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Center of Excellence in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) combines computers and sensors in integrated systems to assist in making our transportation system safer and more efficient. On one end of the spectrum ITS will facilitate crash avoidance technologies for the typical  motorists on our highways, and allow all types of transport vehicles to use less fuel helping to reduce our nations dependence upon foreign oil. At the other end of the spectrum, ITS technology steers visitors to tourist spots, ambulances to 911 calls, and commuters to parking spots in busy downtown districts or around College campuses. While most advances in this emerging transportation discipline have become visible along our nations highways in urban areas, significant deployment and customization challenges exists for transferring urban highway ITS technologies into rural America and into the other modes of our nations ground transportation system (rail and water) cost effectively. Therefore many applied research challenges are on the horizon regarding not only ITS deployment throughout the various modes but also to the users of the multiple ground transportation modes. Marshall University is uniquely positioned to become a National leader in this field by its proximity to the Nations largest inland river port, some of the busiest freight rail lines in the Appalachian Region and the recent establishment of a University Transportation Center through the efforts of Congressman Rahall combined with railroad safety funding through the efforts of Senator Byrd.