General Physics Science Lab PS 109L
    This lab is an introduction, for the non-science major, to the concepts of physics and astronomy: motion, forces, energy transformations, electricity and magnetism, wave motion and light, the sky, the solar system, the universe, etc.
General Physics Science Lab PS 110L
    This lab is an introduction, for non-science majors, to the main concepts and applications of chemistry and earth science. Included are nuclear reactions, atomic and molecular structure, chemical reactions, applied chemistry, basic geology and atmospheric science, and pollution of air and water.
General Physics Lab 202
    These laboratory exercises accompany the lecture course PHY 201 and cover similar material: mechanics, wave motion, and heat. However, the pace of 202 will generally be different from that of 201, so labs may involve material that has not yet been discussed in the lecture section. Most exercises in this laboratory course are to be done using a computer and interface apparatus to collect and display data.
General Physics Lab 204
    Physics 204 is a set of experiments and measurements which demonstrate classic phenomena in electricity, magnetism, optics, and nuclear radiation.
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