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Pay faculty who teach online courses inload 1/2 the usual amount and their dept. the other half....perhaps this strategy will help to integrate online into the regular curriculum and eliminate the perception that online instruction is different and unique
MU should be creating opportunities for students to learn across disciplines and solve problems creatively. This is not possible without investing in our arts program.
Connect communication, arts and science through computer animation and web development.  Fund a sculpture or other art project for the Byrd Biotech building to launch this- funding to be sought from National Endowment for arts or foundations.
Build a research incubator and attract top researchers focused on 21st century development which could then be commercialized into 21st Century companies.
MU should develop a vaccine research facility.  At the present time, the US Government is looking to fund organizations who are willing to step forward and make a commitment in this arena.
Develop virtual symposiums at which Marshall scholars and creators can present research and works in progress and engage in dialogue with interested colleagues.
In my opinion, each student needs to be able to function in a changing world. This speaks to a core curriculum of basic skills in math, computer science, writing, critical reading and science. Without these skills, students will not be able to shift to different jobs as the employment market changes over time. All students must emerge from our curriculum with - practical job skills so they will be ready to join the work-world after college. This would involve the implementation of an internship/work experience which would be integrated into the curriculum. If nothing else, it may lead students to alter their choice of careers. However, I believe an internship/work program would deeply impact their education providing this experience is meaningful and properly monitored, and it would also give them a leg up on other applicants when applying for jobs.
Students also need to be prepared for their roles in a democratic society. They need to be able to effectively deal with the problems and social issues of race, religion, poverty, naturalism, aids, ethnocentrism, etc., or what Martin Buber described as "self vs. other." Upon graduation, students will then recognize that they belong to a multi-racial, multi-cultural nation and will be better prepared for their roles as citizens in a democratic society. The task is for each major to develop a block of courses which confronts these critical issues in a thoughtful manner. This would involve a core curriculum of the humanities which emphasizes the role of the individual in society. History of biology must show the conflict as evolutionary theory developed. Physics has a history of competing theories, naturalism, etc. As part of this process, students should also be offered courses in U.S. institutions, legal systems, political systems and financial systems. It is time to replace tired old courses with new courses that teach values and critical thinking. These new courses must engage students in critical social, political and economic problems.
Creation of a new teaching-learning enviroment for low performing middle school youth, testing newly reserched methods and best practices for the purpose of significantly altering the educational success of students with poor prognosis for high achievemet
Achieve and maintain excellence in a culture of critical thinking and learning through interdisciplinary programs of superior quality and value. This will be achieved by providing the appropriate institutional support, pedagogical changes, strengthen transferability, hiring for success, reviewing best practices of successful institutions, strengthening the common core/liberal education and reward behaviors that progress this change in culture. The Provost and Deans should have greater authority in the flexibility and control of the teaching loads.
Provide enterprise solution (i.e.TracDat) for automated institutional planning and assessment as well as a solution for individual learners to digitally maintain their learning achievements and accomplishments. TracDat automates the academic planning and assessment process by providing a structured framework for continuous quality improvement. 
The university needs to commit to a faculty and staff of the highest academic and professional stature and achievement. We need to review our curriculum, hiring of faculty, the kinds of faculty and delivery in a non-traditional ways and design our facilities to meet these needs.
I find the draft for the strategic vision long on concepts and short on specific goals. A strategic plan requires very specific measurable outcomes. I suggest: 1.Admission standards: min high school GPA 2.2 in 2 yrs and 2.5 in 7 yrs, min ACT 21 in 2 yrs and 23 in 7 yrs  2.10 terminal degrees in 5 yrs 3. X dollars in extramural grants in 2 yrs and Y dollars in 7 yrs 4.X publications in refereed journals per yr/department in 2 yrs and Y publications per yr in 7 yrs 5.Rank in top 100 universities by US News and World Report by 10 yrs 6.Have one Nobel Prize laureate on staff within 10 yrs 7.Graduation rate of X, Y, Z percent of undergrads by 2,5 and 7 years respectively 8. Faculty salaries at X, Y, and 11 0 percent of national average at 2,5 and 7 yrs 9. Increase endowment fund to X, Y and Z dollars at 2, 5 and 7 yrs 10.Increase ethnic diversity of students and faculty from X % to Y % in 7 yrs 11.Have X top 25 nat-ly ranked athletic teams in 5 yrs and one National Champion in 7 yrs 12.Increase non revenue sports from X to Y teams in 7 yrs 13.Develop strong intramural athletic prog-s to involve X % of students in 2 yrs and Y % in 7 yrs
Marshall U. should focus on the needs of students & be a learning-focused institution. This begins with a common understanding that faculty and staff  are here at Marshall to engage, conduct, & measure student learning. Everything we do affects learning.
Take existing courses in LMS/CMS to the next level.
i. Audio enable interactions
ii. Implement Turn-it-in integration
iii. Implement BLOGS
iv. Implement RUBRICS
v. Implement Test Score Interface
vi. Implement Student Response System Interface
vii. Implement Grade Submission to Banner
viii. Implement student pictures via Banner and integrated systems
ix. Implement ePortfolio Service
 Meeting our students' needs. Grow our faculty. A statement of ethics for students, faculty &  staff. Pedagogy over cutting edge technology. A number of universities (Standford, Duke & Purdue) across the country are podcasting some of their courses.
We have to find a way to stop the "student runaround".  We can do this by using interdisciplinary one-stop shops wherever possible on campus (especially during critical times like registration).  
I think that if we are genuinely interested in maximizing the potential of our students, we need to provide as much time and support for the development of quality teaching faculty as we are in the development of quality researchers.
A process called appreciative inquiry. This process first asks "What are we doing well?" Then we need to increase what we do well rather than focus on what is not working. This is a strength based approach that provides an avenue for growth and moral.
Integrate service across the curriculum from Fr to Sr years. Select key community partners to create more impact of service activities. Center for Service could serve as key resource to link students and available service roles. Emphasize student skills.
Service Learning components in various courses can help our students understand importance of service, but many already do work for their churches, serve their families, and other civic organizations.
Community service can be an excellent way for students to learn critical thinking, their own strengths, weaknesses, and how to relate to diverse individuals IF their experience is followed by a discussion that allows them to process that experience. 
To make public service and service learning a more visible part of the curriculum.
Increase student participation in a broad array of leadership, service learning, intercollegiate and intramural athletics, and cultural opportunities.
Encourage students to write grants for area non-profit organizations including: City of Huntington, Cabell County and Marshall U. as part of the capstone requirement.
Institute a service requirement for all students beyond course activities. Encourage service which utilizes skills at upper levels. Include reflective component to reinforce role of service in a healthy society.
How do we encourage growth of a service learning environment which involves all academic units at MU? 1.See students at MU volunteer their time and become involved in organizations that will help the community. For example, Tri-State literacy needs some assistance 2.Have Service Learning as part of a graduation requirement, but non fee based. Perhaps providing college credit and expand internship.  We need to have faculty also involved in the process.  3. City Government needs to be more involved with Marshall. Internships with MU students would help selected departments.  For example the Police Department, Marketing, Planning, Finance, etc.  4. The Community and Business needs to provide area for Internships and opportunities that students can review and look for a match.  The Chamber of Commerce does provide Job Shadowing. MU needs to be more active in providing job shadowing at the university. MU needs to encourage students to pursue Internships. 5. Faculty training of business on how to develop a good meaningful and professional Internship. 
By getting the community involved with Marshall University, people will realize how wonderful most of the students are. This might even allow more job opportunities for students who are struggling to get a job. Jobs in our area seem to be concern!
Marshall should find ways to connect closer to the community to meet its needs. Academic programs should have community service as part of their curricula. More programs and courses for seniors--summer would be a great time. More camps for kids at risk.
Partner w/existing local orgn./businesses to provide services students may want/need in a manner that benefits both organizations such as YMCA for fitness and Pullman Square for entertainment (e.g. Thursday night music series).
Require documented community volunteer service of all undergraduate students to broaden their learning.
Serve as a test-bed for techniques developed by interdisciplinary/integrative projects (e.g. gaming and simulation)
Value research to the extent that it enhances student learning -- by involving students, by undertaking the scholarship of learning, etc.
Many studies by students and faculty have been conducted on the Greenbottom Wetlands, north of Huntington. Compiling those studies into a database and/or collection would be useful to foster further research.
As an engine of economic growth MU should shift faculty focus from committee work and teaching to research.  Most states with vibrant industry and commerce have at least two research universities.  MU does things the old way; research is the future.
I feel that we need a new computer data base that enables all MU fund raising groups to share alumni contact information and coordinate efforts.  This would include Big Green, MU Alumni Assoc., Student groups (frat. & Soroities) the MU foundation.
Obtain and implement OhioLINK membership, opening up access to major scientific/technical/engineering/medical journal literature.
How do we create a campus infrastructure which supports and encourages faculty and staff involvement in engagement?  1. Empower and create an atmosphere that encourages engagement. Time is a critical need. 2. Lobbing the legislature from a grass roots effort from a community base to make sure Marshall is getting the appropriate resources. More money for faculty. 3. Faculty needs to be encouraged to be more creative to go beyond the classroom and into the community for service. Create the need. For example do a PR campaign for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. 
We need to pay faculty/staff more to recruit better employees to better serve students.STUDENTS are the voice of campus. They are the reason the University is here and they are NEVER listented to.While it's nice to have donors, STUDENTS KEEP US IN BUSINESS
actually paying the staff what they are worth is a start towards an academic university. I know a doctor who won't leave his current teaching job for marshall, it would require a pay cut for him to move to Marshall from a public High School.  That's Sad!
As one of the largest employers in the area, Marshall needs to ensure the highest pay possible for its staff and encourage quality hiring and retention.  Anything less promotes mediocrity.
The development of a scholarship for the children and dependents of Marshall employees will increase enrollment, increase the morale of the faculty and staff, and build greater loyalty to the institution.
As MU President have outlined under the "economic development" section of the strategic vision, fund raising must be a top priority. State support will inevitably continue to decline over the next decade unless there is a miraculous change in our state's economy. The emphasis on private donations should be to build a large endowment where interest can be used to support growth and development. Bricks and mortar are only helpful if there is enough money to sustain the infrastructure and pay faculty a competitive wage. Despite a drop in extramural grants at the federal level, there are still millions available for quality research. In order to be competitive for these grants it is essential to have more terminal degrees at Marshall University in order to have doctoral candidates and post-docs to do research.
Develop a Department of Creativity - a cross/inter-disciplinary program that studies  the creative process and its application to meeting challenges in various disciplines. Students/Faculty develop strategies to meet specific challenges collaboratively.
Undergraduate interest in forensic science is strong, and MU forensic science program is a draw.  Forensic science is an excellent interdisciplinary field, and MU should develop a truly interdisciplinary undergraduate forensic science laboratory elective.
Develop an interdisciplinary certificate program in molecular diagnostics between IST, Clinical Laboratory Sciences and SOM.  Expand connections with Biotechnology MS program at WV State University.  Increase stipends to attract more grad students.
It is my proposal that we begin the process of developing an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental 15 credit hour certification program in School Neuropsychology.  The program would be designed to train School Psychologists to integrate neuropsychological principles into their assessment protocols.  The program would be a combination of didactic experience through the web, and on-site course work.  There would also be supervised clinical experience, using the latest neuropsychological assessment instruments, designed for school-aged children, which is essential for programmatic success.  The courses would be developed and taught between Huntington and South Charleston.  The practicum experience would occur within the Marshall University Community Clinic, and the Summer Program which are presently in place in Dunbar and would provide an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate clinical competence. I believe that a program such as this is consistent with Marshall’s Strategic Plan and will clearly provide a much needed service to our regional service area. 

Top-down support and encouragement of timely adoption of academic initiatives to better respond to societal demands: interdisciplinary programs; areas of emphasis for RBA and BAS - a Marshall initiative that was left in the dust by a more aggressive WVU
Develop second degree programs, particularly for nursing
We need an additional incentive to attract more statewide PROMISE recipients.  This could increase residence hall occupancy, will improve the quality of students, and generate additional revenue for the institution.
Faculty numbers: provide adequate FTE positions to reflect enrollment numbers, and support offering elective courses, research release time, and less need for temporary part-time faculty and full-time faculty overloads
 COHP building : identify building to house all COHP programs to facilitate multidisciplinary interactions/research/courses
While economics is very important to Marshall, I feel we should stand out from the crowd and give the students a break for a change, perhaps, consider not charging the students for parking.  We have to pay so much for everything why not have at least one break for students. 
The development of a transportation network between the main campus and South Charleston.  Right now there is no regular shuttle service; great numbers of students & faculty would make use of such a service, and I think continuing discussions with the city/tri-state transit authority about this possibility, and possibly the Rahall Transportation Center, would be a GREAT step.
1. Huntington and Marshall need to work together more to help city embrace MU. 2. Summer outdoor concerts at the stadium and indoor concerts at Henderson Center. 3. Gain more fans. 4. Combined city/MU rec center for all!
Attempt to bring services to the worksite to help time strapped employees. To allow researchers,faculty,staff & students to stay on campus, arrange for some services to come to the employee. E.g. dry-cleaning, carwash serv., or other personal serv regularly
MU needs to develop a comprehensive tuition remission program for employees, their spouses, and children.  I suggest look at the Ohio or Pennsylvania state school systems.  Basically, free tuition to children and employee and a reduction for spouses.
Allow children of MU faculty to attend MU free of tuition.  Children of faculty tend to be excellent students, sharing their parents' value of learning.  This would simultaneously enhance the classroom environment and increase the MU graduation rate.
Many universities offer free education for employee's dependents.  I would love to see MU offer this to it's employees.
I think tuition assistance for employee's children would be something to look into.  This would be another benefit to attract qualified, long term employees.
Provide 6 cr/term tuition remission for ALL faculty/staff and their children. Minimal cost to university and big return in satisfaction and retention. One of the best benefits for a university. Walk the talk and promote education of our employees/families.
Offer free tuition to the children of faculty AND staff.  
Desparately need a tuition reimbursement system where faculty, staff and families could benefit. The waiver system is not working. Staff have taken courses for 20 years and do not have an associate degree.
To create top-rate University, we need to retain and attract best faculty. Although, we cannot offer the top salaries we could at least create an environment of belonging to our faculty. One way is to give free-tuition for full-time faculty children.
Provide 6 cr/term tuition remission for ALL faculty/staff and their children. Minimal cost to university and big return in satisfaction and retention. One of the best benefits for a university. Walk the talk and promote education of our employees/families
Offer tuition waiver to dependents of full-time faculty members in order to recruit and retain faculty numbers.
MU must be able to attract and retain quality faculty.  A plan was developed to address faculty salaries and implemented in FY 05-06.  It is imperative that the implementation continue in future years in order to achieve competitive faculty salaries.
The institution must continue to identify funding for adjusted workloads and salary increases for our faculty to assist in the ever challenging recruitment and retention of faculty
Develop a centralized Academic Advising Center with emphasis on curricula, personal problem solving, social adjustment issues, decision making about majors, advising concerning graduate studies, referral and networking, other areas effecting retention. 
UNI 101 sections and learning communities can be a good base for initiating cross disciplinary thinking.
I would suggest building on our present teacher education curriculum that further ensures exceptional teacher quality. I suggest the Carnegie Foundation "Teachers for a New Era" initiative to create such a curriculum. See
I believe faculty talents, knowledge and skills at Marshall are underutilized. Some of the models that can be used with the right vision, incentives and leadership are: 1. We should be able to generate over $200 million grants within the next 5 years. I would like to share with you the way to do it on yearly basis, 2.We can actually start a pilot study with some faculty to give them a contract that says you will be given the salary you deserve but Marshall University at this time can afford this amount and the rest you have to generate from grants. Such approach may be helpful to reward and attract good faculty.
Formally hire an IT specialist who can collaborate with faculty to form interdisciplinary grant teams that can build on MU existing strengths and could generate grant resources to allow and support the continued expansion of technology as it is applicatied in research and teaching. A prime examples include Bioinformatics analysis of rural health data and analysis of online educational interactions. 
Set up an assistant dean for research for the COS, to organize the many forms of undergraduate research funding and programs, to act as an ambassador for underfunded MS programs  and to build PhD programs on this campus, something that can't happen withou
An annual student-faculty research (creative production) expo would dramatically change the focus of teachers' teaching to student and professors collaborating and learning together. It would encourage scholarly projects and show case accomplishments.
Enhancing research at Marshall is greatly hindered by the lack of reassigned time. The university needs to triple or quadruple its funds in this area. A good way to begin would be to reprioritize: a new weight room is ridiculous!
Fund undergraduate student research projects in science- with supplies and stipends.  Fund lab classes in science for project based research experiences.  Support Sigma Xi research day and other presentations of student work.
Marshall must continue to identify funding sources to support undergraduate research activities in every college/ school. Undergraduate research is a wonderful part of the collegiate experience here. We must find ways to increase the support .
Student research should be made visible and undergraduate research grants should be made to allow the pursuit of research goals.
If Marshall is serious and wants to stay competitive in scholarly research and creative work, increase basic support!  For instance, it is absurd that art and design faculty have no university provided studio spaces to do their own work.
All students should be provided all the tools to be successful in the new economies in the US and world, including foreign language requirements for all students, teaching critical thinking and innovation/brainstorming skills, better communication skills.
1.Daycare-The current program does not help students that have children over the age of 5. If Marshall would expand its daycare facility to encompass school age children, it would allow more people to take evening classes, therefore increasing enrollment.  
As student enrollment continues to grow, it will be important to look at the service units such as Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar's Office, Career Services and Student Affairs to make sure that they are both adequately staffed and budgeted.
Student Health Services:  Department Faculty and MT students could do waived tests.  We would be required to do proficiency testing which can be expensive.
Bring Student Health back on campus as a nurse run program; consider adding an employee health component as a cost saving factor for the university
Provide health care on campus for students, faculty, and staff with integration of all health professions. Benefits: faster care, reduced time off from work/school, provide opportunity for clinical experience for students, provide revenue stream.
Our students need health care services on the main campus.
Provide Clin Lab Sci students a faculty to perform the waived laboratory tests at the student health center.  This would provide additional materials for our students to use and could provide a paid position for students.  This should be self sufficient.
MU can increase success for students who are parents (a considerable portion of current and future enrollment) by offering facilities such as a room where their kids can play while they work on papers, projects, etc. on campus computers.
 8.Alma Mater Discount- MU should consider offering a tuition discount to alma maters that send their children to MU.  This would greatly boost enrollment. 
In an effort to educate and retain high performing high school students/faculty for the local economy and to attract top faculty, offer free tuition or tuition assistance as an incentive to attend MU for immediate family of faculty and dept. heads.
I safest lowering the metropolitan fees and tuition to the equality of in-state. The average household income in the metropolitan area is lower than that of the in-state area. Lowered metro costs would equal more metro students applying to the school.
We need to give instate tuition to the tristate area including Ashland, Chesapeake and Proctorville, etc.  This will help in getting more students to MU. OU is getting ready to build an extension in OH so we need to step up and compete or lose students.
In-state tuition for tri-state area, including Boyd, Greenup, and Lawrence Counties. Unite with Ohio University Southern as "feeder" school, in graduate studies, or connecting majors.  If joining with OUS not considered, consider adding new majors to MU. 
Allow metro county residents to pay in-state tuition. I believe the increase in enrollment would easily make up for the dollars lost by eliminating the metro fee.
Why hasn't the "metro" out of state reduced tuition area been greatly expanded. Ohio should have at least 12 instead of 3. Ky should expand deeper into the middle of the state, and make certain counties in Virginia metro also.  Broaden your horizons. 
3.Internet Tuition- It is cheaper to take online classes from a different university and then pay the transfer fee to have the credits recognized by MU than it is to take an online course from MU.  The fees need to be reduced.
It is essential that a data software package be purchased to assist with our external constituencies--particularly prospects and their parents.  The current Banner system was never meant to effectively deal with this population.
student/employee health services: provide satellite student/employee health services on main campus; utilize COHP faculty as faculty practice
communication between campuses: provide daily courier service to both MOVC and South Charleston campus to facilitate communication
offer tuition waiver for dependents of faculty in order to recruit faculty to campus
Bravo!  This concept has been suggested before, and the answer is always that the cost is too high.  But what is the true marginal cost of putting a student in an empty seat?  It certainly is not the full cost of tuition.And what are the benefits of bringing faculty children on campus?  They are likely to be significant, both in boosted faculty moral and good...
Equitable tuition: I am a proponent for equitable tuition.  As an out-of-state doctoral student, I was somewhat dismayed at the difference in tuition rates for in-state, metro, and out-of-state students.  If Marshall sincerely is interested in fostering a community atmosphere then segregation shouldn't exist with regards to such financial matters.  These added fees serve to estrange some students, definitely...
Equitable tuition: Wouldn't equitable tuition just encourage more Huntingtonians to run for the border?  After all, why pay WV taxes if you still get the same benefits? I don't see this going over well with WV taxpayers and legislature. I paid out-of-state grad rates at UK.  Is there any public univ that doesn't do this?
MU's biggest responsibility to the community is to graduate capable, educated, thinking adults.  Secondly, continue to interact with other institutions in the area to use MU's human and material resources to their fullest.
Marshall should put its emphasis is QUALITY undergraduate education: as WVU admits more and more undergrads and becomes like every other "big state U" Marshall could provide a much needed alternative. 
What might have a great need for now, say 2007, may not be available in 2011.  We are entrusted with preparing students today for tomorrow.  We must prepare them for the future and give them the vision of the future.  That is our responsibility and the students’ quest to be prepared for it.  Also, we need to go to a trimester or quarter system and eliminate summer school.  This will be more cost effective over the long term.  It will also enhance student’s educational experience by offering more classes.  Our society moves at a faster pace today.  This will prepare students for this.Marshall is a great institution to work at and for parents to send their children.  I believe Marshall can and will become a greater institution.  It is time to “ask not what Marshall can do for you, but what can you do to enhance Marshall for today and tomorrow.”  We, the older generation, must pass the torch of leadership, education, and our nation’s future to the students of today and students yet to come.  This is a daunting task.  But I believe we can accomplish these needed educational facilities.  
Develop and enhance advanced methods of data collection in support of teaching (assessment and evaluation) and research – e.g., assessing technologies used in the classroom, finding ways to influence change, where applicable. 
We need to set a long term goal in atheltics, so as to help our academics, and vice/versa. A better conference=better resources for our school. We need to put a focused effort into getting into the Big East conference. More exposure=student growth.
Hooray for athletics.  Let's don't diminish it.  BUT let's work harder at bringing priorities -- AND perceptions, images, attitudes, etc. -- into balance.  Balance.  Balance.
First, foremost, now, forever, MU is in the business of education.  Education.
How can we get additional high level of community involvement in the decision making process in such critical areas as course delivery, range of services, and events for the arts, expansion of services, etc? 1. Lay Academy (see submitted idea).
A lay academy whereby members of the community may 'teach' subjects related to hobbies or specialied interests: life in ancient Greece, theology of..., crafts not necesarily realted to their professional career prior to retirement. Cf. program in Wilm, De
Develop a closer relationship with the School of Medicine’s Health Sciences Library for more efficient sharing of resources and service to patrons
Develop other consortia relationships on state, regional, and national levels in order to improve and increase access to scholarly materials (including learning objects), wherever they reside.
COHP should collaborate with other colleges/departments to elevate the level of health care in the tri-state.  For example, offer professional development for external partners and community forums on topics in areas of faculty expertise.
Improve the lot of student employment by formalizing a student classification system that is more competency/skills based.  Could involve more internship relationships with administrative offices.
Every academic program should consider offering an internship or cooperative education program. This is essential for a student's transition from college to the workforce, is beneficial to the institution, and builds an additional source for fund raising.
 6. Faculty helping students think critically and evaluate the skills they had obtained from the Internship experience.   7. Faculty need to be exposed to the real business world so they can make sure they know what the students can expect from the business world. 8. Formal contracts with larger corporations across the nation for Internships. 9. We need to know where are students have been successful in obtaining careers. We need to network our existing alumni to better mentor our current students. A portal where students can go and find possible alumni they can create a relationship and have collaborative possibilities.
Develop formal agreements with major industry and corporate America to provide a large number of internship and post graduate opportunities for Marshall graduates in various fields of discpline with minority student indicators vs career fairs only.
Update how development is handled on campus. Each college should have a development person to help make connections and promote the college. Deans, Chairs, and others should spend time doing development activities and creating grateful givers.
We need internal feedback (other than yearly evaluations from supervisors and students) that allows us to fill the knowledge gaps in our programs.
There is an emergent need for faculty/staff/students to develop skills that help them effectively interact with those different from themselves. Performance evaluation should include diversity education/training as required for professional development.
Peer Equity should be addressed at ALL LEVELS: 1. Teaching load 2.Sabbatical leave (time, frequency, funding) 3.Tuition waivers for children and spouses of full-time MU faculty and Staff. 
Retirement age faculty/chairs should retire immediately. Hire new faculty to teach and do research instead of paying $85K to senior faculty to teach 100 level classes. Review all faculty positions and classify them as teaching, research, or a combination of both generating release time for research. 
We  have many transient part-time profs in the COEHS.  Could a non-tenure track, full-time instructor class of employee help make academic standards more consistent without being prohibitively expensive?
We need some sort of post-tenure review to discourage the lassitude that so often accompanies the announcement of a professor's tenure.
Revisit tenure processes and the means by which to dismiss tenured professors to ensure only the highest quality faculty.
A new superstructure of governance is needed to develop interdisciplinary areas above dept. level to prevent turf disputes.   There is no coordination of hiring to plan development among units.  Examples:  nanotechnology and GIS.
Expand health related collaborations on campus.  Dietetics partners with Communication Disorders to provide feeding assessments for patients.  More opportunities would be available for faculty and students if such collaborations were further explored.
Enhance development and growth in health-related disciplines by consolidating all health programs. Benefits: teaching and research synergy, minimize duplication of courses, strengthen clinical experiences, and emphasize interdisciplinary activities.
Faculty who wanted to create an interdisciplinary professional master's in physiology were discouraged by turf barriers. A way needs to be found allowing faculty from COS (Biology), COEHS (ESSR), SOM (Physiology) and Nursing to offer such a program.
Rio Grande Agreement for first year courses to transfer to Marshall for MLT/CLT program
Dr. Stephen J. Kopp,  I am a graduate student currently working on my thesis. For future graduate students it would benefit them greatly if the library provided journals online. Having e-journals would allow better access to information.
There needs to be clarification of how the transition from Teaching to Research institution will be accomplished. (the following list is not ranked) 1.University wide teaching load reduction (from 12-9 cr.) 2. New faculty hired with research emphasis 3. Moving to a research focus should not include the use of more part-time faculty 4. Research fellows on fixed term appointments who either pursue their own grants or work under grants that have been acquired by MU.
Continue to make safety of students, staff and faculty a top priority of the institution -  setting specific goals and developing strategies to achieve these goals.  It is imperative to keep safety a high priority for everyone within the university.
Marshall should ask the HEPC to ask the legislature to change the jurisdiction of all campus police officers to full county jurisdiction where the HEPC has property. This would stop questions of authority and allow the schools to help local agencies. 
Midterm grades can play a significant role in increasing retention.  Except for the current practice of D & F letters and selected populations, this information is not presently provided to students.  Midterm grades should be provided to all students.
Implement programs of activities to retain students on campus during weekends. Most students leave campus due to a lack of friends with common interests. Current trends such as physical fitness need to be considered in creating student "clubs". 
Students have no place to gather during their free time (late night) to develop social networks that will aid them in identifying  and developing personal strengths, commitment to each other and their surrounding community.  Give them that place.
To entice students to stay on campus on the weekend, plan one major student activity per month at MSC with free food.  Some institutions provide weekly events, MU could begin with a monthly activity and if successful move towards a weekly activity.
There should be more to do on the weekends. Why not have more activities? At least have local college bands play on the weekends-SOMETHING. Rally students to get into the Guiness Book of World Records. The bars get really old and boring after a while. 
Increase student access to university facilities on evenings, weekends, holidays and summer.  If we don't want to be a suitcase campus stop the building lock-downs.  Leave elevators on and doors open. Some disciplines, such as art, require ongoing work and access to facilities.
Creation of a one-stop area to benefit the students. Brochures/resource materials could be provided re: other areas such as; health serv., career serv., student insurance & tutoring. Computers available to assist students w/accessing online forms and info
Bring in music artists that students like. Take surveys from students to get an idea of the most popular artist and spend money on that artist rather than a few artists that no one will go to. Have to give kids a reason to stay here on weekends. PROMOTE!!
There needs to be better identification of students that are at-risk and appropriate support services developed to encourage the retention and graduation of this population.
Programs should consider whether their courses correctly challenge the students, who are the intellectual capital of the state, or act as though all students are of equal ability.  Are students capable of achieving excellence grouped or clustered ?
To keep students on campus over the weekend, there could be student clubs centered around music, art, etc. Perhaps student surveys could be used to determine interest. Three day weekends - no class on Friday - is a greater challenge.
Develop marketing tools to describe services offered for other departments and students.  An area such as this could assist the student in resolving their concerns and help in achieving their academic goals.
1. "Dead Week" should be called "Study    Week." A more intelligent word to say. 
2. Handicapped ramp should be built from Old Main steps to Smith Hall.
3. 101 Spanish should be taught from  beginning Spanish. 
Students' allegiance to MU could be fostered through a new student orientation period during which they meet fellow students (form bonds), learn traditional cheers and songs, and get library and study skills training.  Other schools do this: it helps!
Although some functions should be left to individual colleges, it is important to review all policies and procedures particularly as they relate to students, for consistency across colleges.  If there are differences, why...and can they be eliminated?
i think the school should have a better meal plan for the breakfast other than "scrambled eggs and bacon" every single morning. This will make the likeliness that students signing up for 19 meals plan during next year will be lower. 
13.Scheduling- Please adjust the schedule so that there are not so many conflicts with the time slots that classes fall within!  Since times can overlap by 10 to 15 minutes, it is almost impossible to get a decent schedule anymore. 
I believe that there should be a December graduation.What university makes their students wait till May to graduate. One graduation takes extremely too long and students dont want to wait till May if they are already finished in Dec. Come on MU...Step Up
WebCT Vista changes seat time and location possibilities.  This has been proven at MUGC with the use of one room for three or four classes sections at the same time slot.  Schedule the same room for section 001 on Monday, section 002 on Wednesday, and section 003 on Friday.  Remainder of time for course is on-line interaction.  
Streamline and standardize (as much as possible) general education (develop a core curriculum), do away with marshall plan (negative impact on transfers) and consider reducing total hours required for graduation from 128 to 120.
Students should not be allowed to take more than 18 credits per semester...period. 
18.Office Hours- MU needs to enforce the policy of office hours.  If a professor says they have office hours at a specific, they should be there. 
Public schools' Spring Break is in April.  MU's is in March.  So any MU student w/ school age kids or anyone w/ school age & MU kids can't enjoy either Spring Break, & MU students w/ school age kids have to pay for child care during their kids' Spring Bre
There should be a centralized support services center that can help non-traditional students negotiate their academic success.  This center should be designed with a strong andragogical philosophy that emphasizes a learner-centered education.
17.Accessibility- All professors should be required to publish their syllabi online. 
there should be a campus calendar for the entire U.
New Faculty Groups: I think that we should create more opportunities for faculty to work in interdisciplinary groups.  While certainly we all serve on committees that are interdisciplinary, the committee structure does not provide an environment where faculty can collaborate on grant proposals or solve common instructional problems.  
Public Art Policy: To ensure that Marshall’s physical campus grows wisely, like esteemed public institutions nationwide, Marshall should consider adopting a percent-for-art acquisition and stewardship policy to beautify the campus, stimulate divergent thinking, preserve cultural assets, and cultivate donors. 
Program Assessment: As we know, program assessment is vital to the success of any planning process.  We don't have buy in on assessment at Marshall.  We have got to develop a comprehensive strategy for getting faculty and programs on board with this.  That is difficult at best with heavy teaching loads, growing expectations for research and creative activity, and demands for service. While I believe...
Tell me why I should be alarmed by our retention rates: 1. We have a truly unique socio-economic student body - how can we compare our rates with other institutions? 2. I know of many examples of students that try college, and decide that they'd rather do something else (eg work in a big city) for a few years, and then return.  They (many are 1st generation students) see the work they...
Student retention :You are right about better advising.  We start to improve on that by making advising mandatory through graduation for all students.Surveys of graduating Marshall students suggest those students in colleges with mandatory advising are the most satisfied with advising.  No one should be surprised by that.  
Student retention: Improved advising is very important.  I agree that it should be mandatory.
College of Education and Human Service's Role in the new MU Vision: The COEHS should partner with other MU departments/institutes/colleges and colleges throughout the region in conducting and publishing multidisciplinary research (economic, geospatial, sociological, pyschological, etc.) aimed at strengthening rural schools and helping the communities they serve to thrive.
Examining what has been successful elsewhere may help us make good decisions here.  BSC will support efforts to gather more information if that is determined to be valuable for the planning process. 
I had an interesting conversation with a group of students about “social capital” on the Marshall campus recently.  The gist of this conversation was that very few students (at least according to my sample) seem to care what happens to Marshall. They want their degree and they want out.  More alarming, possibly, is that this seems to be the default position of many faculty members as well...
Yes, and Yes! Students, in my experiences here, for the most part don't care particularly about Marshall, in large part because they feel abused, sometimes in concrete ways - lack of advising and information, getting passed from office to office without their problem(s) being solved, professors who won't respond to their requests for help, and so forth - and sometimes by what they percieve...
You are completely on target about the lack of openess and trust.  And it doesn't just apply to faculty vs. students, or staff vs faculty, etc.  It affects departments within the same division, and it also manifests in staff vs staff conflict as well.  I have worked here for 20 years, and I believe the level of trust and cooperation university-wide has decreased steadily from years ago. ...
I think a series of fora, or dare I say town meetings, would be an important step in the right direction, and I would hope that faculty would take it seriously enough to get involved. I too find the limited time for suggestions troubling, but it's not nearly as troubling as the fact that so few are interested in participating. It seems that for many here, dissatisfaction with the process...
Give us students a real opportunity to be involved in the strategic planning process. Introducing this initiative near the end of the semester when we're heavily engaged in other activities demonstrates the university's disinterest in gaining any meaningful input from us.It is so hard for Marshall to believe its students are genuinely interested in improving the quality of their education and the...
It is my belief that a truly productive process would be begin with the formation of a well-informed group assigned to determine and implement the prudent and exact actions to be taken to achieve the goals pre-determined by the group. They could also assist in the selection of the most feasible of the suggestions received from the public. There is no doubt that the plans and actions of such an informed group would be of infinite value. Proposal: The Group: Consists of two factions reporting to the President. Academic: Each member chosen for his/her full knowledge of, and lengthy experience in academia, teaching ... plus an awareness of definite actions required to improve the quality and growth of Marshall's academic programs. MU faculty has many members that would qualify ... but in the past they have been held at arms-length or ignored. Financial: Each member chosen for his/her full knowledge of, expertise and lengthy experience in the past and present financial operations of the university. Some presently in MU financial departments would qualify and there are many financial professionals in the area willing to consult and advise. Each faction meets weekly and reports to the President in a joint meeting every two weeks for full reports and discussion. The point made here is that the plans and specific actions required to benefit the university can best be determined by a consensus of fully-informed minds.
I would like to add, in case no one has mentioned this as a suggestion/idea, that a reassessment of the situation of adjunct faculty really needs to be put on the list.  Right now, there do not seem to be good mechanisms for including adjuncts in the larger faculty (they don't have Faculty Senate representation, for instance, nor do they attend departmental meetings necessarily).  They also are not regularly given any office space (at least in our division, which contains many adjunct faculty).  I'd love to see the fair remuneration of adjunct faculty, and their treatment with respect and the perqs given to "regular" faculty, added to the list of important elements of the university community that need to be addressed.
Community begins with the first connection. The possibility of the Michigan M-RULE Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience ( becoming a “Marshall M-RULE” could change the face of this campus from the polarization by color, ethnicity, and orientation. It all begins with the first opportunity for relationship – on the campus, in the dorms, and in the classrooms. A class that takes time to Build Community provides the ultimate learning environment, helping to remove fearful stress, discouragement, and unhealthy competition.
Create a partnership with Blenko Glass to engender a new generation of both utilitarian and design glass artists. Pilchuk of the EAST!!!!
I'm not sure what area this should be assigned to. Give a major commitment of resources, planning and launching to internship programs.  Require internships for all students, i.e., 300 hours work with one-hour credit for each 100 hours worked. Check JM C 
As part of the partnership with Huntington, develop student internships in IT and Finance. Emphasize possible use of electronic resources provided by the state such as a lockbox, ACH or credit card.
A direct partnership with Unlimited Future, Inc., to provide Marshall with a small business incubator.  Most of the colleges and universities in WV are either developing or have developed their own small  business incubators, Marshall has not.  
As one who was a faculty member for 31 years prior to my retirement, I feel qualified to make a couple of observations. During my last few years, I saw a decline in the quality of instruction.  The limitation (255 characters) doesn't allow elaboration!!!
I was at a meeting in Louisville, KY and every time WV was used as a benchmark for Kentucky higher education policy discussion WV was below KY.  MU must do more so that WV is not always at/near the bottom in education categories compared to OH, KY, VA, etc
I thought the campaign for national prominence was in place and had the same objectives. It appears that we're going back to step 1 in the planning process. Does this initiative replace, complement or supplement the campaign?  Ideas to follow.
we need an office to review RFPs, break out tasks for faculty to do as consultants, and organize and administer the broader project. The Vision Shared RFP would have been a good example that MU could do as a whole, but not as individual faculty.
MU's financial system and the compliance requirements placed on MU have become extremely complex.  MU needs staff members who are knowledgeable about management principles, finance, budgets and IT applications.
Create interdisciplinary groups of faculty who are given time to work collaboratively on activities like discussing and solving instructional and community problems and proposing and developing ideas for grants.
Marshall has lots of brain power potential in highly qualified faculty members who recently have retired and still live in Huntington area. Develop a program that will take advantage of this -- providing a vehicle for their contributions.
Here's a simple system of merit pay. Every faculty gets 20 points and then gives them to people whose work he values the most, no more than 3 to each. The chairs and the dean get extra points. The payment is proportional to the number of votes received.
a university wide tenure and promotion plan that recognizes the bifurcated (teaching-research) nature of Marshall Faculty. Reward teachers for teaching; researchers for research. Many existing plans reward neither and expect both.
Establish a campus wide teaching load of nine hours in order to enhance research. 
Discovery & Innovation need both time and resources to develop. A 4/4 load and major service responsibilities don't allow the time to be creative. Please reconsider the flexible workload policy and faculty will then have time to do what is required.
Marshall must take steps to reduce faculty teaching loads. this not only enables creative research but also facilitates better teaching. I cannot think of a school this size, or with similar aspirations, that maintains this type of load.
Establish differential workloads/responsibilities for faculty. Faculty cannot teach 4-4 and do important research and serve the community and save the economy. However this differentiation happens, quality teaching must be rewarded at the highest level
Need more faculty lines added to our programs, so faculty do not continually teach 12-hour loads--plus overloads and can focus on scholarly activities. 
Fund and implement faculty workload policy. Currently, an unfunded policy. Tremendous opportunity for scholarly development if faculty had time available.
Support concept of Scholarship of Engagement in tenure and promotion process. Emphasize the importance of faculty and students using skills and expertise to transform the community. Huntington needs Marshall and we need Huntington to be strong. Win-win.

Service activities of the University should be tied to other activities whenever possible to provide multi-use of resources. Resources committed to service activities should follow institutional priorities.
Webcast all faculty development programs and presentations by President. This will help disseminate information to all sectors of campus.
I would like to see the College of Health Professions and the Med School align themselves more closely.  I think that this would strengthen both program areas and there would be opportunities for collaborative projects/grants/research
MU could initiate a collaboration between Med School and IT Dept to develop an informative, interactive health care website for public that also advertises the talent at MU.
Distance learning for the +2 portion of the career ladder curriculum.  (The has been some requests for this from Point Pleasant)
We should provide model interdisciplinary and collaborative endeavors grounded in the strengths of academic disciplines. We need to promote the sharing of faculty across departments; a good example is the EPSCoR grants. 
Develop interdisciplinary research centers that can attract substantial external funding. The process for pursuing interdisciplinary endeavors needs to be flexible and adaptive and work through the Deans Council and be encouraged by the Council of Chairs. We could use the undergrad and grad certificates as a trial run; some certificates may be developed further. 
Build strategic partnerships with Research I universities in other states that provide opportunities to multiply the value created by Marshall’s investments in research. These partnerships should focus on specific areas of collaboration and cooperation that expand the fundability of research conducted at Marshall and specialized expertise and resources that are not available at Marshall.
1. Find new ways to consolidate teaching to allow more time for research (e-courses, team teaching) 2. Library resources should be addressed to facilitate research in all disciplines. 3. Student recruiting (undergraduate/graduate) should be a priority. 4.Graduate and Undergraduate research and forums for presentation should continue to be developed and implemented on a widespread basis
Steps should be taken to solve to interrelated problems: students working too much and students not staying on campus
Find a way to connect students to the school to build tradition and love for the school and town. This is a suitcase college and we need to change that if we are going to be successful. Promote all functions and maybe pair students in all classes.
Students need to feel a connection to Marshall and I think by grouping students who take the same classes would be a great way to build friendships. If these kids have the classes with the same students for a couple years they will make friends.
Marshall needs to develop more of a sense of community among the students: freshmen interest groups, learning communities, campus activities that encourage the commuters to return to campus after class is over, weekend activities for residential students.
Develop a progressive recruiting strategy for African American students , in and out of state. 
15.Reward program- MU should consider rewarding those students w/ a 3.5 or higher in some way.  A gift card to the MU bookstore in a nominal amount (like $20) would be a great incentive. 
Support of teaching faculty: Not all faculty who can conduct research in their content area are equally well prepared to walk into a classroom and help a diverse group of students become critical thinkers.  I regularly see faculty provided with release time and other support to conduct content research.  I see fewer opportunities available for faculty who want to collaboratively revise courses, to learn new content specific...