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National Institute of Forensic Science Education and Training

The National Institute of Forensic Science Education and Training  (NIFSET) serves as a resource to the criminal justice system for training scientists,  law professionals and crime scene investigators and addresses the growing need for advanced training in highly technical areas  The institute is developing curricula and training modules that are not solely focused on after-the-fact analysis of  crime scene evidence,  but also emphasize the proactive approach to preventing crime through surveillance on a global scale.  Training builds upon the nationally accredited Forensic Science Program at Marshall University and workshops presented through the Presidentís DNA Initiative ( , the former offering a Masterís degree in Forensic Science and, secondly, the well-established and comprehensive criminal justice program at Marshall.  In addition, components of Integrated Science and Technology, the College of Business and the College of  Information Technology and Engineering support the educational and training goals of the NIFSET.  All of the training is offered in the context of international crime detection and prevention, particularly in the areas of terrorism and homeland security. The Institute focuses on legal issues, including individual rights, privacy, and other rights and privileges, in the context of crime and terrorism prevention and investigation.