Pre-Pharmacy Area of Emphasis (2 years)

Overview of Pharmacy as a Career

Pharmacy degrees used to be given at undergraduate institutions, but academic and professional standards are changing to require a Pharm.D. degree. The Marshall University Pharm. D. program will be a 2 + 4 program, with students completing two years of pre-pharmacy pre-requisites before applying for and enrolling into the 4 year professional program.

See the Occupational Outlook Handbook: Pharmacy

Pre-Pharmacy Coursework
PRE-PHARMACY: Two Year Option*

FALL                                                                                                     SPRING

ENG 101                                               3 hrs                                      BSC 227 Human Anatomy                4 hrs

MTH 229 Calculus**                         5 hrs                                      MTH 225 Intro Statistics                 3 hrs 

BSC 120 General Biology                  4 hrs                                      BSC 121 General Biology II             4 hrs

CHM 211 General Chem                    3 hrs                                      CHM 212 General Chem II              3 hrs

CHM 217 (lab)                                    2 hrs                                       CHM 218 (lab)                                  2 hrs

TOTAL                                                   17                                           TOTAL                                                  16

**Any algebra or preparatory MTH courses required prior to MTH 229 should be taken in summer prior to Fall semester

FALL                                                                                                  SPRING                                                               

ENG 201                                             3 hrs                                      BSC 250 Micro&Human Disease  4 hrs

BSC 228 Human Physiology          4 hrs                                      Free Elective                                      3 hrs†  

CHM 355 Organic Chem                 3 hrs                                      CHM 356 Organic Chem II             3 hrs

PHY 201 Physics                              3 hrs                                      CHM 361 (lab)                                  3 hrs

PHY 202 (lab)                                   1 hr                                         PHY 203 Physics II                          3 hrs

Social Science elective                   3 hrs‡                                     PHY 204 (lab)                                   1 hr

TOTAL                                                17                                            TOTAL                                                17

*Students who choose to spread the pre-requisites over more than two years should work with their pre-health professions advisor to develop a plan that will meet the student’s needs.
† Free elective course should be 100 level or higher    
‡ Any course listed on the MU General Education page (Core II course list) as a Social Science elective  
TOTAL 67 hrs     (more if additional MTH coursework required prior to initial Fall enrollment)

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