B.A. in Physics

  • The B.A. in Physics is designed for students with multidisciplinary interests, especially in combination with a second major. Although there is a core of required courses, we can make adjustments to meet individual preferences.
  • Besides the 34 credit hours Physics and Physical Science course requirements there are 9 credit hours Math requirements (MTH 122+130+140) and 9 credit hours general College of Science requirements (CHM 211+217 and GLY 200+210)
  • Prospective physics teachers in secondary schools will obtain the B.A. in Physics. Endorsements in teaching must conform to state licensure standards, which are subject to change.
  • Students are encouraged to work closely with an adviser from the education faculty to ensure that they meet current requirements.
  • Physics B. A. Requirements

    (Link to the Course Listing)
    Course Credit Hours
    PHY 201 3ch
    PHY 202 1ch
    PHY 203 3ch
    PHY 204 1ch
    PHY 320 3ch
    PHY 421 2ch
    PHY 447 3ch
    PS 325 3ch
    PS 400+L 4ch
    Electives 9ch
    Capstone 2ch
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