Research Laboratories


                    Left to right: Steven Taylor (Yeager Scholar), Abdul Abusalem, Thomas Wilson. Dr. Wilson explains how a ns-pulsed mini-YAG laser, under LabView computer-control, can be used to raster scan a heat pulse across a silicon crystal immersed in the liquid-helium cryostat shown in the foreground in order to image anisotropic phonons detected by a novel superconducting granular aluminum microbolometer (article submitted to Measurement Science and Technology)

  • Collaboration with University of Delaware ECE Nanofabrication Facility (sputtering system displayed) for photolithography and device fabrication


Left to right: Steven Taylor, Thomas E Wilson have measured the Michelson contrast and modulation transfer function of twisted-nematic LCD displays (routinely used in blood pressure monitors as shown) in this federally-funded collaboration.

  • Materials Processing and Characterization Laboratories (S180, S-151) Dr. Vaseashta

(l) Student inspecting a clean wafer.  (r) Students conducting I-V characteristics of Schottky diodes.

(l) and (r) Students evaporating Al on silicon substrates.

Teaching Laboratories

  • Electronics (S-258)
  • Optics (S-280)
  • Physical Sciences Laboratory
  • Workshop Physics and General Physics Labs (S-100/101)
  • Modern Physics Laboratory (S-280)

Miscellaneous ....

Marshall participants at the 2003 Ohio Section of the APS Conference at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

left to right: Andrew Green, Thomas Wilson, Nicola Orsini, Justin Woods, Megan Collins, Adicus Garton, Kari Adams, Ashley Brown, Warren Dumke, and Quan Yuan

(l) left to right: Quan Yuan, Thomas Wilson, Warren Dumke (r) APS co-authors Adicus Garton, Quan Yuan and Thomas Wilson

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