B.S. Degree in Physics with Areas of Emphasis

  • Physics knowledge is very important and is a strong basis to build different career paths. Since there are many reasons to pursue a physics degree, we are welcoming not only traditional physics majors, but also students with interest in physics who want to include other sciences in their careers.
  • To accommodate these varied interests, in addition to the traditional standard B.S. Degree in Physics, we offer a number of flexible tracks towards different Areas of Emphasis (AoE). These areas of emphasis have a comprehensive curriculum combined with a strong physics program and a background from other scientific disciplines. Students who follow these flexible tracks will have a sound physics background, as well as broad knowledge in other sciences.
  • The college requirements of eight hours in a second science are rolled into the AoE, so that these are not an extra requirements.
  • Completion of an AoE is posted on the student’s transcript. An 2.00 overall GPA and 2.00 Major GPA is required to graduae.
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