B.S. in Physics

  • The BS curriculum is designed for students who want a complete program in physics. The degree will prepare students either for graduate study at the best universities in the country, or for work in a technical, scientific, or engineering field.
  • There are 34 credit hours of required courses, covering all the main branches of physics (classical and modern physics, electricity & magnetism, thermodynamics, mechanics and quantum mechanics).
  • In addition, you are required to do 4 credit hours of experimental work in well-equipped advanced physics labs.
  • At least 6 credit hours of elective upper-level courses will provide you with an introduction to some of the most current topics in physics: electronics, optics, solid state physics, biophysics, computational physics, astrophysics and astronomy, etc.
  • The minimum required credit hour of physics courses towards your major is 44 .
  • In adition to these, there are 17 credit hours of Math requirements, to be completed in the first two years, comprised of: MTH 229 (Calculus I), MTH 230 (Calculus II), MTH 231 (Calculus III) and MTH 335 (Differential Equations).
  • At least 2 credit hours of independent research with a faculty member towards your capstone project is also part of a B.S. degree in physics.
  • Together with the math requirements and the capstone project, you will have to fulfill a total of 63 credit hours, specific to your major.
  • In addition to these, you will obtain at least 58 credit hours by fulfilling the general university and college requirements.
  • A 2.00 overall GPA and a 2.00 Major GPA is required to graduate.
  • Example of Course of Study for Physics Major
  • Schedule of Physics Courses for a 4 or 3 years track
  • Link to all the Physics and Physical Science courses
  • Major Requirements

    Number Course Name Hours
    PHY211 Principles of Physics I 4
    PHY202 General Physics Lab I 1
    PHY213 Principles of Physics II 4
    PHY204 General Physics Lab II 1
    PHY300 Electricity & Magnetism I 3
    PHY302 Electricity & Magnetism II 3
    PHY308 Thermal Physics 3
    PHY320 Modern Physics 3
    PHY330 Mechanics 3
    PHY442 Quantum Mechanics I 3
    PHY443 Quantum Mechanics II 3
    PHY445 Mathematical Methods 3
    PHY*** Electives 10
    PHY49* Capstone 6
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