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Initiative: Develop and institute the Marshall Commitment

Students enter Marshall University with diverse abilities, interests and educational goals.

The University has long been committed to helping students develop their potential, expand their interests and reach their educational goals in a timely manner. Academic advisers help all students plan their degree programs, select courses, register for classes and monitor their progress. The Marshall Graduation Commitment has been developed as an additional way to help full-time students monitor their academic progress and achieve their goal of a four-year degree. Students who choose to participate in the Four-year Graduation Plan will work closely with their advisers to meet all the requirements for completing their baccalaureate degree in four years. Students who remain on track will be assured that the courses required for graduation will be available to them.

Graduation Plan students must average between 15 and 18 credits per semester that are non remedial courses. Marshall University assumes responsibility for providing the academic advising services and degree-audit mechanisms to assist students in accurately monitoring progress toward graduation. Marshall University is also responsible for ensuring registration in the courses required for the student's respective major in order to complete the bachelor's degree within eight consecutive semesters.

Many students elect to take advantage of research and employment opportunities, certificate or minor programs, or to pursue specialized plans of study tailored to unique career goals. These additional opportunities may require more than eight semesters to complete. Other students extend their studies at Marshall University due to family commitments, financial or personal circumstances. Some students may need to extend their studies to strengthen their academic background for their chosen major. Situations and plans may also change as a student progresses toward graduation. Students who sign the Four-year Graduation Plan and then determine that they need more time to graduate can do just that. Students who decide that the Four-year Graduation Plan does not meet their academic and/or personal goals are encouraged to develop, in consultation with their academic advisers, a plan and timetable for completing the courses in their majors that will allow them to achieve their individual academic, career, professional and personal aspirations within a reasonable period of time.

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