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The Student's Commitment

I agree to participate in the Marshall University Graduation Agreement. To remain eligible for the benefits of the plan, I agree to satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Begin at the University as a first-semester freshman and register for participation in this agreement by the end of my second semester.
  2. Choose a major that qualifies for the Graduation Agreement and file the paperwork required to formally declare the major. For majors that require selective admissions into a college or program, I understand that the determination of my Agreement status will be contingent upon my ability to qualify and be accepted into the college or the upper division of the major within the timeframe prescribed in the curriculum map.
  3. Stay on track by successfully completing the coursework each year as prescribed in the curriculum map for my declared major. I understand that I may need to attend summer school if I fall behind in my academic progress but wish to restore my "on-track" status by the start of the subsequent academic year. I further understand that not all courses are offered in the summer sessions.
  4. Contact my advisor immediately for help if my graduation may be delayed due to the unavailability of a course listed in the program's curriculum map. If my advisor and I are unable to resolve my scheduling problem during priority registration, I will notify in writing the chair of the department offering the course in question no later than the end of classes in the fall or spring semester prior to the semester in which the course is needed. I will also provide my advisor with a copy of this letter no later than the end of classes in the fall or spring semester prior to the semester in which the course is needed.
  5. Meet with my advisor at least once each semester to discuss progress toward graduation and identify courses in which I must enroll in the following semester.
  6. Register for classes during my assigned primary registration window in each semester's priority registration.
  7. Enroll in and successfully complete the courses needed for my program of study, considering that any specific course may not be available at the time or in the semester when I would prefer to take it.
  8. Accept responsibility for monitoring my own progress so that I stay on track for graduating in four years.
  9. Satisfactorily complete or fulfill all major, college and university degree requirements for graduation, including those related to grade point average.
  10. Accept responsibility for timely annual application for all necessary financial assistance.