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Aiming for perfection is a state of mind. It is the attitude that we choose to bring to our life’s journey. It is the vision that lights our journey as we endeavor to actualize the tremendous potential that lies within ourselves and Marshall University.

It is not a destination. It is not about “being perfect” but committing ourselves to becoming better and better in all that we do each day. It is about seeing opportunity in the challenges of our daily work and life. It is about valuing the potential that each person brings to our community. It is about our approach to the work that lies ahead as we endeavor to fulfill the promise of a better future.

Organizationally it means dedicating ourselves to:

  • enlightening our minds
  • building character and community – bringing out the best in all of us
  • changing lives – creating new opportunities
  • fostering inclusiveness and intercultural understanding
  • creating pathways to universal success
  • advancing critical thinking, creativity and new knowledge
  • developing a culture that embraces change, new ideas and values innovation
  • serving our communities in ways that make a lasting difference
  • inspiring learning for a lifetime
  • improving the world.

On an individual level, aiming for perfection is about developing our minds, our bodies and our spirits to their fullest potential. It is about balance and harmony and pursuing a higher consciousness and purpose. It is about achieving a state of enlightenment that is transcendent. It is about endeavoring to discover the wonder and comprehend the complexity that is life. It is about finding meaning, inspiration and coherence in the ambiguity, uncertainty and chaos of daily life. It is about helping others find their voice and their connection to the world around us.