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Community ideas submitted in 2007

Organized by Date and Goal Area

(These are only ideas from community, to see the ideas from Marshall's faculty, staff and students please go to sharepoint site)

Date Goal Area Comments
11-Sep-07 Community & Service Allied Health Program such as Diagnostic Medical Sonography
8-Sep-07 Economic Development I think that Marshall should focus on workforce particularly in the areas of finance as with an educated and trained workforce, we have a better chance of getting more companies to relocate to West Virginia. We need to ensure that our graduates stay here.
23-Aug-07 Community & Service This is off the subject but I would like to commend Jean Edward Smith for his excellent book FDR. I found that it read like a novel. I was 7 when FDR was first elected, so he became, more or less, my first president. I learned so much from the book.
23-Mar-07 Intellectual Resources I know that this has been said before, but I concur that MU needs a law school. And, that the ideal location would be in Charleston. As a WVU alum, I believe that WVU is a great school, but the law school leaves much to be desired--academically & locale
27-Feb-07 Community & Service Tri-State Literacy Council needs help from MU students or faculty who will write grants to help our funding so we can tutor more adult students.You would be helping people get jobs, get their GED, help their children be good readers and good students.
27-Feb-07 Economic Development Worldwide, about 1/5 of English speaking adults can't read well enough to cope with the training today's jobs demand. Face it. It must be easier to DESIGN JOBS FOR THEM than to teach ALL to read and spell English. Do it, and reap the rewards!
1-Feb-07 Intellectual Resources I may have chosen the wrong "Area" however I believe a stonger Computer Science department would help Marshall University students. I live/work in the DC area and computer science is where the jobs and money are. Just a thought.
1-Feb-07 Intellectual Resources I know there's talk of a Law School - why not join it with the MBA? Allow students to gain their JD and MBA at the same time. The COB is already in place and has great professors. It would be easier than starting from scratch.
30-Jan-07 Discovery & Innovation I think that MU should be the first state school to start a PA program.The only schools that offer this up and coming program are Mountain State University and A&B which are both private schools.I think an affordable program would attract many students.