Precise Computation of Gravitational Waves at Infinity

Numerical relativity solves Einstein's equations of general relativity numerically, for complicated space-times such as black holes, in order to compute the radiating signal and to prepare gravitational waves templates.  Although existing simulations are sufficiently accurate for populating the parameter space in current searches of ground-based detectors, the new generation of advanced detectors will be 10-15 times more sensitive by 2014-2018.  The major objectives of this proposal are:

  1. to create a flexible interface between a Cauchy evolution code and a characteristic code
  2. to perform precise computations of gravitational waveforms at infinity from binary black holes, using this Cauchy-characteristic approach, in collaboration with two major numerical relativity groups
  3. to transform the code that implements this method into an efficient open tool for the scientific community.
Data: metric_obs_1_Decomp_ft.h5

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