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Initiative: A comprehensive plan for revenue stabilization and enhancement

Potential strategies include but are not limited to the following ideas:

  • Optimize net tuition/fee revenues through enrollment management practices that maximize revenue yield (e.g., most favorable first-year class size, non-resident enrollment, and transfer student population; greater retention and 4-, 5- and 6-year graduation rates - establish specific numerical goals annually)
  • Develop an effective, integrative and comprehensive institutional marketing/enrollment management plan to promote Marshall University and its programs in viable regional and national markets where Marshall has opportunities to increase non-resident student enrollment (e.g., Virginia, Washington, D.C. metro area, Chicago metro area)
  • Increase enrollment/net income from e-learning courses and degree programs
  • Increase philanthropic giving to Marshall (major gifts and annual gifts) and growth in discretionary fund endowment
  • Increase extramural grant and contract funding, which partially offsets compensation and research operating costs
  • Identify and implement alternative funding strategies that avoid/reduce annual base funding liabilities
  • Increase royalty and equity income from intellectual property commercialization
  • Significantly increase annual discretionary revenues during each of the next seven years for reinvestment in priority initiatives and goals - establish specific numerical goals annually
  • Pursue greater state appropriations including peer equity funding and experience increment funding

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