Concentration in Physics

The department of Physics offers a concentration in physics that is flexible enough to lead to an interdisciplinary B.S. in either biophysics or physical chemistry. It consists of 5 required courses, 2 lower level physics labs, and 2 upper level elective courses, for a total of 23 credit hours in Physics. The other 23 or more required credit hours towards the major will be fulfilled in the joint department. Mathematics 229 and 230 are required for 300-level classes in physics. Students must also complete a capstone course in one of the departments.

  1. B.S. in Chemical Physics

    The departments of Chemistry and Physics jointly offer a program in physical chemistry. The flexibility of the chemical physics program is appropriate for students whose interests lie in the interdisciplinary area between chemistry and physics and allows students to take additional courses in either physics or chemistry depending on their primary interest. It can lead to graduate work in physical chemistry or in a number of areas of chemical physics engineering.

  2. B.S. in Biophysics

    Biophysics is a field of science that studies biology by applying simple principles of physics. The biophysics program, offered jointly by the departments of Biology and Physics, prepares students for careers in many fields including scientific research, medicine, biotechnology, etc. The flexible program offers the opportunity for studies in parallel disciplines. Students satisfying the degree requirements of this program will also have satisfied the course requirement for admission to medical schools.

  • Concentration Requirements

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    Course Credit Hours
    PHY 201(211) 3(4)ch
    PHY 202 1ch
    PHY 203(213) 3(4)ch
    PHY 204 1ch
    PHY 300 3ch
    PHY 308 3ch
    PHY 320 3ch
    Electives 6ch
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