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Initiative: Pilot the da Vinci Roundtable Project –  Renaissance Professor Program

The conceptualization of this project centers on the development of a core group of faculty who have the potential to develop as Renaissance thinkers. The goal will be to develop a sufficient core group of individuals who can function as peer leaders in the furtherance of professional development that advances integrative and interdisciplinary thinking and learning at Marshall University.


Leonardo da Vinci was the epitome of the Renaissance thinker. His versatile acumen and the breadth of accomplishments as a scientist, inventor, artist, mechanical engineer, architect, cryptographer and mystic are unparalleled. By extrapolation, a Renaissance thinker is viewed as an individual who has developed an advanced prowess for integrative/interdisciplinary thinking and transference across multiple disciplinary domains. It literally implies the development and advancement of the “inventive” mind.


The concept of the Renaissance Professor is aligned with the goal of developing Renaissance thinkers who then have the aptitude to develop these traits in others, especially students. Earning the distinction (and attendant rewards) as a Renaissance Professor must entail a highly selective process predicated on demonstrable achievements commensurate with this designation.



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