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Intellectual Capital Questions

Intellectual Capital Development Strategic Questions (examples for illustrative purposes):

w    What efforts are being made currently by the state's public and private colleges to promote better student learning and achievement? What is working – what innovations, initiatives and practices have already been implemented by individual institutions that demonstrate improved student learning and achievement? Are they scalable and can they be adapted to other institutions? What evidence exists to support their effectiveness?

w    Does the evidence that is being compiled feature clear performance indicators, standards, and/or criteria for distinguishing and determining progress within the various specified domains of learning? How are these indicators, etc. authenticated in terms of tracking longitudinal progress and learning mastery (e.g., competencies, proficiencies, skills, knowledge transfer and retention)?

w    What metrics, instruments or datasets are currently in use to track progress and authenticate “significant” student learning gains? How do West Virginia’s learning outcomes and achievement compare nationally?

w    What approaches are other states using that appear to offer better evaluative instruments for assessing the effectiveness and performance of public institutions with respect to improved learning outcomes and productivity?

w    What opportunities exist for inter-institutional collaboration and cooperation to improve learning productivity and accountability statewide? How can the Legislature and state agencies best assist or create incentives to promote such collaborative/cooperative ventures?

w    Are there needed reforms that cannot be accomplished by any single institution but are recognized responsibilities of West Virginia public higher education institutions as a whole? For instance, are there comprehensive or systemic changes that need to be enacted involving such areas as funding, policies or other structural issues?

w        What new initiatives have the potential to improve learning accountability? How will they be sustained? How will they alter resource requirements of Marshall University?

w    What new initiatives have the potential to improve learning productivity? How will they be sustained? How will they alter resource requirements of public institutions?

w    How will the outcomes from these various initiatives be used by and synergize with current reform efforts already underway on various campuses?

w    What are the hallmarks of a comprehensive learning accountability and productivity plan that are compelling enough to garner broader support from stakeholders, especially state legislators and the general public, and lead to greater funding stability and private support for Marshall University?