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strategic Signature  Initiatives

Student Health and Wellness Center, Living, Learning Wellness Residence Hall and Parking Facility

Program Statement Development Committee

Committee Members:

Mr. Winston Baker, Residence Services

Dr. Clayton Brooks, Mathematics

Ms. Nikki Brown, VP, Student Govt.

Mr. Chad Caldwell

Dr. Jan Fox, IT


Mr. Stephen Hensley, Dean of Students,

Ms. Linda Holmes

Mr. Herb Karlet, Finance & Administration

Dr. William Marley, Professor, ESSR

Mr. Glen Kerkian, Marshall Foundation

Ms. Carla Lapelle, Student Affairs

Ms. Sandra Marra, Faculty Rep

Dr. Dan Martin, Chair, ESSR

Dr. Shortie McKinney, Allied Health & Nursing

Mr. Mike Meadows, Facilities Planning & Management

Mr. Michael Misiti, President, Student Govít

Ms. Carolyn OíLynn, Parking

Dr. Marshall Onofrio, Music

Mr. Mark Snyder, Athletics

Ms. Sharon Stanton, Recreational Sports

Ms. Heather Wyatt, Director, Fitness Center