Initiative is propelled by a sense of meaning and purpose –that one’s ideas and actions can and do make a difference. It is fostered by conditions and attitudes, which invite others to take initiative, to take calculated risks, to lead, to empower others and to support diverse strategies for accomplishing targeted goals. It is fueled by a spirit of inquiry, organizational learning, and an awareness of the importance of consultative decision-making. It recognizes the potential power and benefits inherent in an enlightened sense of unified purpose throughout the organization.

The importance of this theme to the future of Marshall University involves the interconnectedness and complexity of contemporary challenges and the importance of leveraging and aligning activities/functions across multiple domains to optimize resource uses and progress. As an organizational value, it recognizes the interdependence and importance attached to nurturing mutual trust, a sense of meaningful, shared interest and shared destiny. It focuses internal time and energy in ways that empower and produce achievements that matter most to the future.