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“Almost Heaven” is an idea for a Mountain-Top Removal/ Mountain-Like Recreational Facility for, by, and with people in wheelchairs. Mountain mine shafts can grow mushrooms for export, Trash Treasures can recycle garbage into Living Room Art. With unleashed ingenuity, the Mountain State can see the future inside, under, and through, like nowhere else for people who used to be called Handicapped, who could be seen as Handy-Capped or even Hand E-KOPPed. 
MU should be able to entice foreign firms looking to establish a presence or expand operations in the US to come to the Huntington area. Tout MU's research accomplishments & capabilities and offer special services to support firms locating here.
1. Increase summer research awards to allow a full summer of work (10K or greater) 2. Expand other MU sponsored research grants (mini-grants) 3. Expand data base of grants/mini grants that are available in all disciplines (co-sponsorship) 4. Increase funding for RA/GA/TA to attract a larger population of full-time graduate students who can assist professors carrying loads consisting of teaching and research.
Have summer outdoor concerts at the stadium and indoor concerts at the Henderson Center. Combine use with city to combine fees and upgrades and maintainance. Build new parking garage on 3rd Ave.
I would like to see a mini "Tamarack" setup in Downtown Huntington to showcase the work of local artists and artisans and to teach crafts. Possibly a collaboration with Marshall and the HMOA.
Campus tours need to start at a point closer to the main area of campus, such as the Student Center.  There needs to be some type of tram, like in amusement park parking lots, to take visitors around campus in cold or rainy weather.
Work cith city to clean up area around campus. Deteriorating bldgs. Those old houses used to be the most beautiful in town. Owners have allowed students to destroy them. Owners need to charge higher damage deposits. City needs to create and enforce codes.
Integrate service across the curriculum from Fr to Sr years. Select key community partners to create more impact of service activities. Center for Service could serve as key resource to link students and available service roles. Emphasize student skills.
Service Learning components in various courses can help our students understand importance of service, but many already do work for their churches, serve their families, and other civic organizations.
Community service can be an excellent way for students to learn critical thinking, their own strengths, weaknesses, and how to relate to diverse individuals IF their experience is followed by a discussion that allows them to process that experience. 
To make public service and service learning a more visible part of the curriculum.
Increase student participation in a broad array of leadership, service learning, intercollegiate and intramural athletics, and cultural opportunities.
Encourage students to write grants for area non-profit organizations including: City of Huntington, Cabell County and Marshall U. as part of the capstone requirement.
Institute a service requirement for all students beyond course activities. Encourage service which utilizes skills at upper levels. Include reflective component to reinforce role of service in a healthy society.
How do we encourage growth of a service learning environment which involves all academic units at MU? 1.See students at MU volunteer their time and become involved in organizations that will help the community. For example, Tri-State literacy needs some assistance 2.Have Service Learning as part of a graduation requirement, but non fee based. Perhaps providing college credit and expand internship.  We need to have faculty also involved in the process.  3. City Government needs to be more involved with Marshall. Internships with MU students would help selected departments.  For example the Police Department, Marketing, Planning, Finance, etc.  4. The Community and Business needs to provide area for Internships and opportunities that students can review and look for a match.  The Chamber of Commerce does provide Job Shadowing. MU needs to be more active in providing job shadowing at the university. MU needs to encourage students to pursue Internships. 5. Faculty training of business on how to develop a good meaningful and professional Internship. 
By getting the community involved with Marshall University, people will realize how wonderful most of the students are. This might even allow more job opportunities for students who are struggling to get a job. Jobs in our area seem to be concern!
Marshall should find ways to connect closer to the community to meet its needs. Academic programs should have community service as part of their curricula. More programs and courses for seniors--summer would be a great time. More camps for kids at risk.
Partner w/existing local orgn./businesses to provide services students may want/need in a manner that benefits both organizations such as YMCA for fitness and Pullman Square for entertainment (e.g. Thursday night music series).
Require documented community volunteer service of all undergraduate students to broaden their learning.
I feel that we need a new computer data base that enables all MU fund raising groups to share alumni contact information and coordinate efforts.  This would include Big Green, MU Alumni Assoc., Student groups (frat. & Soroities) the MU foundation.
How do we create a campus infrastructure which supports and encourages faculty and staff involvement in engagement?  1. Empower and create an atmosphere that encourages engagement. Time is a critical need. 2. Lobbing the legislature from a grass roots effort from a community base to make sure Marshall is getting the appropriate resources. More money for faculty. 3. Faculty needs to be encouraged to be more creative to go beyond the classroom and into the community for service. Create the need. For example do a PR campaign for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. 
The development of a scholarship for the children and dependents of Marshall employees will increase enrollment, increase the morale of the faculty and staff, and build greater loyalty to the institution.
We need an additional incentive to attract more statewide PROMISE recipients.  This could increase residence hall occupancy, will improve the quality of students, and generate additional revenue for the institution.
The development of a transportation network between the main campus and South Charleston.  Right now there is no regular shuttle service; great numbers of students & faculty would make use of such a service, and I think continuing discussions with the city/tri-state transit authority about this possibility, and possibly the Rahall Transportation Center, would be a GREAT step.
1. Huntington and Marshall need to work together more to help city embrace MU. 2. Summer outdoor concerts at the stadium and indoor concerts at Henderson Center. 3. Gain more fans. 4. Combined city/MU rec center for all!
MU needs to develop a comprehensive tuition remission program for employees, their spouses, and children.  I suggest look at the Ohio or Pennsylvania state school systems.  Basically, free tuition to children and employee and a reduction for spouses.
Allow children of MU faculty to attend MU free of tuition.  Children of faculty tend to be excellent students, sharing their parents' value of learning.  This would simultaneously enhance the classroom environment and increase the MU graduation rate.
Many universities offer free education for employee's dependents.  I would love to see MU offer this to it's employees.
I think tuition assistance for employee's children would be something to look into.  This would be another benefit to attract qualified, long term employees.
Provide 6 cr/term tuition remission for ALL faculty/staff and their children. Minimal cost to university and big return in satisfaction and retention. One of the best benefits for a university. Walk the talk and promote education of our employees/families.
Offer free tuition to the children of faculty AND staff.  
Desparately need a tuition reimbursement system where faculty, staff and families could benefit. The waiver system is not working. Staff have taken courses for 20 years and do not have an associate degree.
To create top-rate University, we need to retain and attract best faculty. Although, we cannot offer the top salaries we could at least create an environment of belonging to our faculty. One way is to give free-tuition for full-time faculty children.
Provide 6 cr/term tuition remission for ALL faculty/staff and their children. Minimal cost to university and big return in satisfaction and retention. One of the best benefits for a university. Walk the talk and promote education of our employees/families
Offer tuition waiver to dependents of full-time faculty members in order to recruit and retain faculty numbers.
UNI 101 sections and learning communities can be a good base for initiating cross disciplinary thinking.
1.Daycare-The current program does not help students that have children over the age of 5. If Marshall would expand its daycare facility to encompass school age children, it would allow more people to take evening classes, therefore increasing enrollment.  
Student Health Services:  Department Faculty and MT students could do waived tests.  We would be required to do proficiency testing which can be expensive.
Bring Student Health back on campus as a nurse run program; consider adding an employee health component as a cost saving factor for the university
Provide health care on campus for students, faculty, and staff with integration of all health professions. Benefits: faster care, reduced time off from work/school, provide opportunity for clinical experience for students, provide revenue stream.
Our students need health care services on the main campus.
Provide Clin Lab Sci students a faculty to perform the waived laboratory tests at the student health center.  This would provide additional materials for our students to use and could provide a paid position for students.  This should be self sufficient.
MU can increase success for students who are parents (a considerable portion of current and future enrollment) by offering facilities such as a room where their kids can play while they work on papers, projects, etc. on campus computers.
 8.Alma Mater Discount- MU should consider offering a tuition discount to alma maters that send their children to MU.  This would greatly boost enrollment. 
In an effort to educate and retain high performing high school students/faculty for the local economy and to attract top faculty, offer free tuition or tuition assistance as an incentive to attend MU for immediate family of faculty and dept. heads.
I safest lowering the metropolitan fees and tuition to the equality of in-state. The average household income in the metropolitan area is lower than that of the in-state area. Lowered metro costs would equal more metro students applying to the school.
We need to give instate tuition to the tristate area including Ashland, Chesapeake and Proctorville, etc.  This will help in getting more students to MU. OU is getting ready to build an extension in OH so we need to step up and compete or lose students.
In-state tuition for tri-state area, including Boyd, Greenup, and Lawrence Counties. Unite with Ohio University Southern as "feeder" school, in graduate studies, or connecting majors.  If joining with OUS not considered, consider adding new majors to MU. 
Allow metro county residents to pay in-state tuition. I believe the increase in enrollment would easily make up for the dollars lost by eliminating the metro fee.
Why hasn't the "metro" out of state reduced tuition area been greatly expanded. Ohio should have at least 12 instead of 3. Ky should expand deeper into the middle of the state, and make certain counties in Virginia metro also.  Broaden your horizons. 
3.Internet Tuition- It is cheaper to take online classes from a different university and then pay the transfer fee to have the credits recognized by MU than it is to take an online course from MU.  The fees need to be reduced.
student/employee health services: provide satellite student/employee health services on main campus; utilize COHP faculty as faculty practice
communication between campuses: provide daily courier service to both MOVC and South Charleston campus to facilitate communication
offer tuition waiver for dependents of faculty in order to recruit faculty to campus
Bravo!  This concept has been suggested before, and the answer is always that the cost is too high.  But what is the true marginal cost of putting a student in an empty seat?  It certainly is not the full cost of tuition.And what are the benefits of bringing faculty children on campus?  They are likely to be significant, both in boosted faculty moral and good...
Equitable tuition: I am a proponent for equitable tuition.  As an out-of-state doctoral student, I was somewhat dismayed at the difference in tuition rates for in-state, metro, and out-of-state students.  If Marshall sincerely is interested in fostering a community atmosphere then segregation shouldn't exist with regards to such financial matters.  These added fees serve to estrange some students, definitely...
Equitable tuition: Wouldn't equitable tuition just encourage more Huntingtonians to run for the border?  After all, why pay WV taxes if you still get the same benefits? I don't see this going over well with WV taxpayers and legislature. I paid out-of-state grad rates at UK.  Is there any public univ that doesn't do this?
MU's biggest responsibility to the community is to graduate capable, educated, thinking adults.  Secondly, continue to interact with other institutions in the area to use MU's human and material resources to their fullest.
Marshall should put its emphasis is QUALITY undergraduate education: as WVU admits more and more undergrads and becomes like every other "big state U" Marshall could provide a much needed alternative. 
What might have a great need for now, say 2007, may not be available in 2011.  We are entrusted with preparing students today for tomorrow.  We must prepare them for the future and give them the vision of the future.  That is our responsibility and the students’ quest to be prepared for it.  Also, we need to go to a trimester or quarter system and eliminate summer school.  This will be more cost effective over the long term.  It will also enhance student’s educational experience by offering more classes.  Our society moves at a faster pace today.  This will prepare students for this.Marshall is a great institution to work at and for parents to send their children.  I believe Marshall can and will become a greater institution.  It is time to “ask not what Marshall can do for you, but what can you do to enhance Marshall for today and tomorrow.”  We, the older generation, must pass the torch of leadership, education, and our nation’s future to the students of today and students yet to come.  This is a daunting task.  But I believe we can accomplish these needed educational facilities.  
How can we get additional high level of community involvement in the decision making process in such critical areas as course delivery, range of services, and events for the arts, expansion of services, etc? 1. Lay Academy (see submitted idea).
A lay academy whereby members of the community may 'teach' subjects related to hobbies or specialied interests: life in ancient Greece, theology of..., crafts not necesarily realted to their professional career prior to retirement. Cf. program in Wilm, De
Develop other consortia relationships on state, regional, and national levels in order to improve and increase access to scholarly materials (including learning objects), wherever they reside.
COHP should collaborate with other colleges/departments to elevate the level of health care in the tri-state.  For example, offer professional development for external partners and community forums on topics in areas of faculty expertise.
 6. Faculty helping students think critically and evaluate the skills they had obtained from the Internship experience.   7. Faculty need to be exposed to the real business world so they can make sure they know what the students can expect from the business world. 8. Formal contracts with larger corporations across the nation for Internships. 9. We need to know where are students have been successful in obtaining careers. We need to network our existing alumni to better mentor our current students. A portal where students can go and find possible alumni they can create a relationship and have collaborative possibilities.
Develop formal agreements with major industry and corporate America to provide a large number of internship and post graduate opportunities for Marshall graduates in various fields of discpline with minority student indicators vs career fairs only.
There is an emergent need for faculty/staff/students to develop skills that help them effectively interact with those different from themselves. Performance evaluation should include diversity education/training as required for professional development.
Implement programs of activities to retain students on campus during weekends. Most students leave campus due to a lack of friends with common interests. Current trends such as physical fitness need to be considered in creating student "clubs". 
Students have no place to gather during their free time (late night) to develop social networks that will aid them in identifying  and developing personal strengths, commitment to each other and their surrounding community.  Give them that place.
To entice students to stay on campus on the weekend, plan one major student activity per month at MSC with free food.  Some institutions provide weekly events, MU could begin with a monthly activity and if successful move towards a weekly activity.
There should be more to do on the weekends. Why not have more activities? At least have local college bands play on the weekends-SOMETHING. Rally students to get into the Guiness Book of World Records. The bars get really old and boring after a while. 
Increase student access to university facilities on evenings, weekends, holidays and summer.  If we don't want to be a suitcase campus stop the building lock-downs.  Leave elevators on and doors open. Some disciplines, such as art, require ongoing work and access to facilities.
Creation of a one-stop area to benefit the students. Brochures/resource materials could be provided re: other areas such as; health serv., career serv., student insurance & tutoring. Computers available to assist students w/accessing online forms and info
Bring in music artists that students like. Take surveys from students to get an idea of the most popular artist and spend money on that artist rather than a few artists that no one will go to. Have to give kids a reason to stay here on weekends. PROMOTE!!
There needs to be better identification of students that are at-risk and appropriate support services developed to encourage the retention and graduation of this population.
To keep students on campus over the weekend, there could be student clubs centered around music, art, etc. Perhaps student surveys could be used to determine interest. Three day weekends - no class on Friday - is a greater challenge.
Develop marketing tools to describe services offered for other departments and students.  An area such as this could assist the student in resolving their concerns and help in achieving their academic goals.
Students' allegiance to MU could be fostered through a new student orientation period during which they meet fellow students (form bonds), learn traditional cheers and songs, and get library and study skills training.  Other schools do this: it helps!
Public schools' Spring Break is in April.  MU's is in March.  So any MU student w/ school age kids or anyone w/ school age & MU kids can't enjoy either Spring Break, & MU students w/ school age kids have to pay for child care during their kids' Spring Bre
Public Art Policy: To ensure that Marshall’s physical campus grows wisely, like esteemed public institutions nationwide, Marshall should consider adopting a percent-for-art acquisition and stewardship policy to beautify the campus, stimulate divergent thinking, preserve cultural assets, and cultivate donors. 
Tell me why I should be alarmed by our retention rates: 1. We have a truly unique socio-economic student body - how can we compare our rates with other institutions? 2. I know of many examples of students that try college, and decide that they'd rather do something else (eg work in a big city) for a few years, and then return.  They (many are 1st generation students) see the work they...
Student retention :You are right about better advising.  We start to improve on that by making advising mandatory through graduation for all students.Surveys of graduating Marshall students suggest those students in colleges with mandatory advising are the most satisfied with advising.  No one should be surprised by that.  
Student retention: Improved advising is very important.  I agree that it should be mandatory.
College of Education and Human Service's Role in the new MU Vision: The COEHS should partner with other MU departments/institutes/colleges and colleges throughout the region in conducting and publishing multidisciplinary research (economic, geospatial, sociological, pyschological, etc.) aimed at strengthening rural schools and helping the communities they serve to thrive.
I had an interesting conversation with a group of students about “social capital” on the Marshall campus recently.  The gist of this conversation was that very few students (at least according to my sample) seem to care what happens to Marshall. They want their degree and they want out.  More alarming, possibly, is that this seems to be the default position of many faculty members as well...
Yes, and Yes! Students, in my experiences here, for the most part don't care particularly about Marshall, in large part because they feel abused, sometimes in concrete ways - lack of advising and information, getting passed from office to office without their problem(s) being solved, professors who won't respond to their requests for help, and so forth - and sometimes by what they percieve...
You are completely on target about the lack of openess and trust.  And it doesn't just apply to faculty vs. students, or staff vs faculty, etc.  It affects departments within the same division, and it also manifests in staff vs staff conflict as well.  I have worked here for 20 years, and I believe the level of trust and cooperation university-wide has decreased steadily from years ago. ...
I think a series of fora, or dare I say town meetings, would be an important step in the right direction, and I would hope that faculty would take it seriously enough to get involved. I too find the limited time for suggestions troubling, but it's not nearly as troubling as the fact that so few are interested in participating. It seems that for many here, dissatisfaction with the process...
Give us students a real opportunity to be involved in the strategic planning process. Introducing this initiative near the end of the semester when we're heavily engaged in other activities demonstrates the university's disinterest in gaining any meaningful input from us.It is so hard for Marshall to believe its students are genuinely interested in improving the quality of their education and the...
Create a partnership with Blenko Glass to engender a new generation of both utilitarian and design glass artists. Pilchuk of the EAST!!!!
As part of the partnership with Huntington, develop student internships in IT and Finance. Emphasize possible use of electronic resources provided by the state such as a lockbox, ACH or credit card.
A direct partnership with Unlimited Future, Inc., to provide Marshall with a small business incubator.  Most of the colleges and universities in WV are either developing or have developed their own small  business incubators, Marshall has not.  
MU's financial system and the compliance requirements placed on MU have become extremely complex.  MU needs staff members who are knowledgeable about management principles, finance, budgets and IT applications.
Marshall has lots of brain power potential in highly qualified faculty members who recently have retired and still live in Huntington area. Develop a program that will take advantage of this -- providing a vehicle for their contributions.
Support concept of Scholarship of Engagement in tenure and promotion process. Emphasize the importance of faculty and students using skills and expertise to transform the community. Huntington needs Marshall and we need Huntington to be strong. Win-win.

Service activities of the University should be tied to other activities whenever possible to provide multi-use of resources. Resources committed to service activities should follow institutional priorities.
Build strategic partnerships with Research I universities in other states that provide opportunities to multiply the value created by Marshall’s investments in research. These partnerships should focus on specific areas of collaboration and cooperation that expand the fundability of research conducted at Marshall and specialized expertise and resources that are not available at Marshall.
Steps should be taken to solve to interrelated problems: students working too much and students not staying on campus
Find a way to connect students to the school to build tradition and love for the school and town. This is a suitcase college and we need to change that if we are going to be successful. Promote all functions and maybe pair students in all classes.
Students need to feel a connection to Marshall and I think by grouping students who take the same classes would be a great way to build friendships. If these kids have the classes with the same students for a couple years they will make friends.
Marshall needs to develop more of a sense of community among the students: freshmen interest groups, learning communities, campus activities that encourage the commuters to return to campus after class is over, weekend activities for residential students.
Serve as continuing education (CPU) resource for professionals. Provide on-campus conferences, online classes, summer institutes and regional/national professional meetings. Definite opportunity in Health Professions.
Provide satellite health services in rural, underserved areas. Bring specialty care and consultation to remote areas. 
To increase the potential learning, retention, and commitment to MU of students, we should personalize the educational process as much as possible by teaching through undergraduate research, faculty-student collaboration, community action research, etc.
The Art and Science of Communication in the 21st Century: As Marshall develops the "commerce of ideas" we need to be attentive to how those ideas and subsequent spin offs (products, technologies, etc.) will be shared beyond the university.  Moreover, as we prepare students to move into careers, we should pay careful attention to their abilities as communicators.  As we develop the next generation of scientists, we should also be developing...
A collaborative and caring community: I agree with posts about students seeking the path of least resistance in pursuit of thier immediate goals. It's also apparent to me that we don't have a real sense of community amoung our students.  We're no different that most IHEs that have herterogenoeus populations, but I firmly believe that we can instill in our students a better sense that they belong to a community...
A collaborative and caring community: And let's expand our student organizations to include the students on the South Charleston campus!  Huntington and South Charleston operate independently from each other.  Rarely have I encountered a student from either campus who took any coursework whatsoever from the other campus.  There are issues pertinent to the campuses individually, and so to the students.  I find that students...
Student/University Culture: At the risk of repeating myself, and with no intention of diverting the excellent discussion my initial post started, let me re-paste here the paragraph I find so disturbing/enlightening/provocative/scary: Ultimately, higher education's success requires students to take more responsibility for their own learning. The more students are engaged in the intellectual work of thinking and learning,...
Student/University Culture: I have to qualify these remarks by saying I'm rather new to Marshall, and I'm not sure if that means I have a unique perspective or unrealistic expectations (not that the two are mutually exclusive). I think the suggestion of rethinking general education is an important place to start: I hear students regularly complain about the Marshall Plan, and whether or not these complaints are justified seems...
Some students seek a degree, not an education. I don't have an answer for that but I am sure not all students are the same. I wonder if we could market and increase the awareness of the Honors Designation. This would be somewhat like...
These are excellent suggestions!  I too am fairly new to MArshall, and while I find the students very receptive to what I offer in the classroom, they need to be taught to think beyond "get a grade" type thinking.  They came into my class expecting to be "taught"- defined in their minds as "teacher says, I write or I do", versus active learning.
Infusing critical thinking in all that we do. I have just recently had people tell me it's no use to suggest any sort of collaborative efforts with K-12, as they will not be accepted!  I don't know if that's true or not, but I do know that I see on a daily basis (via the writing and oral skills of students - or more to the point, the lack thereof) students who are completely and totally unprepared for college-level work.  And yet somehow...

Revitalize the General Education program at Marshall, giving full consideration to eliminating the “distributed” and returning to the “core” general education program model. Marshall must be held accountable for developing and advancing the essential thinking/learning foundations, dispositions and ways of knowing in their graduates, which form the basis for lifelong learning. 
Establish an MU "business directory" listing MU alumni, their business and their business address. Sell it to alumni to support MU, use it as source for fundraising contacts, encourage cross referrals for business development. 
1. forums for community input will likely not generate realistic initiatives. 2.corridor between MU campus and Huntington downtown could be developed as a campus culture corridor. 3.MU should focus on developing community programs that enhance the quality of life, stimulate the economy, and generate learning experiences for students. What can MU do to help Huntington become a "top 100" small city?
MU should work with local government and business to establish a Huntington-Charleston intercity transportation system on 64 which would fulfill a need for transporting students and faculty between our two campuses and spur economic growth for the region.
promote,promote,promote the Pullman Square Shuttle.  This is an extremely valuable asset not only for the obvious economic value but for Marshall related events like ball games, music concert events at the stadium),etc.
Sports is vital for income for any university.  There needs to be A LOT of attention placed on the baseball program.  The coaches discourage players. They deceive the players & family supporters with marathon games that don't exist. MU needs a new field.
To increase the out-of-state recruitment market, additional resources will be needed to support the development of quality publications and additional travel.
Every university in the Appalachian region should have programs dedicated to preserving the land, culture and history of Appalachia.
We need a Center for Appalachian Studies that would include history, ecology and economics. The Appalachians are some of the oldest mountains in the world and seem to lack our intellectual curiosity.Students need a better sense of history and science.
Workshops and Health Fairs using Point-of-Care laboratory instruments for blood tests.  Also provide workshops for healthcare providers on these point-of-care instruments.
MU establish and administer a Higher Education and Applied Technology Center in Huntington area bringing in courses of study/degree programs from other colleges/universities not available at MU.  Tie to Velocity Center and business technology development
It was our vision that one of the local universities would provide post-secondary opportunities in this field as well as collaboration with Kanawha County to expand the program to other school systems in the region via distance learning and the internet. An internet search reveals that more and more colleges are offering programs in "International Studies" such as Georgetown University, UNC Greensboro, and So. California Community Colleges to name a few. As a MU graduate, I believe this program may serve to elevate Marshall's business program to a higher status as well as make the Advantage Valley corridor even more attractive to national and international corporations. I believe this idea could be initiated with minimal cost and relatively minor curriculum adjustments to Marshall University.  At the same time it could provide large returns for the institution in terms of regional business, government involvement and grant opportunities.  Marshall University can take the lead in our region for this idea!
Sissonville High presented itself as a good fit for such a venture as it is located near NGK Sparkplugs (Japanese), Toyota, and WV-American Water (German) companies.Sissonville High has already implemented this program of studies as a magnet school with emphasis in the areas of:  Social Studies, Foreign Language, Business, and Technologies.  They also offer other special opportunities in the area.
and WV-American Water (German) companies. Sissonville High has already implemented this program of studies as a magnet school with emphasis in the areas of:  Social Studies, Foreign Language, Business, and Technologies.  They also offer other special opportunities in the area. It was our vision that one of the local universities would provide post-secondary opportunities in this field as well as collaboration with Kanawha County to expand the program to other school systems in the region via distance learning and the internet. An internet search reveals that more and more colleges are offering programs in "International Studies" such as Georgetown University, UNC Greensboro, and So. California Community Colleges to name a few. As a MU graduate, I believe this program may serve to elevate Marshall's business program to a higher status as well as make the Advantage Valley corridor even more attractive to national and international corporations. I believe this idea could be initiated with minimal cost and relatively minor curriculum adjustments to Marshall University.  At the same time it could provide large returns for the institution in terms of regional business, government involvement and grant opportunities.  Marshall University can take the lead in our region for this idea!
In response to your solicitation for community input for the university, I propose the following: The implementation of an "INTERNATIONAL STUDIES" program at Marshall. I have been involved with the construction and development of a new middle school in Sissonville, WV - a suburb north of Charleston. The group I worked with, "Better Schools, Better Communities" suggested that the new Sissonville Middle School (now under construction) and the current Sissonville High School implement a magnet curriculum for international studies. I personally presented this concept to the governor's "West Virginia, Vision Shared" panel in the summer of '04.  They were quite enthusiastic about the opportunities this could create for the region in terms of economic development and the access to a well-educated population, one that could be prepared to reach outside state and national boundaries.  Vision Shared offered its expertise and resources to develop the program as soon as possible. Sissonville High presented itself as a good fit for such a venture as it is located near NGK Sparkplugs (Japanese), Toyota, 
In response to your solicitation for community input for the university, I propose the following: The implementation of an"INTERNATIONAL STUDIES" program at Marshall. I have been involved with the construction and development of a new middle school in Sissonville, WV - a suburb north of Charleston.  The group I worked with, "Better Schools, Better Communities" suggested that the new Sissonville Middle School (now under construction) and the current Sissonville High School implement a magnet curriculum for international studies. I personally presented this concept to the governor's "West Virginia, Vision Shared" panel in the summer of '04.  They were quite enthusiastic about the opportunities this could create for the region in terms of economic development and the access to a well-educated population, one that could be prepared to reach outside state and national boundaries.  Vision Shared offered its expertise and resources to develop the program as soon as possible.
Based on co-op engineering models (Va.Tech, U of Cinn.) establish MU co-op study programs in bio-technology, health care and education. A new tool to bring in highly talented WV high school students.
With cutbacks, many don't get needed services. Thus, many juvenile delinquents are illiterate. COEHS should lead cooperative program w/ teaching, counseling, etc., to help salvage their lives. Great experience for our students -- very rewarding.
Expand international learning experiences for students and faculty members by supporting study abroad and exchange programs. This would help all involved gain a global perspective.
Create summer camp academic programs based on the athletic camp model of a four-day experience on campus.
Have mathematics and science "camps" not only for kids but also for adults. Make them entertaining as well as educational.
Bring dollars to campus/Huntington during summer by offering summer courses/institutes/camps. Use underused facilities (classrooms/dorms) while bringing funds to city as well as enhancing image by offering unique programs, ex; parish nursing institute.
Provide summer camp experiences that go beyond athletics.  Using the athletic camp prototype, Marshall University can provide summer camps in computers, writing, performing arts, science, leadership, and etc.  The resident halls lie empty all summer. 
How can we expand our linkages with high schools to ensure that graduates are adequately prepared for post-secondary programs? What metric should we use to assure that this is being taken care of effectively? 1. Academic Fantasy Camp.  This could help bring some very good students in the summer to expose them to what MU has to offer. Maybe offer credit.  Science camp. Camps at all different ages. 2. The university needs a show on academics that highlights.  MU report weekly. Hire young faculty with energy. Our bandleader is an example. Our faculty need to be acknowledged for those that are go beyond the call of duty. 3. Marshall Magazine focuses too much on the million dollar donor and not on the real contributors. 
The skill of "learning how to learn" is not only needed, but is necessary for anyone entering any university.  Marshall could create campus/online classes on this topic for those already enrolled and also for high school students preparing for college.
establish "ditance learning" video capability at southern WV high schools for the community. Target people working in business, education and professions. Allow them to obtaing undergraduate and graduate course work in their communities.
Collaborate with Wayne/Cabell schools to develop a pilot project that establishes a "virtual" math/science/art design academy at MU for high school students. It should be scalable for expansion statewide and adaptable to encompass grades 6-8.
Establish a "field trip" program for elementary/middle school students classes to visit an MU academic facility and attend an MU Olympic sport contest free of charge. Provide students with a Marshall item and initiate their interest in MU and MU athletics
Many students and teachers in WV K-12 schools are disconnected from our globalize world. MU should establish a teacher exchange program & partner with WVDE to place foreign visiting scholars in WV rural schools to teach foreign languages & other subjects
develop an organized program involving nutrition faculty to serve as mentors or a big brother big sister model to support health and nutrition clubs in high schools who in turn work with middle school students. This would be self sustaining year to year. 
Work with local school districts (e.g., Cabell and Wayne) to establish a public Math, Science, Design and Engineering Academy modeled after the Illinois Math and Science Academy in Aurora, IL ( The proposed integration of “design” with math, science and engineering offers a unique educational opportunity to blend aesthetic and logical thinking frameworks with the goal of fostering greater creativity and inventiveness. 
Faculty members in sciences could develop outreach labs, hold workshops for teachers to learn to use the labs, and purchase and maintain equipment which can be checked out by high schools to use the labs and offer teacher scientist partnerships. 
Develop a partnership between the athletic department and local schools and youth organizations Capitalize on the many opportunities to tie the classroom with athletics. Reward excellence in attendance and challenge students to strive for academic growth
I would like to see a "Lifelong Learning Center" set up in Downtown Huntington offering literacy and basic life skills classes to all age groups.  The long vacant corner of 4th Avenue & 10th Street might be a good location - or the Huntington Arcade.
Establish a program to assist local firms with research and other support that can help them enter markets overseas.
MU should offer undergraduate courses at the MUGC campus. To offer undergraduate courses would result in full utilization of the facility with support staff in place. Opportunity - easy access to a large student population in the Kanawha Valley.
When it comes to studies of local, regional and state economic development, Marshall University is and should be the intellectual "think tank" to produce studies and models that can be put in use.  I believe it is necessary for us to fill this rule.
College of Education and Human Service's Role in the new MU Vision: From a student's perspective, it seems MU neglects the COEHS. With some of the worst facilities on campus including a building that: floods regularly, features overcrowded basement classrooms where students struggle to find a seat or table space, and has rooms with some of the worst wheelchair accessibility on campus. Additionally, the school increasingly fails to attract and retain quality faculty...
We might consider eliminating the metro fee for students living in the surrounding area.  Ohio University is making great in roads in this area especially with their new center being built in Proctorville.  We are loosing students.
Although there seems to be a focus on growing enrollment, the question becomes how will the increase in classes be provided, how will the support services be enhanced, and how will the cost of recruitment/retention be offset.
Engage the community to increase the support of collections and services. Work with community leaders to develop the Ohio River Museum in the downtown.  Special Collections will provide the infrastructure for the Museum collections.  Libraries will seek grants to create museum business plan 
Connect with downtown Huntington.  Marshall, in the eyes of many, is Huntington.  Strengthen this bond by making downtown part of Marshall. This ultimately would strengthen the economy of Huntington and give students something different to identify with.
Work with downtown merchants and city officials to bring the campus and downtown closer together. This effort needs to be ongoing. Students need monetary incentives and more clothing stores, similar to those at the Huntington Mall, to bring them downtown.
Consider more off-campus centers. Off-campus centers - MOVC - are very effective & efficient at the delivery of higher education to communities because most support services are provided by the main campus with small incremental costs.
We need more parking for football games.  
As others have said the Teays Valley center needs a Building yesterday. I am a student taking classes thru this and I love being able to take classes closer to home and it gives another opportunity to offer classes.
If Teays Valley does not expand to their own building...they are as large as they will ever be. The University is doing itself, the students, and the community an injustice by not allowing this branch of MU to expand and be a great learning facility!
President should consider building Marshall facility in Putnam county.  Some classes are currently offered in Hurricane High School.  But how long can it possibly last? - Former MU student, resident of Putnam and supporter of Marshall
I am a GA at Teays Valley Regional Center. MU Classes are currently offered in the evening in high schools.The center has a definite need for its own building. I hope MU will not miss such a great opportunity.  There is a big potential in Putnam County.
I take MU classes in Hurricane High. Which is great that MU offers classes in Putnam county. This is my only chance to get a college degree.I just wish we had our own building with comuter labs, study area... thanks
A facility is over due in Putnam County for the delivery of classes through the Teays Valley Regional Center.  The use of Hurricane High initially was ok, but it should not be considered a permanent solution.  Enrollment would increase with a new building
Students in Teays Valley attend classes at the high school in the evening. We need a building of our own for the Marshall University classes.
The Teays Valley Regional Center has been serving Teays Valley and the region since 1997.  The offering of classes in Putnam County has allowed many people to go to college who would not have gone otherwise.  We need a building to house the program.
Additional resources should be provided for the further development of the Putnam County Center to hopefully duplicate the achievements of the Mason County facility. Afterall Putnam County is the only growing county in the area so lets build on it.
The Teays Valley Regional Center needs a place to call home! A new building for the TVRC would open doors for the students, the community and Marshall, allowing all three to thrive. Not having a building limits the accomplishments of this branch of MU.
The Extended Education in Teays Valley needs its own building.  Using the high school is very limiting and inconvenient.  More students will be served with a separate building.
The establishment of MU off campus centers fulfills the established goals.  Serving non-traditional students by taking the school house to the students serves everyone well. A building for the Teays Valley Regional Center is needed.  TVRC could grow!
Marshall University Teays Valley Regional Center grew at an even faster rate than the Mid-Ohio Valley Center in its first seven years of operation and desperately needs a building of its own, similar to that of the MOVC and already two years behind.
MU needs to build a facility in Teays Valley near Interstate 64.  A facility in Teays Valley would create an opportunity to increase student access and enrollment in an area of rapid business expansion and population growth.
Marshall University needs a building in Putnam County. The presence here now is fragmented.  Enrollment as I understand it is around 1200 and you utilize space provided by Putnam County schools. We want a building which serves our community and is visible
I would like to suggest that the university seriously consider building a school of extended education facility (similar to the one at MOVC) in Putnam County.  This area already provides MU classes, but is running out of space.  It is MUCH needed!
Marshall needs a campus in Putnam County. Preferably along I 64. Classrooms and a facility big enough to house large community gatherings. 
I think the future of Huntington and Charleston are intertwined, regionalism will happen. Marshall could be ready for this by building and expanding are resources in the Teays Valley area. Thats where the money and resources will be centered.
Science museum close to campus, well staffed, opportunity for local schools/classes to visit, rotating exhibitions (yearly) secondary focus on robotics and computer programming, design group competitive events (first lego league, FIRST, etc )
Buy Keith-Albee Theatre and turn into performing arts center for major Artists Series and lecture series, etc.,
Marshall needs to purchase the Keith Albee Theatre for a regional arts center. The historic building is only one of about 225 such structures left in the country and the only one in WV.
A top priority of the University in Community & Service should be to acquire the Keith Albee Theatre.  This historic theatre is one of approximately 225 such theatres left in the United States.  The venue would provide an expanded cultural outlet for MU.
Build on Library Associates’ program and activities within MU and Huntington Communities. Events include luncheons, dinners, book signings, book talks, holiday shopping sprees, events celebrating authors and contributors to the MU Libraries. 
14.Buffalo Statues- Washington DC launched a beautification campaign by letting groups sponsor a statue (elephant or donkey).  It was a huge hit.  MU should try this w/ buffalo statues throughout Huntington, all facing Old Main. 
Provide CPR training for campus and community members. Although available off-campus, scheduling and costs reduce participation.
Educate the campus and community at large on the importance of consuming a healthy diet.  This could be achieved by offering basic nutrition courses available to all MU students.    
When will Marshall University  provide health care to remote Southern West Virginia rural areas?  Look at Route 10 and open 6 day clinics offering "fast track ERs"  every 30 miles to Chapmanville.  It would place Marshall Med School on the map!
As the closest WV tributary of the Ohio River to campus traversing mainly park land through Huntington, Marshall should adopt Four pole Creek, promote its restoration and help solve the two main pollution problems.
More emphasis should be placed on the Ohio River and ways for Marshall to interact with it.
Consider adding a community service requirement to the Marshall Plan.
The future of Marshall: * Increased Community Service (Adopt an AmeriCorps program) * Focus on vocation/professional employment (quick trng that leads to employment. banking, mine trng, beauty, etc.) * Rural expansion- courses rural areas(swvct
Establish "Michigan State-like" residential living-learning communities at Marshall. Some of the features include linked courses, integrated leadership and service opportunities, peer tutoring, community building and greater connections to faculty.
Have the Safety Dept & the Rahall Inst. work together to produce a new driver's safety course to meet BRIM's requirements for M.U. Make it a group capstone project. Keep the intellectual rights. Sell the program on the internet or wherever.
1.Permanently assigned investigator, training officer, and community relations officer to properly organize and manage these critical areas. 2.Better utilization of patrol officers throgh expansion of bike patrol. 3.Expand community service programs.
Pursue a traffic loop around campus rather than a troublesome, expensive, flooding tunnel under Fifth Avenue. Using Third Avenue, Hal Greer and 20th Street, a four-lane connector south of campus would complete a rectangular loop.
Divert Fifth Avenue The best possible proposal would be to bury Fifth Avenue from some point beyond Hal Greer Boulevard to 2 0 ~ Street. If this is impossible, I recommend re-routing Fifth Avenue to Eighth Avenue. Eighth Avenue would need to be widened in places, but it would carry traffic out of Huntington. Seventh Avenue could also be widened to carry some of the Fifth Avenue traffic. The reasons for this proposal are: * To prevent the accidents that are sure to happen on Fifth Avenue. We must always work to improve the safety of our students as well as others. * To improve the campus so that it will be more concentrated and less segmented and, of course, more esthetically pleasing.
Connect campus by running 5th and 3rd ave. underground past campus. Doing this would decrease the inner city feel of campus and connect it and make it safer to walk to class and to your car. Would help connect students to campus.
Connect the campus by running 3rd ave. underground. This will give Marshall more of a campus feel instead of an inner city campus feel. Students need to feel connected and it would make it safer to do so. Would look great also. This needs to take place.
Link traffic light at 19th & Third Avenue with crosswalk light at Science Building. Turning both lights red simultaneously would stop all traffic on Third and allow safer crossing. Put lights facing downtown for walkers to see when it is safe to cross.
I have done 13 College Fairs for Marshall in the last few years.  One of our clear strengths is our guaranteed, non-competitive scholarships.  Every valedictorian at every high school in WV and Ohio should get a letter from Marshall with the details. 
Greater efforts must be placed in attracting students from out of area/state.  The economic impact of this is would be huge for the huntington area.  Not to mention when we bring students here they need to stay here, put the suitcases away.
We need to institute, as soon as possible, an honor code at Marshall for all members of the Marshall community; this will enhance students' educational experience, and help ensure that we are all committed to the highest standards of excellence.
Have the capstone requirement mean something. Get Seniors in Business,Criminal Justice,Finance to do unpaid internships with the City of Huntington to collect unpaid city B & O taxes. Have Parks/Recreation work with local parks. Many opportunities exist.
Sports matters and should be supported - competing on the national level is the best advertisement the University can get, and gets our name out to a broader range of good students. 
Establish a relationship with Fine Arts and Chruchs.  Students could sing in the choir, play music, dance, establish contemoray services for youth, get to see what MU has to offer. Some churches might be able to pay others may not. teaching classes also. 
MU could help Huntington small businesses the most by offering all who want to open a business a free business plan, designed and developed by qualified Marshall personnel. More small businesses fail for lack of a good business plan than for anything else
there needs to be more co-operation between the So. Chas. campus and the Hunt. campus
Adopt a 70-20-10 rule for professional staff resource allocation.  Seventy percent of each unit’s human resource should be spent on existing production and systems, twenty percent should be spent on new and innovative improvements to existing systems or processes, and ten percent should be spent on professional development in an area not necessarily related to the individual or unit’s function but a research area that interests the staff member. 
Marshall University would be most improved by improving it's "front line" people.  These are the people that the public first talks to when they contact the university in many departments such as financial aid, human resources, the registrar, admissions
Marshall University supervisors should receive periodic supervisory training. All staff should receive training in quality, customer services, communication, and teambuilding.
The "front line" employees are so important as the first impressions of MU. It begins with the Admissions, Financial Aid, Bursar, Registrar, student housing and ends with the Alumni. There is only ONE first impression of a higher ed institution for your child. Recruiting National Merit students and high achieving students to campus is not that difficult. It begins with communication, personal contact, extreme interest and a genuine concern. Quality students attract other quality students and become quality alumni. This should be the primary focus. Most all other goals will fall into place; research, donations, interest, intellect, growth, and community involvement. The university is up-grading the facilities of Old Main-wonderful. The front line offices must create a good first impression for visiting and prospective students. The first letter, call, the vision of the campus and hopefully the lasting impression.  Reward the front line workers; there may never be a second chance to obtain that quality family to MU. Success breeds more and continued success. Consider removing the metro tuition rate. Draw a circle around the tri-state area and make it local; in-state. Quantity and quality students are at your back door.  Show the tri-state community how to be the area leader in education; every day in every way- beginning in 2006.
Brand ourselves, really establish who we are.  We are Marshall but are we a liberal arts,professional technical college. find our niche ,market it. We have let some our potential department go , ot change with the times SLP for ex.;should be in Medical
Develop an effective enrollment management/marketing plan that will increase substantially overall student retention and graduation rates. Expand non-resident student recruitment in targeted areas like Washington, DC with a goal of increasing overall net tuition/fee revenues by $3 million annually by 2008. Increase the number of transfer students with the goal of increasing net tuition/fee revenues annually by $1 million by 2008.
MU needs to develop a recruitment and marketing plan which has specific goals and develops strategies to achieve these goals.  Specific performance measurements should be adopted in order to see if goals are being accomplished.
Both on campus and off campus event should be better publized.  It seems like I only hear about events after they happen.
Advertising- MU should try a technique that has been working well in airports around the world. rent out advertising space above the urinals and on the back of bathroom stall doors, or even inside the elevators on a per semester basis.
Recommend a greater focus on creating an institutional identity.  Consider targeting Appalachian scholarship as an area of emphasis and support....Encourage and support enhanced levels of faculty and student scholarship in a few selected areas of study.
Provide more support for the marching band. This can be even more of a great PR tool for MU. The band is on the right track...don't let it slip. 
Develop a comprehensive communications and marketing plan that enables Marshall University to present a consistent and effective message to its various stakeholders
WE NEED BETTER PUBLIC RELATIONS!  Consider hiring some students from our fine program or have them work on this as a class project for graduation, but push our university name/image as the best in the state and region.  WVU/OSU and others aren't better.
From my point of view, Marshall is looked upon by many i know as a bad school as far as alcohol goes. If it could be possible to restrict or ban underage drinking, that would make the public image much better.
MU needs to foster greater student & faculty exchange with universities around the world, especially in Asia and Australia.
We have not fully capitalized and supported our Kanawha Valley presence because we have traditionally been Huntington-centric.  We are giving away the economic and gov. center of the State to other institutions and it may be too late to do anything.
Realize that we must expand the university’s visibility to areas beyond the Tri-State. As a start, we must create a larger footprint in Putnam and Kanawha counties. Kanawha County ranks second only to Cabell in the number of students enrolled at Marshall.  Putnam County ranks 3rd.  Cultivate and Promote!  Investigate needs both physical and programmatic and employ the Mid-Ohio Valley Center as a model.
FOLLOW UP ANSWERS TO THE THREE QUESTIONS CONCERNING THE MARSHALL UNIVERSITY SPONSERED LEARNING CENTER IN FAIRFIELD WEST COMMUNITY AS ANSWERED BY PASTOR SHAW AND PANEL FROM REAL LIFE CHRISTIAN CENTER I.  What Do We Want to Accomplish In The Learning Center? A. Enhance Skills in Core Subjects -Reading, Writing and Arithmetic 1. Follow-up with assignment taught in school- helping student to accomplish task
 B. Have students meet expected performance on grade level
C. Provide one on one teaching to address learning disabilities and challenges.
D. Work on social development skills I.E. :
  1. Proper peer group interaction
  2. Respect for Authority
  3. Express Dangers of Substance Abuse
E. Perform Immediate assessment of each child to establish base line and to target Childs' area of weakness'
F. Present a relaxed environment for students / study friendly
G. Encourage Parental and Community involvement at the center
H. Further assist parents in helping kids to learn
I.  Supply Handouts for parents to teach core subjects
J. Provide Transportation when necessary
C. Meet all AYP- Adequate Yearly Progress in all sub cells
D. Improved Scores on Standardized Testing
E. Reduction of drop-out rate in Fairfield West community
F. Truancy problem reduced
G. Healthier behavior and conduct in class rooms, community and home
H. Help reduce teen pregnancy
I. Making  young men and women  gainful contributors to society
J. Better attitude toward life in general
K. Create a Stronger Community, Business and Church Support
Dear Dr. Kopp:
As a concerned member of the community, I am pleased that you and Marshall University have taken the initiative for the enhancement of our children and our future through the strategic vision process. I therefore submit a response to earlier discussions of the development of a Learning Center in the Fairfield West Community that would involve Marshall University, Cabell County Board of Education, local pastors, community and civic leaders.
I trust that this will further the process. Any questions or comments please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Charles D. Shaw
K. Serve Food- Snacks
L. Give Goal Oriented Incentives
  1. Certificates/ Diplomas
  2. Monetary gifts/Gift Certificates
  3. Graduation Party
1. For making the honor roll, significant grade improvements, scholarships and etc.
M. Special Needs teachers to help children with special needs
N. Include proper community role models for children to pattern after
  1.  Involvement of business owners and agency mentors
O. Have trained qualified students that any employer would want to hire

II.  What Do We Expect to Change?
A. Learning methods and study habits
B. Negative Attitudes
1. Academics
2. School/Teachers
3. Low Self Esteem
4. Way of thinking that good grades are nerdy
5. Change mindset about Higher Education (going further than high school, college degrees, etc.)
C. Discrepancy in minority academic gaps
D. Change negative stereotype of teachers of our children
1. They can't learn
2. They have no interest in learning

III.  What is Considered Success?
A. Overcoming Learning Challenges.
1. GPA Improvement
B. Reading on or above grade level
MU partner with Community Center to offer mentoring and tutorial programs in the Fairfield Communities.  MU education students could help with Center clients in reading, math, science and foreign language by tutoring and involving parents/teachers.
Simple input: The city painted the fire hydrants Kelly green to match Marshall's true colors. Marshall then abandoned it's true colors to sell more merchandise. I find it an insult to Marshall's alums that we have abandoned our true roots. BACK to KELLY!
Formulation of articulation agreements with University of Rio Grand's closing CLS program, allowing students to streamline completion of their CLS education at MU, while providing regional labs potential employees and utilizing MU's MOVC facility.
Identify focused areas for development that grow from current expertise and regional needs. Determine resources needed and provide support for growth. Hire in key areas to develop interdisciplinary teams. Set expectations for funding and outcomes. 
College of Education and Human Service's Role in the new MU Vision: If the economy of West Virginia is to grow in the 21st Century, public school educational opportunities for the children and families of WV need to be the number one priority.  For decades Marshall University has held a prominent role in pre-service and professional development for educators.  Marshall University is strategically positioned because of technology initiatives to provide leadership...
When the topic of a university’s community is discussed, it generally brings thoughts of the geographic location in which the university is located. While there is little question of the contributions Marshall University provides to the Huntington area, and to lesser extents the other communities in which it has regional campuses, I believe that it is vital that we expand this definition of community....
I would second what have been said in regard to this matter. We must work to increase our visibility in the state and region. The GSEP's mission of providing graduate level education to an adult population of  educators is vital to our future growth. The potential impact that faculty and the University as a whole can (and in many cases does) have in our local communities is great. 
In the past, I have not been encouraged to participate in community service unless it is directly related to my field of expertise (I don't see Habitat for Humanity or Kiwanis Intl needing any help with Commutative Algebras any time soon).Still, I do the sevice, for more important reasons, and I think Marshall benefits from it.We have to be careful not to further the ivory tower stereotype.
Are we missing any key partnerships with industry, business, government, and labor for the retraining of the workforce and the economic development of the community? 1. Have our famous alumni come and speak and make sure our students know the caliber of professional that have graduated from this institution.
1.MU Athletics program should be self-sustaining (no state funds) 2. Athletics could be promoted as a means for economic stimulus in this area. 3. Athletics used to promote university (recruitment) 
Marshall University and the City of Huntington and it's leaders need to actively pursue meeting together on a regular basis to discuss their common goals.  Connectivity. Neither exists in a vacuum.  More Marshall related activities,even stores, downtown.
For economic development and university growth, I would like to see MU work with the city of Huntington (mayor and city council), planning and zoning board and the Cabell Co Commissioner's office to implement a strategic plan.
I would like to see  bathing  and feeding units for the homeless and hungry.  These units can consists of showers, soup kitchen and barber shop.  This would improve Marshall's image because it not only care for its students but it cares for the community.
Do more to work with churches and other religious organizations in Huntington. These churches are a major resource. Explore some way to work together. Should be able to find a way to not violate separation of church and state.
MU should partner with Huntington to provide an unbiased review of the administrative and fiscal functions of the city. A similar proposal is being considered by the MU-LCOB that would include a comparison between Huntington and cities with similar size.
Like many MU faculty & staff, I am alarmed at MU's expansion down 3rd Ave. & in a "block" in the area.  Local businesses cannot withstand the onslaught. Let's revisit the "Master Plan" & seek creative solutions instead of destroying local businesses.
Provide active news and calendar integration between MU and the community. 
I believe that much of our future success rests in our ability to change to meet the needs of our community. We need to focus on breaking down our silos & improving our communication. Our organization needs to celebrate our small wins as well as our large
Develop community-based learning to llift depressed potential among youth.  Teach skills that will enhance student excellence, enable parents to effectively participate in achievement, encourage post sec. school educ. pursuit., provide employees to business
Workshops and Health Fairs using point-of-care instruments for outreach.  Workshops for Healthcare providers on point-of-care testing.
Promote health literacy through community forums, website and distribution of health translation materials to community agencies and individuals. Positive benefits to university image, faculty development and student learning.
Develop a partnership between the athletic department and local schools and youth organizations. Reward excellence and challenge students to strive for academic growth. Capitalize on the many opportunities to tie the classroom with the playing field. Offer opportunities for students interested in writing to “report on a game”, or “interview a player”.  Empty seats can be filled with students with perfect attendance. Mirror programs already in place inside other Sports Organizations.
NCLB does NOT teach students in K-12 to "think critically," encouraging rote memorization instead.  Wait until they start college to teach this skill and you are too late; we need to step in during the K-12 process and offer assistance
I would like to see more partnering with Cabell County Schools:  maximum participation in the EDGE program; more exposure of campus and programs to PK-12 students in local and surrounding counties;inclusion of PK-12 teaching strategies and Coll of Ed cour
To connect students to the area give them incentive to be connected to the school and town. Give all students green (kelly green)herd shirts with instructions to wear to games. This will build tradition and school spirit. Take improvement surveys monthly.
Marshall should be preparing for the opportunity to serve the veterans that will be returning from Iraq.  This unique group will need all the support they can get in order to be productive citizens in a changing world.
Healthcare will be a major priority for the forseeable future. Let Marshall bring alternative and complimentary healthcare regimines into the public forum. Prove their efficasy, provide the allopathic community with all the best tools for healthcare.
Establish an annual on-campus roundtable of  former graduates, mixed disciplines, 2-5 years after graduation to determine how they were best served, or least served, by MU in their respective fields. President chairs committee of deans, staff, and profs.
MU and law enforcement could work more closely together. For instance, MU's geography dept. could provide analytical support and training in GIS to the Huntington Police that could enhance their effectiveness & make the city safer--esp. for students!
How do we effectively link research and scholarly endeavors with community needs? 1. Solidify a relationship with the community. 2. Give the community an evaluation system that makes sure the ideas are followed through.  3. University needs to promote and educate the type of research areas of focus that the university will invest in and focus on.  This will help match the business needs with Marshall’s strengths. 4. Make incentives for faculty. 5. Make sure the entire community is aware of the university directions.   Make sure the MU highlights all the positive things happening on campus. We need more marketing that extends beyond our campus. 6.More concepts like IDEA projects that include the community, MU, faculty, staff and students.
Provide routine IT training programs for faculty, staff and students on computer software capabilities. Tremendous inefficiencies exist due to lack of optimal use of IT resources. Current inadequate option is to pay for training from operating budget.
As an employee of the Artists Series, the Keith Albee and the continued support of the Artists Series is very important to the community.  MU is a major employer of the area.  The quality of life that the Aritsts Series has provided should continue.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geospatial Technology should be a Signature Initiative.  GIS is beginning to be used to help manage MU assets and data.  GIS should be integrated more into curriculum and research.  Can lead community in technology
Under water quality CMU is listed as a research partner along with a number of other univeristies. Does that indicate a relathionship with Carnegie Mellon Univ. or Central Mich Univ.?  As there is a great difference between the two it would be nice to kno
All sound like worthwhile venture but I would like to see the university focus on strategic advantages when deciding where to allocate resources.  No doubt that the university can be an economic engine for the region but only through focused efforts.
HADCO is glad to see MU focus on the development of an entrepreneurial research culture which will in turn develop intellectual property with commercial potential in the area of technology, especially biotechnology. Marshall University's top priority - the creation of the MU Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (MIIR), and we are happy to see that its name includes the word "Interdisciplinary". Your emphasis on creating thousands of new high wage jobs is consistent with the mission of HADCO. HADCO is deeply involved in the development of the technology constellation at Kinetic Park and is planning the construction of the Park's first technology building - the Velocity Center. Part of the Velocity Center will be a business incubator to foster the development of small technology companies which employ area citizens, many of whom will be MU students and graduates, in jobs requiring a highly educated workforce. We hope that Marshall is successful in implementing MllR and we offer HADCOJs support. 
MllR envisions research professors generating technology based intellectual property with commercial potential. We hope that MU will introduce its researchers to entrepreneurial training. These professors will benefit from the business incubator as they commercialize their ideas. HADCO can assist MU and College of Business in marketing the technology based intellectual property and HADCO can assist in steering venture capital and other funding into MllR projects that create new jobs. HADCO will also continue to promote the research at the MU by coordinating activities with the WV Biotech Alliance. MU is an economic engine in our area and we believe MU must recognize its role as the keystone for economic development in the region. HADCO was a leader in the planning of Kinetic Park, Velocity Center and the biotech business incubator with MU in mind. MU needs to embrace Kinetic Park as its asset, to establish a significant presence there, to be involved with the biotech business incubator as a provider of services to its tenants and to help define the charter and mission of Kinetic Park to fit the research and training needs of MU. 
Both the Chamber and MU have resources that the other lacks and should become partners. The Chamber sees 4 areas of partnership opportunity: 1. On legislative issues, MU and the Chamber can be powerful partners. MU's support of business issues that the Chamber is championing increases the influence we can have on legislators. Adding the business community's voice can bolster lobbying efforts by MU on higher ed issues. MU and the Chamber should coordinate lobbying efforts to ensure we are speaking with "one voice" from the community. 2. The Chamber's "Work-Based Learning" initiative works with area high school students to provide job shadowing and career fair experiences under a contract between the Chamber and the Cabell County School Board. MU and the Chamber should explore the possibility of expanding this program to include job shadowing and internships with area businesses. The Chamber has dozens of businesses that allow job shadowing, and many of these business contacts could also have internship opportunities. The Teacher Summer Institute that trains area high school teachers and counselors in what businesses need from new employees could be expanded to include college level instructors.
3. MU cannot survive successfully without the help and support of the City of Huntington and the business community, and the City and business community will not prosper without MU. It benefits MU and the Chamber to collaborate on issues that can draw the community and MU closer together. Among those issues are the development of the Fourth Avenue corridor and Pullman Square, area transportation and parking.We see the Chamber doing such things as welcoming students back to the community and school, having area businesses offer student discounts, encouraging clean-up of blighted areas around the downtown and campus, and joining in co-sponsored events that bring students and faculty into the community and likewise bring business people to MU. 4. MU is a tremendous resource for training in the community. The Chamber tries to offer or coordinate training for small businesses in a variety of subjects and MU is a great resource for those types of programs. The business community has at its disposal experts in many fields that have actual work experience, which MU could call on to provide students "real world" training and information. A coordinated effort to offer training to the business community and for the business community to provide "real world" educational experiences to students should be explored and developed.
I love coming to MU FBall games, but the atmosphere is pretty dull.  If when MU scores a TD maybe a train horn or the fireworks that just explode.  Something to get the crowd into it.  I've been to big college games and I think MU needs something like tha