Current Students with a Physics Major, Spring 2011

    Stephen ShelerFreshman
    Phillip SpencerFreshman
    William Coleman Sophomore
    Matthew Coyner Sophomore
    Christopher Means Sophomore
    Manmeet Singh Sophomore
    Joshua DowJunior
    Rebecca MuncyJunior
    Bradley RamsburgJunior
    George ChappellSenior
    David FacemyerSenior
    Robert JenkinsSenior
    Yasaman KahvazSenior
    Jeremy LowrySenior
    Matthew LucasSenior
    James RoodSenior

Benefits of a Major in Physics

    • Physics is the most fundamental of the natural sciences. It addresses basic questions involving the structure of matter and the underlying physical laws governing their interactions and motion.
    • Physics is based on the interplay between theory and experiment.
    • Physics serves as an excellent discipline for training you to think critically. Models, crafted with artistry, are used to describe reality.
    • A background in physics serves as a broad base of education.
    • The physics major is also exposed to deep philosophical concepts involving space, time, and matter.
    • Physics is very strong for students interested in going into teaching at all levels.
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