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Disability Studies and Research Center

Disability Studies and Research Centerís mission is to support the quality of life, community inclusion, and self-determination of all persons with disabilities and their families. This is accomplished through interdisciplinary education, research, training, technical assistance, evaluation, and community service.

The Disability Studies and Research Center (DSRC) at Marshall University focuses on the social, political, cultural, and economic context rather than the individual; aims its intervention to correct oppressive social systems and practices, instead of intervention to ameliorate impairment; and addresses the longstanding oppression of the people with disabilities by including the perspective, voices and participation of individuals with disabilities in meaningful and respectful ways that enhance power equality between people with and without disabilities.

The Center offers various programs in special education, as well as a perhaps a degree in Disability Studies. In addition to the DSRC providing dynamic programs and services, an interdisciplinary team of professionals undertake research into disability issues from a social perspective and promotes public awareness associated with the social dimensions of disability.