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“Almost Heaven” is an idea for a Mountain-Top Removal/ Mountain-Like Recreational Facility for, by, and with people in wheelchairs. Mountain mine shafts can grow mushrooms for export, Trash Treasures can recycle garbage into Living Room Art. With unleashed ingenuity, the Mountain State can see the future inside, under, and through, like nowhere else for people who used to be called Handicapped, who could be seen as Handy-Capped or even Hand E-KOPPed. 
There is an emergent need for faculty/staff/students to develop skills that help them effectively interact with those different from themselves. Performance evaluation should include diversity education/training as required for professional development.
With cutbacks, many don't get needed services. Thus, many juvenile delinquents are illiterate. COEHS should lead cooperative program w/ teaching, counseling, etc., to help salvage their lives. Great experience for our students -- very rewarding.
In my opinion, each student needs to be able to function in a changing world. This speaks to a core curriculum of basic skills in math, computer science, writing, critical reading and science. Without these skills, students will not be able to shift to different jobs as the employment market changes over time. All students must emerge from our curriculum with - practical job skills so they will be ready to join the work-world after college. This would involve the implementation of an internship/work experience which would be integrated into the curriculum. If nothing else, it may lead students to alter their choice of careers. However, I believe an internship/work program would deeply impact their education providing this experience is meaningful and properly monitored, and it would also give them a leg up on other applicants when applying for jobs.
Students also need to be prepared for their roles in a democratic society. They need to be able to effectively deal with the problems and social issues of race, religion, poverty, naturalism, aids, ethnocentrism, etc., or what Martin Buber described as "self vs. other." Upon graduation, students will then recognize that they belong to a multi-racial, multi-cultural nation and will be better prepared for their roles as citizens in a democratic society. The task is for each major to develop a block of courses which confronts these critical issues in a thoughtful manner. This would involve a core curriculum of the humanities which emphasizes the role of the individual in society. History of biology must show the conflict as evolutionary theory developed. Physics has a history of competing theories, naturalism, etc. As part of this process, students should also be offered courses in U.S. institutions, legal systems, political systems and financial systems. It is time to replace tired old courses with new courses that teach values and critical thinking. These new courses must engage students in critical social, political and economic problems.
1. "Dead Week" should be called "Study    Week." A more intelligent word to say. 
2. Handicapped ramp should be built from Old Main steps to Smith Hall.
3. 101 Spanish should be taught from  beginning Spanish. 
There should be a centralized support services center that can help non-traditional students negotiate their academic success.  This center should be designed with a strong andragogical philosophy that emphasizes a learner-centered education.
Community begins with the first connection. The possibility of the Michigan M-RULE Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience ( becoming a “Marshall M-RULE” could change the face of this campus from the polarization by color, ethnicity, and orientation. It all begins with the first opportunity for relationship – on the campus, in the dorms, and in the classrooms. A class that takes time to Build Community provides the ultimate learning environment, helping to remove fearful stress, discouragement, and unhealthy competition.
Develop a progressive recruiting strategy for African American students , in and out of state. 
Develop a law school that caters to the nontraditional student, located at MUGC utilizing E and evening classes.
An expansion of the Early Education Center, the laboratory preschool, so that Infants/Toddlers can be served as well as Kindergarten/Primary children, the full range of early childhood ages in laboratory setting for research, it's a rapidly growing area.
University College should have responsibility for ALL undecided students.  This adds consistency to the advisement process across colleges, gives greater control over academic probation plans, allows intrusive advising,and will result in greater retention
Review current activities, programming and initiatives to assess their effectiveness and progress toward advancing institutional goals for inclusiveness and diversity. Clarify goals. Institute effective strategies for accomplishing them. Specify indicators accompanying benchmarks for monitoring progress and. Phase out ineffective programs and focus of programming that matters most for the future. 
Develop and articulate a clear and specific goal relative to achieving "diversity" at Marshall. What are we truly trying to accomplish? 
Evaluate the effectiveness of current diversity and multicultural programming efforts. Discontinue ineffective programs/activities. Introduce new initiatives designed to actively engage students, faculty and staff in these issues in ways that foster greater understanding and inclusiveness.
Develop measurable goals to achieving both a diverse student base and faculty base with emphasis on race diversity.