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Initiative: Expand multicultural opportunities and experiences that encourage diversity and inclusiveness.


Foster a more diverse and inclusive campus community, and encourage such a community by promoting cultural awareness, collegiality, and by cultivating respect for diverse people and cultures.

  • Expand the Multicultural Affairs mission and purpose to serve a broad representation of multicultural populations through resources and support on the Marshall University campus.
  • Develop the Multicultural Leadership Ambassador program a group of select, trained peer educators to facilitate conversations on diversity to create climates of inclusion on campus and the surrounding communities.
  • Form the Faculty Diversity Committee to review the status of ethnically diverse faculty in each College and develop programs and services to increase faculty diversity and retention.
  • Establish the Multicultural Faculty in Residence Program. This program will enable colleges to hire a newly minted terminal degree holder by providing an incentive package.
  • Increase the number of participants in the Society of Black Scholars.
  • Develop a mentoring program designed to reach entering underrepresented students upon their entry to Marshall University.
  • Increase cultural program offerings and celebrations.
  • Create an exchange partnership with a select Historically Black College and University.
  • Expand recruitment initiatives to the Jefferson county area of the state to develop relationships with the Hispanic/Latino populations of the region.