill a vital role in pharmacy education.  These professionals work with students in real world settings to ensure that students gain not only textbook knowledge, but also develop skills through hands on learning experiences.  Our students begin working with preceptors in their first year and continue throughout their professional program. Dr. Robert Stanton, our Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning, is responsible for ensuring that all students are given the opportunity to work with preceptors as a primary component of their pharmacy education.

If you are willing to share your knowledge to help build the future of pharmacy education, please contact Dr. Robert Stanton at or Dr. Craig Kimble, Director of Experiential Learning, at  You may also complete the Electronic Letter of Intent and fax to 304.696.7309.

Preceptor Resources

Preceptor Manual for the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences

PHAR811 IPPE-I Syllabus

IPPE-I Workbook

PHAR812 IPPE-II Syllabus

IPPE-II Workbook

IPPE-II Student Assessment Form

Preceptor Evaluation Form

IPPE/APPE Student Orientation Checklist

PHAR 815 IPPE 5 Outpatient Clinical Skills Syllabus

PHAR 816 IPPE 6 Inpatient Skills Syllabus

PHAR 817 IPPE 7 In Practice Management Syllabus

PHAR 818 IPPE 8 Education Syllabus

MTM Training Program Flyer

Preceptor Newsletters

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