The Curriculum Committee contains two subcommittees, the Curricular Affairs Sub-Committee and the Assessment Sub-Committee.

Charges to the Committees

Curricular Affairs Committee (CAC)

  • Develop post course review process that:
  • Supports and fosters the Continuous Quality Improvement process
  • Whose foundation is based upon the principles found in Quality Matters program and the Quality Matters Rubric
  • Provides a mechanism for assessment of faculty workload(actual time spent in facilitation, number of learning events developed, time spent in lecture development, etc), and learning event use (numbers of active learning exercises, time spent in active learning, etc)
  • Provides a mechanism for evaluation of time spent assessing students (numbers and types of assessments (simulation should be highlighted)
  • Provides summary statistics on student achievement in reference to specific learning outcomes
  • Requires faculty self-assessment and reflection
  • Develop searchable map of the terminal outcomes to course outcomes to lecture outcomes
  • Plan and implement a strategy for service learning at MUSOP.
  • Develop a strategy and documentation practice for use of assessment data for the purpose of continuous quality improvement of the curriculum.
  • Assure that the CAC activities align with

Assessment Committee (ASC)

  • Identify dates for and completion of PCOS and other MUSOP required assessments of achievement.
  • Identify and enlist faculty to develop planned OSCEs.
  • Establish pass criteria for OSCEs (Due prior to delivery of OSCEs)
  • Develop and execute a strategy for communicating to students their individual achievement upon annual assessment of student achievement.
  • Develop method for assessing student professionalism and achievement using student portfolios (using E*Value or other vender).

Membership (subcommittee membership in parenthesis)

Dr. Robert Stanton, Chair (CAC)

Dr. Eric Blough, Vice Chair (ASC)

Dr. Inder Sehgal (ASC)

Dr. Elaine Cruse (CAC)

Dr. Nicole Winston (CAC)

Dr. Chris Gillette (ASC)

Dr. Aaron Sizemore (CAC)

Dr. Justin Williams (ASC)

dr. Craig Kimble (ASC)

Dr. Chris Waugh, Community Member (CAC)

Dr. Jamie Allman, Community Member (ASC)

Ms. Rachel Gregory, Student Member P1 Class (CAC)

Ms. McKenzie Green, Student Member P1  Class (CAC)

Ms. Marina Mickael, Student Member P1 Class (ASC)

Ms. Rachel Biliter, Student Member P1 Class (ASC)

Ms. Rachel Weatherly, Student Member P2 Class (CAC)

Ms. Shelly Bright, Student Member P2 Class (CAC)

Ms. Babba Osei-Kwaku, Student Member P2 Class (ASC)

Ms. Jennifer Allen, Student Member P2 Class (ASC)

Dr. H. Glenn Anderson, Jr., Ex-Officio

Dr. Kevin Yingling, Ex-Officio



Curriculum Committee

MUSOP   Curriculum Committee (Click on dates below)

 10/11/12  4/19/13  5/1/13 6/6/13 
10/31/13   11/21/13 01/16/14

Curricular Affairs Sub-Committee

MUSOP Curricular Affairs Sub-Committee (Click on dates below)

 9/27/12 10/25/12   11/8/12 12/13/12
 2/21/13 4/17/13 5/1/13 6/13/13
 6/27/13  12/5/13  1/9/14

Assessment Sub-Committee

MUSOP Assessment Sub-Committee (Click on dates below)

 10/25/12  11/15/12 12/12/12  1/4/13 
7/11/13 8/16/13  9/27/13 

 Curricular Affairs Materials

MUSOP Educational Team Responsibilities

Guidelines for Team-Based Therapeutics Courses

Therapeutics Course Maps (2012-2013)