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Initiative: Complete the necessary steps to establish a 4-year, ABET-accredited engineering degree

In January, 2006, the Board of Governors approved a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, to be offered in the College of Information Technology, Division of Engineering and Computer Science.

The degree is designed to be flexible with a multi-disciplinary approach.  Students will take core courses that prepare them for more advanced engineering study with an opportunity for a number of technical and free electives.  In addition, students will select an area of emphasis in a specific engineering discipline.  The first of these, approved by the Board in January, is civil engineering, but other areas under consideration are environmental engineering, transportation engineering, and engineering management.

The program is designed to meet the standards and criteria for accreditation promulgated by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).  At this point, CITE is in the process of selecting an ABET consultant and working directly with ABET towards accreditation.  An accreditation visit will not be conducted, however, until at least one student graduates from the program and until facilities issues are fully resolved.  Current expectations are that both of these events will occur within the next two years.  According to ABET, once the program is accredited, the degrees of all graduates from the program will be “retroactively” accredited, enabling them to take the appropriate professional licensing examinations.