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Community ideas submitted in 2006

Organized by Date and Goal Area

(These are only ideas from community, to see the ideas from Marshall's faculty, staff and students please go to sharepoint site)

Date Goal Area Comments
15-Nov-06 Economic Development Marshall needs to have an School of Architecture. Many students are leaving our state because of the lack of this major. Maybe begin with a 4 year Architectural Design program. That would at least help keep our students in WV and at Marshall.
26-Oct-06 Economic Development It's time to start thinking about replacing the Henderson Center with a better designed basketball facility.  Any new arena should be designed with student seating all around the floor much like Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke University.
26-Oct-06 Economic Development The plans for new baseball and softball parks is certainly welcomed news.  A comprehensive plan of construction should include the possibility the baseball park could be used by an Appalachian League team and is up to Appy size and lighting standards.
26-Oct-06 Intellectual Resources A Marshall University school of law and a physical therapy program should be the next two disciplines added.
12-Oct-06 Discovery & Innovation I think that MU should most definetly have a physical therapy program in the med school, so many kids want to stay close to home and with a great school like MU why not have a physical therapy program?
26-Sep-06 Community & Service West Virginia has a huge achievement gap between minority and non-minority students. Interestingly enough, the issues for minority students is exactly the same as that for low-income white students.Marshall should take the lead for southern WV & fix it.
22-Sep-06 Intellectual Resources My idea is to increase the programs offered by the Community and Technical College by introducing a Fluid Power Technology program. This program would include the study of hydraulics and pneumatics as they pertain to machine motion control.
5-May-06 Intellectual Resources Marshall needs to look at expanding its doctoral offerings in majors not offered by WVU at the doctoral level. Sociology and criminal justice come to mind. 
2/3/2006 Discovery & Innovation I love coming to MU FBall games, but the atmosphere is pretty dull.  If when MU scores a TD maybe a train horn or the fireworks that just explode.  Something to get the crowd into it.  I've been to big college games and I think MU needs something like tha
2-Feb-06 Discovery & Innovation Potential new Law School idea in todays paper. I was surprised to see that it mentioned " too early to decide on which mu campus should house such a school." Hard to believe that it would be located anywhere other than Huntington. No to South charleston. 
31-Jan-06 Intellectual Resources The accounting program should attain separate accounting accreditation from AASCB.  This could help strengthen the perception and quality of education.  Also, the Lewis College of Business needs to expand with specific master's degrees such as Accounting.
31-Jan-06 Intellectual Resources Marshall cannot accept everyone who can walk through the door if improving intellectual capital is in fact a goal of the University and/or the community. Well-regarded educational institutions do not merely maintain rigorous acceptance standards...
31-Jan-06 Intellectual Resources they raise those standards continually. Benchmark against peer schools, then plan on raising that bar next cycle. Public entities are more restricted than private ones, but many well-regarded (educationally) public universities do exist. Life is tough.
30-Jan-06 Community & Service The Huntington Internal Medicine Building on 20th street is for sale. Could the university buy it and move the Community College there? A shuttle service could transport students back and forth if needed. 
30-Jan-06 Community & Service THe Huntington Internal Medicine Building on 20th street is for sale. Could the university buy it and move the Community College there? A shuttle service could transport students back and forth if needed. 
28-Jan-06 Discovery & Innovation I love coming to MU FBall games, but the atmosphere is pretty dull.  If when MU scores a TD maybe a train horn or the fireworks that just explode.  Something to get the crowd into it.  I've been to big college games and I think MU needs something like tha
26-Jan-06 Intellectual Resources Start a law school. Currently the state only has 1, WVU. This gives WVU advantages in raising funds from high-salary alums and power in the legislature. MU could build in Charl. near the grad school. Law Sch.'s are usually $$-makers for their school also.
19-Jan-06 Community & Service Increase support for the Artist Series by funding operating costs and leading the effort to restore the Keith Albee. Arts adds to the economic vitality of the city and increases the diversity of options for students. MU is singularly able lead this effort
19-Jan-06 Community & Service online learning can generate great resources for the univ but it should not be done with academic standards as the casualty.  MU should continue to increase the quality of students and the academic rigor of programs. 
19-Jan-06 Discovery & Innovation Under water quality CMU is listed as a research partner along with a number of other univeristies. Does that indicate a relathionship with Carnegie Mellon Univ. or Central Mich Univ.?  As there is a great difference between the two it would be nice to kno
19-Jan-06 Economic Development All sound like worthwhile venture but I would like to see the university focus on strategic advantages when deciding where to allocate resources.  No doubt that the university can be an economic engine for the region but only through focused efforts.
19-Jan-06 Economic Development Fundraising goals are wonderful and essential but until the univ. begins to add value to the alumni population it will be held back. That is done through a strong alumni relations office but an event stronger and centralized advancement operation.
19-Jan-06 Intellectual Resources It is good to see the priority placed on IC, until salaries and incentives to attract top faculty/staff are addressed the univ. will not be able to truly compete with better funded more aggressive universities.
11-Jan-06 Community & Service Both the Chamber and MU have resources that the other lacks and should become partners. The Chamber sees 4 areas of partnership opportunity: 1. On legislative issues, MU and the Chamber can be powerful partners. MU's support of business issues that the Chamber is championing increases the influence we can have on legislators. Adding the business community's voice can bolster lobbying efforts by MU on higher ed issues. MU and the Chamber should coordinate lobbying efforts to ensure we are speaking with "one voice" from the community. 2. The Chamber's "Work-Based Learning" initiative works with area high school students to provide job shadowing and career fair experiences under a contract between the Chamber and the Cabell County School Board. MU and the Chamber should explore the possibility of expanding this program to include job shadowing and internships with area businesses. The Chamber has dozens of businesses that allow job shadowing, and many of these business contacts could also have internship opportunities. The Teacher Summer Institute that trains area high school teachers and counselors in what businesses need from new employees could be expanded to include college level instructors.
11-Jan-06 Community & Service 3. MU cannot survive successfully without the help and support of the City of Huntington and the business community, and the City and business community will not prosper without MU. It benefits MU and the Chamber to collaborate on issues that can draw the community and MU closer together. Among those issues are the development of the Fourth Avenue corridor and Pullman Square, area transportation and parking.We see the Chamber doing such things as welcoming students back to the community and school, having area businesses offer student discounts, encouraging clean-up of blighted areas around the downtown and campus, and joining in co-sponsored events that bring students and faculty into the community and likewise bring business people to MU. 4. MU is a tremendous resource for training in the community. The Chamber tries to offer or coordinate training for small businesses in a variety of subjects and MU is a great resource for those types of programs. The business community has at its disposal experts in many fields that have actual work experience, which MU could call on to provide students "real world" training and information. A coordinated effort to offer training to the business community and for the business community to provide "real world" educational experiences to students should be explored and developed.
11-Jan-06 Economic Development HADCO is glad to see MU focus on the development of an entrepreneurial research culture which will in turn develop intellectual property with commercial potential in the area of technology, especially biotechnology. Marshall University's top priority - the creation of the MU Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (MIIR), and we are happy to see that its name includes the word "Interdisciplinary". Your emphasis on creating thousands of new high wage jobs is consistent with the mission of HADCO. HADCO is deeply involved in the development of the technology constellation at Kinetic Park and is planning the construction of the Park's first technology building - the Velocity Center. Part of the Velocity Center will be a business incubator to foster the development of small technology companies which employ area citizens, many of whom will be MU students and graduates, in jobs requiring a highly educated workforce. We hope that Marshall is successful in implementing MllR and we offer HADCOJs support. 
11-Jan-06 Economic Development MllR envisions research professors generating technology based intellectual property with commercial potential. We hope that MU will introduce its researchers to entrepreneurial training. These professors will benefit from the business incubator as they commercialize their ideas. HADCO can assist MU and College of Business in marketing the technology based intellectual property and HADCO can assist in steering venture capital and other funding into MllR projects that create new jobs. HADCO will also continue to promote the research at the MU by coordinating activities with the WV Biotech Alliance. MU is an economic engine in our area and we believe MU must recognize its role as the keystone for economic development in the region. HADCO was a leader in the planning of Kinetic Park, Velocity Center and the biotech business incubator with MU in mind. MU needs to embrace Kinetic Park as its asset, to establish a significant presence there, to be involved with the biotech business incubator as a provider of services to its tenants and to help define the charter and mission of Kinetic Park to fit the research and training needs of MU. 
11-Jan-06 Economic Development Furthermore the area needs the MU to use Velocity Center in the more focused development of its technology transfer office, as an incubator for researchers to develop management skills and practices, and as a training center for entrepreneurship. We hope that MU will coordinate technical training classes with MCTC to develop a labor force for new technology employers and that Kinetic Park will be used as a technology teaching facility.